Mom Loses Custody Of Kids After Disciplining Son


At Her Wit’s End

She was desperate when she made the decision. She was confronted with one of the most difficult circumstances of her life, and she could feel panic and stress consuming her.

She, therefore, followed her instincts when she learned what her kid had just done. It was the camel that finally broke her back, in her opinion. She instantly felt bad about it. It would out up being one of her greatest mistakes in life.


Global Circulate

The primary character of this tale is an Australian woman from the Gold Coast who chooses to stay unnamed but will now be referred to as Kate.

She recently attracted criticism because of the way she disciplined her child after discovering he had stolen a substantial quantity of money from her. Her narrative has already been read by millions of parents, and now everyone is arguing whether her actions were appropriate.

Was It Justified?

Thousands of people are also questioning whether Kate’s punishment for her actions was totally justifiable. It is obvious from reading about the incident that her actions were regrettable and inappropriate.

But was it really justifiable for her to incur such a heavy loss as a result of her mistake? You’ll probably draw your own judgments after reading the entire story.

A Big Mistake


This is one of those stories that demonstrates how someone can be pressured into doing something they later regret. It also demonstrates how a single thoughtless decision can cause one to lose it all in a matter of seconds.

Kate’s actions caused her not just to lose her reputation in the public eye but also her right to her son’s custody. This is what transpired.

A Dire Situation


If not dire, Kate’s situation was very near to it. She had to go through a protracted and grueling divorce procedure and lose her work in the past year, all of which were utterly agonizing for her.

And to make matters worse, she was in danger of losing her house, where she and her son, a 10-year-old child with ADHD and autism, resided. That landlord had been her biggest worry for the past few weeks.

He Did Not Care

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Kate had not paid her rent for the previous two months. She had made an effort to be completely honest with her landlord about everything.

Having lost her job, she told him she still had to wait for her ex-husband’s alimony and child support payments. But he seemed unconcerned.

Her Only Option


Anxiety filled Kate’s days as she searched for at least a short-term answer to her difficulties. After pondering her options for several days, she eventually came up with one solution one evening.

The thought of having to do so made her want to keep away from it at all costs. However, her circumstances were dire. There was no alternative for her. As a result, she dialed and waited for a response.

Asking For Help


She had to dial one relative. Her parents had long since decided to give up on her and were unsupportive of her decisions in life. Kate would have never ventured to approach them for money at that point because their relationship had already suffered.

Instead, she gave her grandmother a call. No matter how badly she had screwed up or what Kate wanted, she had always been the one to save the day. However, this time was unusual.

She Felt Embarrassed


Kate was embarrassed to ask her grandmother for money this time. But unless the alimony and child support payments arrived, it was her only option.

After speaking on the phone with her concerned grandma about all of her problems, Kate persuaded her to send her several hundred dollars to a bank account. At the very least, that would cover the past-due rent. Or at least, she believed that.

She Couldn’t Believe It


Something occurred that Kate had not anticipated. Her son, who has been identified as having autism and ADHD, as was mentioned above, got ahold of Kate’s credit card.

He spent almost $600 on computer games, possibly ignorant of the severity of their financial circumstances or how crucial that money was to Kate. In her panic, his mother acted in a way that she would later come to regret when she saw this.

She Snapped

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In an outburst of frustration, she punished the kid using a wooden spoon. As it was reported later, the kid reacted by punching and kicking holes into the home’s walls.

Later, child protective services were informed about the incident. The details of how this happened or who alerted the authorities remain confidential. However, that’s when Kate’s problems really started.

Authorities Step In

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Soon enough, the authorities knicked on Kate’s door and interviewed her. She admitted what she had done, and shortly after, her two kids were taken away from her.

Recently, Kate has had to face trial for her actions and has seen her story go viral, along with the jury’s decisions regarding her kids. Now, everyone is commenting on her sentence and whether it has been a fair one.



According to reports, Kate has lost custody of her two kids, but she still can see them two days a week. Also, she will be on probation for the next nine months, but she won’t have to face a jail sentence.

In her defense, Kate and her lawyer tried to argue that Kate was in a difficult situation and under a lot of pressure when she punished her child with the spoon. These are her lawyer’s words:

Kate’s Lawyer

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“It was an unfortunate matter. My client has a child with significant learning difficulties, and unfortunately, it resulted in the manner that it did,” he told the press after trial.

“It has had a profound effect on her. She has suffered significantly, given she has lost the care of these children as a result of this incident. She will be fighting to have her children returned to her care as soon as she can, with the appropriate support networks in place.” However, what’s even more interesting are the judge’s words.

What Did The Judge Say?

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“I accept this completely out of character. I can understand why she’s done what she’s done. I can only imagine how difficult this is as a single mother with two children to make ends meet. However, society has moved on from physical punishment.”

This story raises a lot of questions and issues up for debate. What do you think? Do you think Kate can be excused for what she did, considering her circumstances?