Mom Berates Old Employee For Being Slow, Then Sees Badge On His Hip


Angry Customers

“Can you ring up any slower, old man?” Those were words that spewed out of an angry customer’s mouth one Saturday morning.

Walmart was always full on a Saturday morning, and an irate customer seemed to be in some kind of a hurry.

She was now taking her frustrations out on their faithful employee, Lloyd, and Nick couldn’t stand it anymore.



Nick Hayes was the floor manager at Walmart, and he was responsible for making sure that everything was running smoothly in the busy store.

Saturdays were usually the busiest, as families and busy moms would hit the store to get their weekly supplies.

But some customers just came into the store with a bad attitude.

The Customer Was Always Right


But Nick was told that “the customer was always right,” although he didn’t believe it one bit.

Sometimes, he felt like customers would intentionally come into the store to cause some kind of trouble, only for them to get a freebie or a voucher of sorts.

He was sick and tired of it. But loved his job, and he supposed he was just going to have to put up with it.


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There was one employee who was loved by all. Lloyd Bird was the oldest employee working there at 80 years old. Nick was very surprised on the day he started working there.

But Lloyd proved everyone wrong. He was kind and friendly to everyone and managed to work the tills like a pro.

But Nick hated the fact that someone at his age was still working.

Everyone Loved Lloyd

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When Nick asked him about it, Lloyd had the perfect answer. “Son, you have to keep active at this age, or else you will meet your end sooner. Plus, I love working here, and I get paid to do it.”

Lloyd was a character, and the customers always made a long queue just so that they could get his checkout till.

He always engaged in friendly banter, whether it was kids, teenagers, or someone of similar age to him.

Not Friendly

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But not everyone was as friendly. Some days, the staff would have to deal with customers who were always looking to make a scene for some reason.

Candice from the make-up counter was always dealing with teenage girls trying to steal various lipsticks.

Jerry at the deli counter once had someone trying to take all the cold meat samples for a party they were having at home.

Snide Remarks

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Nick and his staff had seen just about everything, and they were ready for anyone who wanted to try their tricks on them. But they couldn’t say the same for Lloyd.

Lloyd was kind to everyone, and that meant even the ones who weren’t kind to him.

Nick witnessed people passing a lot of snide remarks, and Lloyd just smiled.

Rude Teens

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At his age, all he wanted was peace, but Nick hated the way some customers treated him because of his age.

He was a happy guy, and he treated everyone the same way, with kindness and respect.

However, he was not getting the same treatment in return. Rude teenagers coming in to purchase something would always admonish him to quit because “he didn’t have long to live.”

No Respect


Nick became infuriated when he heard how little respect the younger generation had for the elderly. It made his blood boil to see how they treated Lloyd.

Nick saw Lloyd as a father figure, and to him, it was like his own flesh and blood was being attacked.

The last straw came when one woman couldn’t stop lambasting Lloyd.


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This time, it had gone too far. The whole store came to a standstill as they watched the scene unfold.

An irate woman had just pushed her cart with full force to Lloyd’s till. It was here where the trouble started.

“You still here, old man? I’m surprised they keep you on. You’re so slow. I need these items today, please. Try your best.” Lloyd just gave his signature smile and began to ring up the woman’s items.

A Grudge?


Her loud voice naturally drew a crowd, and it was exactly what she wanted.

It seemed like she had some kind of grudge against Lloyd or elderly people. She would not stop with her snide remarks towards him.

“When did it become okay for slow old people to take jobs away from young, energetic people who are struggling to find work in this day and age? Do you think that’s okay, old man?”

Drawing A Crowd

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By now, a considerable number of people had come closer to listen to what was going on.

Some people had their phones out, recording the scene the woman was making.

Lloyd just went on ringing up the items one by one while the woman continued spewing hateful comments. He was a nice guy, but everyone could see he was hurting.

