Daughter Can’t Sleep At Night Until Mom Checks Babysitter’s Receipts



The daughter kept pushing to have the babysitter back. Mom had always been a trusting person and never spied. But she needed to know why her daughter liked a babysitter with such horrible reviews.

So mom decided to place her old phone as a listening device. She was not prepared for what she’d hear.

Brilliant Daughter


When hiring a babysitter, you never know what you’re getting yourself into. A successful 30-year-old businesswoman and mom, Mary-Anne Jackson, was desperate to find a babysitter one night when she was suddenly called into the office.

Her brilliant 4-year-old daughter, Hailey. By age 3, she could read and play chess. Top-of-the-line care would be needed.

Worst Rating


The clock was ticking, and a contract was falling apart. Mary-Anne had to resolve the issue herself. Otherwise, her business would lose a big client.

The only available babysitter had the worst rating. Mary-Anne wasn’t particularly religious. But on this night, she made a short prayer, rolled the dice, and hired her.

Horror Stories


As she drove off, she started remembering all the stories she had heard. How babysitters would do unspeakable, inhumane things to children. And here she was, risking her child’s well-being to save a contract.

At that moment, she felt she was the worst mother in the world. And that would soon be confirmed.

Arrives Home


Hailey hadn’t gone to bed yet. She insisted that she wanted to stay up and have her mom kiss her goodnight. Immediately when Mary-Anne walked in, Hailey lipped up and ran to meet her mom.

Hailey sang praises of the babysitter. But later that night, strange noises were heard coming out of her room.

Strange Noises


Mary-Anne, tired and sleepy, made her way to Hailey’s room. And as she made her way, the noises stopped. That troubled her. She ran to the room and broke the door wide open.

Hailey was in bed, windows closed, and perfectly safe. “What could that be,” she thought.

Further Investigation


The morning after, Hailey told her mother she would like the babysitter to return because she was more fun than the usual sitter. Concerned, Mary-Anne decided to investigate this babysitter a little more.

She came across complaints that mentioned some funny business with teenage boys and their fathers, and the moms were furious.



Failing to wrap her head around all this. Mary-Anne called one of her mom friends in the neighborhood to find out what was really going on. Turns out one of the rude moms didn’t want to pay the babysitter her fee.

Words were exchanged, and she influenced other moms to leave bad reviews.

She Returns


Hailey kept pushing to have the babysitter back. Mary-Anne had always been a trusting person and had never bought nanny cams. But she needed to know why her daughter liked her so much.

So she decided to place her old phone as a listening device. Mary-Anne wasn’t prepared for what she was about to discover.

New Revelation?


It was nothing but laughs and giggles on the recording. The babysitter was very good with Hailey. As she felt relieved, the noises returned.

Mary-Anne jumped out of bed, headed straight to Hailey’s room, and found her in bed. Puzzled, she began to walk out. Then she saw a receipt in the trash can.

Red Handed


The receipt had the babysitter’s name on it. Mary-Anne had taught Hailey not to accept gifts from strangers. Disappointed, she woke Hailey up, who had been pretending to be asleep every time her mom came in the room.

And asked, “Did your babysitter buy you a gift?” like an amateur, Hailey spilled the beans.

The Toy


The first night they had the babysitter. The babysitter noticed that Hailey had a chessboard and many mind-stimulating toys. And she decided to hand her a Rubik’s Cube.

Hailey loved it. The babysitter left hers with Hailey. And then bought one for her when she returned. Hailey has played with it every night since.

Doubts Removed


When the babysitter returned, Mary-Anne was happy to see her. She thanked her for what she had done for Hailey. And she proceeded to ask her why she had horrible reviews.

The babysitter explained about her run-in with the rude mom. And to keep getting work, she had to charge the lowest fee.

The Campaign


Having had multiple successes in business, Mary-Anne knew how to run a good PR campaign. When the truth came out, the rude woman was alienated in the community, and the babysitter began to get steady work.

Mary-Anne’s generous actions had a lasting effect on the babysitter. She decided to do something big.

Babysitter Agency


With the extra money that the babysitter could now earn, she created an agency for great babysitters to meet great parents. The goal was to have them work together harmoniously.

Every complaint was thoroughly investigated for the protection of both parents and babysitters. And it was a huge success.