Mom Takes Kids Away, Had No Idea Dad Was Following Them


It Was Important

They rushed through the terminal, trying to find their flight. Her eyes scanned every screen they passed, and she could not help but feel overwhelmed.

It was nearly time to board their flight, and they were running behind. However, she could not afford to miss that flight. If she did miss it, everything that she endured would have been all for nothing. But she overlooked something: the fact that she was being followed.

New Beginnings


The plan was straightforward, she and her children would hop on the next flight out of the country. She and her children were excited about it. They needed to getaway.

Someone else, though, had different ideas for them. Her ex-husband had been trailing her. He was patiently waiting for their arrival at the airport, as he had a few words to say to them.

They Loved Each Other

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Laura Dee was a single mother of two beautiful children, Darcie and Callum. After she divorced her husband, her connection with her children only grew stronger. Every mother claims that they have a deep bond with their children, but Laura and her children are special.

Laura and her children went through so many hardships together. They supported each other through everything, and it reached a point where Darcie and Callum were more than just her children, they were her best friends.

They Were Everything To Her

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They’d been such a source of comfort and strength during difficult times, and Laura was astounded that they’d been capable of so much at such an early age.

There are plenty of opportunities for mothers to learn new things about their children, but it’s uncommon to see the type of admiration and utmost respect Laura had for her children.


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They had demonstrated their fortitude by getting themselves and their mother through all of life’s challenges at such a young age. They did it without remorse or protest, and they didn’t look for any culprits in the incident.

Their only option was to accept the situation as it was and endure it. This was something that Laura admired about them even though she found it hard to do sometimes. Her divorce from the children’s father aggravated her difficulty in this area.

She Was Proud Of Herself

Things weren’t always easy for them. Whenever she thought back on her marriage, she realized just how toxic and emotionally draining it was. Laura felt grateful that she managed to find the strength to end the relationship.

Now, Laura had a fresh start waiting for her and her children. Yet sometimes, people’s ghosts from the past can come back to haunt them when they least expect it.

Difficulty Letting Go

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She oftentimes struggled to move on from the past. It was difficult for her to forget the arguments, fighting, and blame-shifting that had occurred between them.

The worst part for her though was accepting that the person she thought was her soulmate was no longer in her life. She had seen a side of her husband she had never dreamed of seeing during those years together.



But then she remembered the kids when those ideas consumed her mind. In those circumstances, they demonstrated maturity and compassion that so many adults don’t have.

They didn’t seek out the culprits and instead assumed that keeping the peace and caring for their mother would be their responsibility from then on. On that day, they were at the airport doing just that.


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Laura, Callum, and Darcie were simply looking for information about the boarding gate. Having completed check-in, they were anxious about missing their flight.

It would be the worst thing in the world if the plane left without them, and Laura and the kids stayed behind. Suddenly their eyes widened.

A Familiar Face

Access IS

In addition to the gate, they would have to pass through to gain access, one of the panels indicated the length of time it would be open: 10 minutes.

Clearly, time was running out for them. To get to the boarding door before closing, they hurried through the terminal’s corridors, carrying their luggage as quickly as they could. At that moment, they noticed that someone looked familiar. She and her children were being followed.

It Was Her Ex-Husband

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It was Laura’s ex-husband, the children’s father. He was standing by the boarding gate with his arms crossed, staring at them with a blank expression.

That was something that Laura, Darcie, and Callum, weren’t expecting at all. What was he doing there? What was he trying to do? Did he want to keep them from leaving?

Warm Hug

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Darcie and Callum ran towards their dad, and the three embraced in a hug, teary-eyed. From a close distance, Laura contemplated the scene and smiled. She knew that was going to happen.

Despite their disagreements and bittersweet memories from the separation and the months leading to it, Laura and her ex-husband were still on good terms. But still, she didn’t expect to see him there at the boarding gate.

It Was All Planned

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He had told her he would wait for them on the plane. Laura had to do some errands before the flight; she warned that she and the kids might arrive at the airport a little later than her ex-husband, so he should board as soon as possible, just in case.

But the dad didn’t do that. He wandered around the terminal, looking for them in case they needed some help. He ended up spotting them, looking lost and rushed. So he decided to give them a surprise.


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The plan was for the four of them to go on vacation to Cyprus. Even after their divorce, both Laura and her ex-husband understood that the best for the kids, as well as for themselves, was to stay on good terms and adopt a co-parenting style.

The kids didn’t know that their dad would be coming along with them: it was a surprise that Laura and her ex-husband had planned. They hadn’t spent a vacation together since the divorce, and they knew that the kids missed it.

 Co-parenting Models

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The moment was recorded on video by Laura herself, and she shared it on her social media, where it has already been seen, shared, and commented on by thousands of people.

“As parents, seeing our children upset is hard; all we want is to make our children happy,” Laura told the press when asked about the story. “Co-parenting is hard for many people, but we are proud of what we have achieved with bringing our children up.”