Nick’s Blood Boiled


Nick watched the scene unfold from a distance, his blood boiling with anger. He couldn’t understand why someone would treat Lloyd with such disrespect.

He had seen Lloyd work tirelessly for years, always with a smile on his face, and it was infuriating to witness this tirade against him.

He needed to do something about it.

Taking Action

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As the woman continued her verbal assault on Lloyd, Nick decided he couldn’t stand by any longer.

He knew it was against store policy to confront a customer, but he couldn’t let this injustice continue.

He walked briskly towards the scene, determined to put an end to the woman’s cruel words. No one else was doing anything about either, so it was up to him.

Interrupting the Tirade


“Excuse me, Ma’am,” Nick said firmly, stepping between the irate customer and Lloyd.

“I understand you might be in a hurry, but there’s no need to speak to our employees in such a disrespectful manner.”

Lloyd looked up from what he was doing, looking very grateful that Nick stepped in to do something about the woman.

She Was Angry


The angry woman’s face turned to face Nick. He took a step back as he looked as though she was going to pounce on him.

Nick took a deep breath in. This woman was clearly going to let him have it as well. Her eyes were bloodshot red as she stared at Nick.

She was fuming, and Nick swore he could see steam leaving her overly done perm.

She Wanted A Scene


She looked angry. Nick got a waft of cheap perfume. “Who are you talking to? Do you know who I am ?” She took a step closer to Nick, who took a step back.

Just by the way that she was dressed, you could see that she wanted attention on herself. Old Lloyd wasn’t even finished tallying the groceries.

He started moving a bit quicker when he saw what was unfolding. Huffing and puffing along as he tried to pack the groceries faster.

Everybody’s Watching


It was a few days before Christmas, so naturally, the shops were packed with happy holidaymakers.

This was the last thing anybody needed to see. Especially in a friendly town where everybody made an effort to be nice.

The woman, whose name was yet to be discovered, was getting horrid looks from other women and shippers who were waiting in line. They felt that she was wasting everybody’s time and energy.

It’s Not The Time


The grocery store buzzed with activity as customers shuffled through aisles, their carts laden with groceries. The woman whose name was finally uttered was Lisa Denton.

Lisa, a woman of sharp edges and a temper to match, stormed down one aisle, her brows furrowed in annoyance.

She was on a mission to gather her groceries and leave, not in the mood for interruptions.

Doing Her Own Thing


Lisa Denton stormed through the sliding doors of Walmart; her face etched with anger. She had just been rudely interrupted by Nick, the floor manager, who had the audacity to scold Lloyd, the elderly cashier, for being too slow.

Lisa clenched her fists, her frustration boiling over.

“Who does Nick think he is?” she muttered under her breath as she approached the customer service desk.

Annoyed At The Pace


As Lisa approached the checkout lanes, she noticed Lloyd, the elderly cashier, carefully scanning items with a gentle smile. She was annoyed that she got a slow, old man instead of one of the faster, younger cashiers.

However, Nick, the floor manager known for his no-nonsense attitude, stood nearby, frowning at Lisa.

Nick’s irritation heightened as she overheard Lisa berating Lloyd for being too slow.

Doing More Shopping


As she fumed, Nick, a tall man with a stern expression, followed closely behind her. “Lisa, I understand you’re upset, but we can’t tolerate rude behavior,” he explained defensively.

Lloyd, the elderly cashier, looked bewildered and hurt by the criticism. Before Lisa could retort, the manager, Mr. Johnson, emerged from his office.

Sensing trouble, Nick quickly briefed him on the situation. What Lisa was doing was obnoxious and rude.

He’s Too Old To Work


He was efficient, but he was taking too long, and Lisa was annoyed that she had to wait, so she went to get a few more items while he scanned. This annoyed the other customers who were also waiting in line.

“What’s your problem, Nick?” Lisa snapped, her eyes shooting daggers at him. “You can’t just interrupt people like that.” Nick raised an eyebrow, unimpressed.

