Nanny Posts Images Of ‘Daughter’, Boss Discovers She’s Her Son


She Broke Her Trust

Deborah’s jaw dropped as she watched, terrified. She prayed that she wasn’t correct, but unfortunately, her suspicions were confirmed. Her nanny showed her the photo reluctantly as proof of her actions.

She placed all of her trust in her, but the nanny abused it. What makes matters worse is that she got her son involved. She would not stand for this behavior. Nobody had the right to mess with her family.

A Single Mother

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Deborah Hill was a single mother who loved her son more than anything in the world. His father was not active in his life, and he did not provide her with any financial support. However, she did not mind, she was more than capable of raising her son.

Deborah stumbled upon an obstacle. And she believed that once she came up with a solution, all of her troubles would vanish. But she’d be dead wrong once she discovered what was going on behind her back.

She Needed Help

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Deborah wanted to spend all her time with her son, but unfortunately, she worked five days a week to ensure that they could keep a roof over their head. She had to work hard so that her son could have the life he deserved.

Deborah desperately needed to watch Aiden while she was busy with work. She did not have any good experiences with daycare centers, so the only way that she could find a solution was to hire a nanny.

A Trustworthy Person

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Aiden was a toddler, and Deborah felt like he was old enough for a nanny to take care of him while she was at work. She only needed someone to look after him between 8 and 5, Monday to Friday.

Deborah knew that the best course of action was to hire a nanny. She needed someone she could trust and someone that was kind. However, Deborah was unaware that her new nanny would do a lot more than just take care of Aiden.

The Perfect Nanny

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Deborah conducted countless interviews as she needed to be thorough with who she would entrust with her son’s life. Jessie Green was the ideal candidate. She had a clean record and appeared to be passionate about child care.

Jessie accepted the job offer, and Deborah was delighted. She could now go to work without worrying about her son. She felt comfortable leaving Aiden with Jessie. However, she was unaware that she had made a terrible mistake.

A Strange Moment


One morning Jessie shared with Deborah that she had a kid. She told her that her daughter and Aiden are the same age and that she sees herself as a good mother. It was quite a strange thing to share especially because she had been working for Deborah for more than two months.

Deborah brushed the feeling aside and moved on with her day. She doesn’t see Jessie as the type of person who would lie about having a child. The thought soon disappeared from her mind, but the situation would soon escalate.

Looking Her Up


Jessie continued looking after Aiden throughout the month, but then Deborah realized something. If she wanted more information on Jessie’s supposed child, she could easily obtain it from social media.

She knew her first and last name. Almost everybody has social media. She looked up Jessie’s name, and surname, and a whole list of profiles came up. She investigated each one with the hopes of finding her nanny.

Getting Answers

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She finally found the right Jessie. Jessie had striking green eyes with a warm smile, it was not hard to miss. She clicked on the profile and continued her investigation. However, things took a strange turn.

Her profile was filled with dozens of pictures of her and her “daughter” together. The kid was wearing a skirt, and it appeared that she was forcing her smile. There was something amiss with the pictures. There was something in the girl’s eyes.

Something About The Eyes

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Deborah took a closer look at the child’s eyes, and she realized that there was something familiar about them. It was not because they were like Jessie’s, no. They were familiar for another reason.

However, to confirm her suspicions, she would have to confront Jessie. She needed to feel at ease, so she patiently waited for the workday to end so that she could go home.

It Was Time


Deborah gathered her things and began her journey home. Her mind was fixated on the images she saw earlier. Eventually, she drove up to her driveway with her heart pounding in her chest.

Once she walked in, she said hello to Jessie and readied herself for the confrontation. She gave her a blank stare and asked if she could see her daughter. Jessie seemed apprehensive at first, but eventually pulled out her phone. On the other hand, Deborah knew there was no turning back once she saw the images.

The Truth

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Deborah covered her hand with her mouth in horror. She didn’t want her suspicions to be right – but they tragically were. The photo her nanny reluctantly showed her was proof of what she had been doing.

She thought she could trust her, but it seemed she’d taken that trust and thrown it out the window. What’s even more, she had involved her son, her life. Now she would regret ever messing with her family.

Not A Daughter At All

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It had finally clicked with Deborah. The reason why the eyes felt so familiar was that they were eyes she saw every day when she got home and when she woke up. The girl in the photos was no girl at all, and she wasn’t Jessie’s daughter.

In fact, the person in the photo wasn’t even a daughter at all. The eyes staring back at her were those of her son. He was dressed up as a girl, and he looked very convincing. But how was this possible?


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Deborah started shaking with anger and confronted Jessie about it. She broke down and confessed to everything. She had been dressing up Aiden while Deborah was at work and passing him off as her daughter.

Deborah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What motivations could Jessie possibly have for dressing up her son and humiliating him like this? But once she found out the truth, she felt her whole world turn upside down.

A Scam

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Jessie spilled everything. She told Deborah that she had stated on her social media that her “Daughter” from the photos had heart complications and that she needed money for her medical condition.

It was all a scam to try and get some money out of charitable people that thought that they were helping a poor little girl – not a selfish woman without a child. Deborah knew what she had to do next.


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Deborah knew that she had to keep her son safe at all costs, and she would never let anyone take advantage of him or her. She decided to do the only thing that seemed logical – she fired Jessie on the spot.

Tears streamed down Jessie’s face, but Deborah had no sympathy. She took back her keys and waited for her to leave the house before going to talk to Aiden. Aiden was thankfully okay and told her that he thought it was only “dress-up.”