Girl Leaves McDonald’s Bathroom, Mom Notices Something On Her Leg


Large Crowd

There was a large crowd of hungry customers watching the little four-year-old girl rush over to her mother. Tears were running down Kayla’s cheeks as loud sobs were cried into her mother’s arms.

Nicole, her mom, tried to comfort her as she frantically asked, “What’s the matter?” But Kayla couldn’t get a word out. She continued to sob, it sounded like she was in pain. Just then, Nicole spotted something on her leg.

A Brand New Year


Earlier in the day, New Year’s Day to be exact, Nicole and Kayla decided to spend the sunny day at the park, followed by some food at Kayla’s favorite restaurant, McDonald’s.

Locking the front door, Nicole turns to Kayla, ”you ready?” she asks and she holds her hand. Together they walk off, not knowing what was in store for them.

Hearing A Scream

Woodson Park

Arriving at the park, with the piercing sun shimmering down on the mother and daughter duo, Kayla runs towards a roundabout and begs her mom to spin her. She does, and Kayla’s excited giggle echoes throughout the play area. Nicole’s phone starts ringing and she answers it, while Kayla gets off the roundabout and makes her way to the slides.

Suddenly, Nicole hears a scream. It’s Kayla.

Off For Food

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Nicole turns around to find Kayla had fallen over and grazed her hand. “Oh no!” says Nicole as she comforts her daughter. “Can we get food now?” Kayla asks in between sobs. “Sure thing,” Nicole replies, and they set off to their local McDonald’s restaurant about 10 minutes away.

Little did Nicole know she should have gone somewhere else for food.

A Group Of Teenagers

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Arriving at McDonald’s, Nicole and Kayla walk into the restaurant to find a handful of people spread out over the polished, green tables. Nicole notices a group of teenagers in the corner, they’re listening to music while sipping on their drinks. Two of the teenagers suddenly look at Nicole and her daughter and snigger.

What was their problem?

Ordering The Food

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After what seemed like forever, Nicole was finally at the front of the queue. She orders their food and tells Kayla to go wait at the table in the corner. Kayla walks off and sits by herself at the table while watching a YouTube video on Nicole’s phone.

But then suddenly, a piercing scream can be heard.

A Fight Breaks Out

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The group of teenagers that were sitting in the corner of the room had started a fight. The teenagers yelled at each other while Nicole walks over to Kayla and comforts her, trying to distract her with a YouTube video.

Members of staff eventually break up the right and kick them out. But two teenage girls were still sat at the table.

Well-Deserved Lunch

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The smell of burger and fries linger in the air as Nicole and Kayla tuck into their well-deserved lunch. Kayla was eating a Happy Meal while her mom nibbled on a Chicken Burger and a few fries.

All of a sudden, Kayla looks at her mom with a serious yet innocent look. “I need the toilet,” she whispers.

Waiting For The Toilet

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As she finishes the last bite of her cheeseburger, Kayla wipes her hands and gets up to go to the toilet. When she walks over, she notices the lock is shut. “There must be someone in there,” she thought. She looks back at her mom who gives her a smile.

Suddenly she hears something. It’s coming from inside the toilet.

There’s Somebody In There

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Giggling and laughing can be heard while Kayla waits outside the toilet. After around 10 minutes the door opens, and the two teenage girls from earlier, exit together, a smirk plastered on their face.

Nicole watches as the girls walk past Kayla and she signals Kayla to go in. “I’ll be right here,” Nicole says as she watches Kayla shut the bathroom door.

No Sound You Ever Want To Hear

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“Mom!” Screams Kayla as she runs out of the bathroom, tears streaming down her face. Nicole shoots up from her seat, her bag falling onto the floor. The sound of your child screaming is a sound you never want to hear. Kayla runs into her mom’s arms, “in the toilet,” she says sobbing, “go look quick!”

Kissing Kayla’s forehead, Nicole makes her way over to the bathroom.

Inside The Bathroom

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Walking inside the bathroom, the smell of antiseptic and bleach lingers in the air. “There’s nothing in here,” she thinks to herself, eyes scanning for something that would explain her daughter’s outburst. A few toilet rolls were rolled out on the floor and the tap was dripping. But then she sees it.

It’s the reason why her child is in tears.

Her Heart Is Pounding

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From a distance, it seemed a white sticky substance covered the toilet seat, but as Nicole got closer she realized it was glue — superglue, in fact — smothered all over the toilet seat. Somebody had purposefully done this!

Nicole bursts out of the bathroom, her heart pounding, and yells out to the manager and members of staff.

Holding Back The Tears


Nicole goes over to her daughter, who was still sobbing and yelling in pain. She checks her and sees that her skin has been ripped from the back of her legs!

Sobbing into her mother’s arms, Kayla was terrified, and Nicole was furious. “We need help” Nicole yells out to the crowd holding back the tears.

Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Daily Record

Joanna, the assistant manager at McDonald’s, thought she had seen it all – from petty fights over a BigMac to drunk and disorderly behavior by older adults.

She was used to diffusing heated situations and always knew what to do when trouble struck. But in her 15-year career in the hospitality industry, she had never quite seen anything like this.