“He’s holding up the line. We need efficiency here.” “I don’t care about your efficiency nonsense. Show some respect,” Lisa retorted.

The Manager Saw


Just as the argument reached its peak, the store manager, Mr. Johnson, arrived on the scene, drawn by the commotion. Lisa’s anger momentarily subsided, replaced by a feeling of trepidation.

“What’s going on here?” Mr. Johnson inquired, casting a stern look at the trio.

Nobody wanted to speak. All eyes were on them. All of a sudden, Lisa was quiet when the higher authority got involved.

He Knows What To Say


Mr. Johnson was a skilled manager. He was excellent with people and had great speaking skills.

He believed that he could calm down any situation. He approached Lisa, his brow furrowed. “What seems to be the problem, ma’am?”

Nick froze and waited for what Lisa was going to say. Although Mr. Johnson was a fair man, the customer was always right.

I Can Do What I Want


Fueled by her anger, Lisa began venting about the long lines and the perceived mistreatment of Lloyd. “Why do you have such an old man working here? Sure, I can get a few things I missed while he’s canning so slowly, whats the big deal?”

Mr. Johnson looked angry all of a sudden, and he looked at the suggestion box. Lisa noticed his face shift into anger. A sudden feeling overcame her.

She stammered and shifted uncomfortably, realizing she might have overreacted.

It’s A Busy Period


Nick explained the situation, defending his stance on efficiency, while Lisa fumed quietly.

Just as Lisa was about to interject, the manager’s eyes fell upon her.

“How would you like it if it was you waiting behind and another customer kept getting more items, holding up the line? ” Lisa was embarrassed. “Lisa, do you have something to add?” Mr. Johnson questioned.

Dealing With Angry Customers


Mr. Johnson had a great point. She couldn’t argue with him. Caught off guard, Lisa stammered, “Well, I just think… I mean, the lines are too long, and I’m in a hurry. That’s all.”

Nick tried to hide his smile, he knew she would come around and feel bad for what she did.

He just wished it wasn’t on Christmas. He wanted the store to keep a good image.

Finally Done


Mr. Johnson’s gaze lingered on her, and Lisa suddenly felt a pang of guilt. The atmosphere tensed as the manager assessed the situation.

“I understand the concern about wait times, Lisa, but we should address it differently. Now, let’s keep the lines moving smoothly,” Mr. Johnson declared, diffusing the tension. Lloyd just finished the last of Lisa’s groceries.

And she handed him her cash and coupons.

Lending An Ear


Mr. Johnson listened patiently, assessing the situation. Nick and Lloyd exchanged nervous glances, unsure of what to expect. Lisa’s tone softened, and she apologized for her outburst.

A few other ladies giggled behind her. She didn’t want to be the laughingstock of her neighborhood.

She had to deflate the situation and compose herself. Her moment of anger was ruining her image.

The Sweet Old Man


As the manager walked away, Lisa, realizing her error, sighed. “Sorry, Lloyd,” she mumbled, avoiding eye contact. It was just loud enough for the other customers behind her to hear.

Lloyd smiled warmly, “No need to apologize, dear. We all have our moments.” Even in his old age, he was still a humble person. He really needed that job, and he couldn’t afford to get on anybody’s bad side.

Done And Dusted


Leaving the grocery store in a huff, Lisa carried her bags, feeling a mix of frustration and embarrassment.

Little did she know, the employees exchanged relieved glances, glad to be rid of her disruptive presence.

Lisa left the store, leaving the employees sighing in relief. Little did they know, her visit was far from over.

She Left Rumors Behind


In the aftermath of the incident, whispers circulated among the staff about Lisa Denton’s notorious temper.

Some speculated on the reasons behind her anger, while others simply shrugged it off as a common occurrence.

The grocery store continued its daily routine, but the memory of Lisa’s outburst lingered in the air, creating an undercurrent of suspense for the employees who wondered if she would return, bringing her storm of anger with her once again.

