Mom Returns After Trip Away, Opens Bedroom Door And Realizes Husband Lied



After finding out that she had to go away for a few weeks for work, she could only pray that things would be fine. He was a good and capable father, so she had no reason to doubt him.

But when she returned and saw the photos of what had transpired while she was gone, she couldn’t believe her eyes.  The unimaginable happened.

The Perfect Couple

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Marat Ca lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, and he was a professional photographer. He was happily married to Ivanka, a geology lecturer at a university.

The pair had a picture-perfect love story. The couple met while Ivanka was finishing her Ph.D., and it was love at first sight. Their relationship, on the other hand, had not been simple.

She Had Her Doubts

Marat was a free-spirited artist. This, combined with the fact that his job required him to be around many models  (he made the majority of his money working for beauty publications at the time), made it difficult for Ivanka to trust him at first.

Even though she admired Marat, she had reservations about if he would be a good spouse and father.

She Set It Aside

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However, the pair was like two peas in a pod. Ivanka looked past her insecurities and realized that she was the only one Marat cared for. She also realized that she was in no position to comment on Marat’s earnings because her own career in academia didn’t pay particularly well.

So, after giving it some thought, she made her ultimate decision. She made a promise to him. And she swept aside whatever reservations she had about how well it would turn out.

Match Made In Heaven


Ever since Ivanka made her choice, things have gone swimmingly. Friends and family kept commenting that they were made for each other. They still possessed the vigor of a new, youthful pair even after several years of being married.

No couple is perfect, but it appeared that they were. Everything about them made sense, and they could not imagine life without one another.

She Managed To Trust Him

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Ivanka and Marat went through so much together, and Ivanka spent many years trying to build her trust in Marat. It couldn’t possibly be otherwise.

Due to her hard work, she finally felt comfortable leaving her husband and daughter alone for a couple of weeks while attending an academic conference.

Her First Paper


This was conference meant everything to Ivanka. The conference was going to give Ivanka a platform to present an article that she had written. She was proud of her accomplishment and couldn’t wait for it.

Thus, it was imperative that she attend the conference. And while she wasn’t thrilled about having to be without her family for two weeks, she knew that things would be perfectly fine.


Global Academic Institute

Ivanka had no idea that Marat and their kid were planning something she could never have anticipated. And when she returned and saw the images, she was completely taken aback.

However, she did not have the time to ponder about it. She was more focused on her paper and the reception of it by other scholars. But then, something unusual occurred.

Going Home


Various academics failed to show up for the conference, which resulted in the conference being cut short. This means that Ivanka could return home much earlier than she anticipated.

She wanted to keep it a surprise, so she did not inform her husband of the great news. She hopped on a train back home, and she could barely contain her excitement. And when she unlocked the door, she was utterly taken aback by what she saw.

A Strange Sight


She was welcomed by the sight of her husband and daughter taking a bath together with numerous camera equipment on the floor. What was going on?

It was a bizarre scene, and Ivanka could never have anticipated seeing it when she returned home. However, after Marat described it to her, everything made perfect sense.

It Was A Prank


It was all part of a fake photoshoot session they had planned for Ivanka! The two had spent the previous week working on a series of images depicting Marat and his daughter in a variety of bizarre situations.

However, all of the images had been altered, and each one had an inscription that read, “Mom, everything is fine.” It was all a joke, of course.

Sleeping On The Floor


These were some of their other photos, aside from the restroom one. Marat is shown sleeping on his daughter’s bed while she sleeps on the floor in one of them.

For either of them, this is probably not the most pleasant sleeping scenario. Imagine Ivanka’s reaction if she saw that photo without any context.



In this one, Marat is chilling and watching TV on the couch while his daughter takes care of the chores. It almost looks real.

In any other circumstances, a child with a piping hot iron in her hands would be enough to warrant an intervention by the social services. But here, it was all under control; it’s just an edited pic.

Hygiene Standards


Another one shows Marat’s daughter sitting on the kitchen counter and frying eggs in the pan while Marat cleans his shoes in the sink.

The kitchen is all raggedy, and a sign says, “Mom, everything is O.K.” despite the whole situation’s poor health and hygiene conditions.



One of the things that Marat promised to his wife was that he would take their daughter to school every day. And in this picture, we can see him sleeping while she leaves the house on her own.

It would have been an alarming scene if it wasn’t all set up. Ivanka probably wouldn’t have reacted well if she didn’t know the context. But when she knew it was all a prank, she had a good laugh out of it.