This Wasn’t Enough For Her


Joanna and her staff all gather round the little girl and provide medical assistance. They help clean the wound and bandage her up while Kayla sobbed into her mom’s chest.

The mom then decided to go to the hospital, so she rang for a family member to come and fetch them. But this wasn’t enough for Nicole. She knew there was only one thing she could do.

Taking It Online

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Posting to her personal Facebook in hopes to bring the pranksters to justice she wrote, “To the two young blonde girls that thought it would be hilarious to put super glue on the disabled and baby changing toilet in McDonald’s, I just want you to know that I’m still having to console my four-year-old daughter who was unfortunate enough to use the toilet after your little prank.”

Nicole hoped that the two teenage girls would be found and punished. Kayla didn’t deserve this.


New York Times

After the manager of the McDonalds reported the case to the police, the police department scoured the CCTV footage from the McDonalds to find the two perpetrators.

After the injuries poor little Kayla had suffered, they were treating the case as criminal damage and an assault. The cruel teenagers were thought to be aged 16 to 18 years old.

Prank Gone Wrong

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After a brief investigation, thankfully the two girls were found and were subsequently interviewed by police. The two girls immediately apologized to Nicole and Kayla and admitted they regretted doing it. It was “prank gone wrong,” one of them told her.

But was this enough for Nicole and Kayla? The four-year-old would have to live her life with this terrible memory etched in her mind. Meanwhile, Nicole’s Facebook post was gaining traction.


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Nicole’s Facebook post went viral, and people everywhere were appalled by the “practical joke.” In an unexpected twist, however, people immediately started blaming Nicole for what had happened to her little girl.

“Am I reading that right, that she sat at a table while her 4yo daughter went into a bathroom ALONE?!? In this day & age…?” one woman wrote.

The Blame Game

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Nicole was incredulous when the comments started rolling in. “She let her FOUR YEAR OLD go into the bathroom alone?!” another woman commented.

“AND she had to wait because there were two girls in there ahead of her?! WHAT?!?! Maybe if her mom would have gone in there with her, like a responsible parent, this wouldn’t have happened. That poor little girl!”

A Mother’s Guilt

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Of course, Nicole felt guilty enough about what had happened – it was only natural for the mom to think that if she had done things differently that day, little Kayla may not have been the victim of such a cruel prank.

Now, other moms were calling her out and saying it was all her fault. She beat herself up about not accompanying her daughter to the bathroom, but would it really have made a difference?

Seeing Reason


Thankfully, some people took Nicole’s side and defended her. “This is twisted. I’m glad these teens got caught and hopefully are rightfully punished. Poor baby: I hope she’s not traumatized,” another shocked mom wrote.

Then, she proceeded to point out that all the people bashing Nicole were completely missing the point of the story.

Missing The Point

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“And to the people who are focused on the mom letting her child go to the bathroom alone; while I understand your concern (as something worse could have happened) the fact is that this would have been just as jacked up if it happened to a teenager or an adult,” the user wrote.

“If it wasn’t this poor child, it would have been someone else. It’s twisted regardless. Don’t focus on the WRONG point.”

Blame And Shame

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“I hear a lot of blaming the mom…” another user wrote. Then, she pointed out that, yes, Nicole should have accompanied Kayla into the cubicle, but Kayle would have become glued to the seat anyway.

“It may have been her responsibility to go with the child, but that doesn’t change the fact that the child would’ve sat on the toilet seat to “use the restroom” and got super glued…the two teenagers should be the two really put at blame and shame.”

It Would Have Happened Anyway


“I’m a little annoyed with people blaming the mother. This would have happened regardless if the mother was there or not, especially because I doubt you could see the friggen glue on the seat,” another user wrote in Nicole’s defense.

“The teenage girls who did this are to blame. Yes, maybe the mom should’ve been with her daughter but like I said if the mom was there or not it doesn’t matter it would’ve happened anyway.”

Police Statement


A spokeswoman for the police caused a public outcry when she stated that they would not be releasing the names of the “pranksters” to the media.

“We are aware there is social media attention relating to the incident and understand that the public are concerned, however we have a duty to protect everyone involved and will take positive action against threats or abuse,” Sarah Rolinson said. “We are in contact with the victim’s mother and will keep her updated on our progress.”

Justice Is Served


Hearing the news that the Police had subsequently taken appropriate action against the girls, Nicole lets out a sigh of relief. It had been a few weeks since the incident, and the events of that day still plagued her mind.

She watches as her daughter plays with her Barbies. “Finally, some justice,” she thinks while clutching a cup of tea. She takes a sip before smiling to herself and watches as her brave little girl carries on playing.

An Update


Fortunately, Kayla recovered well from her physical injuries, but Nicole was worried about her mental health after suffering such trauma.

“Kayla is very forgiving and fortunately seems to be coping well. But I hope they realize the consequences of their actions,” the angry mom told the media. Although the girls immediately apologized to Kayla and Nicole for their thoughtless actions, they fully deserved whatever punishment they got.

Pranksters Should Think Twice

BBC News

This story just goes to show that although pranks can be a fun way to trick your friends, they can also result in some pretty severe consequences.

Hopefully, Nicole and Kayla’s story will remind pranksters to think twice about the people they could be upsetting, all for the sake of a laugh.