Her Own Idea


The next day, Lisa returned to Walmart, this time in the afternoon. She marched purposefully to the customer service desk, demanding to see Mr. Johnson.

“I have an offer that he can’t refuse,” she said. Nick saw her waving a printed document in a plastic envelope.

What did she want to show the manager now?

Making A Noise


Lisa scowled at him. “I want to speak to Mr. Johnson. Now!” She waved her resume in his face. Nick didn’t know how to respond to her. She tried walking to the back offices.

Nick intercepted her, trying to dissuade her with a forced smile.

“I’m sorry, but we’re not currently hiring.” He tried to pull her aside.

Getting Her Way


Lisa knew every trick in the book. “I’m going to start screaming if you don’t give me a fair chance,” she said abruptly. Nick had to prevent the store from hearing her outburst again.

Reluctantly, Nick led her to the manager’s office. He knocked on the door, “Sorry sir, I couldn’t stop her.”

How else could they deal with this forward customer?

What’s Her Deal


Mr. Johnson looked up from his paperwork, surprised to see Lisa again. “What brings you back, ma’am?” he cleared his throat and pushed his chair away from his table as if getting ready to run.

Lisa declared her intention to apply for a job at Walmart, catching both Nick and Mr. Johnson off guard.

They exchanged perplexed glances, realizing this was unexpected.

Straight To The Point


Mr. Johnson hesitated. “I appreciate your interest, but we’re not looking for new employees right now.”
Lisa’s eyes widened as though he told her Christmas was canceled.

The perplexed woman went on about how much faster she would be than employees like Lloyd and that she was a better fit.

She thought up every excuse in the book as to why she should work there.

There’s No Point


Mr. Johnson was a kind man and felt that maybe there was something else that as worrying Lisa.
“Lisa, is everything okay at your home? How’s your son doing?” he questioned her.

Everybody knew that Lisa’s son Joshua had a bad reputation for causing trouble in the neighborhood. Ever since his father left the year before, he became a delinquent.

She’s On Her Own


Lisa’s face softened at the mention of her son. She sat down on the chair and started sobbing. “He hardly visits me anymore,” she cried.

Mr. Johnson knew that he was in and out of prison a lot. He was a good student once upon a time, but he turned to a life of crime.

He didn’t take care of his mother.

Saying No


The caring manager knew her reasons, but he couldn’t have somebody unstable working in his store.

He tried to convince her to work somewhere else. Undeterred, Lisa argued vehemently, insisting that she was the perfect fit for the job.

Nick stepped in, attempting to diffuse the situation. “I’m sorry, but we really can’t hire you at the moment.” Would she take the hint?

It’s Not For You


Nick tried to confuse her with the training and tests she would have to take.

But Lisa was adamant that she would pass all of them. They couldn’t get her to change her mind.

Seeing her persistence, Mr. Johnson sighed. “The truth is, even if we were hiring, I don’t think you’d be the right fit for our team.”

If Lloyd Could Do It


Lisa’s face flushed with embarrassment. She realized her actions the previous day had consequences.

She tried to show a better side to her character. But they had already decided and tried to get her to leave.

Mr. Johnson continued, “Moreover, hiring a new employee would mean laying off an old one. I don’t want to do that, especially on Christmas Eve.”

The Last Thing


Lisa got up and left the office. As she walked out past the tills, she realized something. She needed to do something.

Suddenly, the gravity of her actions hit Lisa. She turned to Lloyd, who was working diligently at the nearby cash register, and guiltily met his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, her anger dissipating like a deflating balloon. Loyd couldn’t look at her.

The Right Thing


Lisa left the Walmart, not in a huff this time, but with a heavy heart. She had caused trouble for no reason, and now Lloyd’s job was at stake.

She had unnecessarily highlighted his weakness, and it wasn’t her business.

From that day forward, Lisa rarely visited the Walmart, haunted by the consequences of her impulsive actions.