Mom Made A Dress For Her Daughter, But When This Dad Saw The Outfit He Was Overcome With Emotion

Throwing away old clothing can be easy when you are getting something new and exciting but letting go of that special pair of jeans is not.


Throwing away old clothing can be easy when you are getting something new and exciting to add to your wardrobe.

But, letting go of that special pair of jeans you got on a memorable trip because of a tear or, in this case, the shirt that your husband was wearing when your first baby was born…

Old Clothes

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Sometimes you can’t part with something that holds such amazing memories no matter if you can’t wear the item of clothing anymore.

So what do you do with all these pieces of clothing that you can’t bear to take to the Salvation Army? A lady in New Hampshire found the answer, and you are going to love it!

Spending More

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We all know anything to do with babies isn’t cheap, clothes included! So it was no surprise that Carli Grant decided to try and save some money by making her children’s clothes at home.

Only, it didn’t turn out quite as she had expected. Instead of saving money was she wasting time?

How Was It Possible?

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Carli was getting really good at sewing as a hobby. The more she sewed the better she got and the better she got the more she wanted to sew.

Come the end of the month, however, she was dismayed that she had actually spent more money on the material than she had first thought. How was that even possible?

Then Everything Changed

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The fact was that Carli had spent more cash on the material than she would have just buying the kids clothes from the store.

It was a sad thought that she would have to give up sewing now that she had become quite good at it. Then her husband walked in and changed everything.

A Memorable Shirt

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Going through the substantial pile of clothing that the family would be donated soon Carli came across something she wasn’t expecting. Her husband’s shirt.

The one she would never forget: “[My husband’s shirt] is ingrained in my head only because I told him to pack his hospital bag and he refused so he wore that shirt for two days,” Carli said about their trip to the hospital.


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“I couldn’t believe that was in the donation pile. ‘I can’t donate that shirt.’ She said, ‘I have to make something,'” Carli recalled. That’s the moment that Carli began preserving memories imbued in the clothing.

Almost everything that would have been thrown out was repurposed to make clothes for their growing family.

A Great Idea

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That first button-down shirt Carli fashioned into an adorable little backless dress. Just perfect for her 2-year-old daughter, Amelia, in the Summertime.

It took her no more than 2 hours from concept to finished product. And when dad, Josh Grant, saw the gorgeous little dress he said something that changed their lives forever.

Her Own Business

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Josh’s suggestion would turn out to be something that she became very passionate about, and with good reason. He suggested that she start a business that offered to make sentimental clothing for others.

The whole concept would be exactly the same as when Carli had made that first special dress.

Keeping Memories

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“It’s a piece of clothing from someone who means the world to you,” Carli said. “It can be a sports jersey or anything that has a memory attached to it.”

She makes them into kids clothes, cushions, and the range is expanding to include boyswear too. “As long as people want them, I’ll make them,” she added.