Missing Dog Returns To Couple 4 Years After Being Lost At Sea


A Family Tragedy

The Archer family was in disbelief. It was a surreal moment, the stuff that movies were made of. As miraculous as it seemed, there was no denying the truth now.

It was meant to be an idyllic escape and a chance for the family to create some treasured memories. Instead, the trip quickly turned into a nightmare.

It Started Off Great

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For Tom and Marie Archer and their kids, eight-year-old Brendan and six-year-old Taysha, a family trip to Japan was the family’s first major holiday.

Touring the ‘land of the rising sun’ was something they had been planning for years. Amid all the excitement, little did they know that their lives would be irrevocably altered by it.

It Held Sentimental Value

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For Tom, in particular, the trip held special significance. After seeing the touristy sights of Tokyo and Yokohama, the time had finally come.

At last, Tom would visit the place he had dreamt of seeing since childhood. On the boat ride over, Tom never imagined that the family would also find a new family member there.

The Right Place At The Right Time


Tom’s father had served in the navy during World War II. When the USA occupied a Japanese naval base after the war ended, Tom Senior had served out his naval career there.

When they reached the harbor, it was even more special than Tom ever imagined. Not long after disembarking though, they were treated to an unexpected surprise.

Love At First Sight


Tom’s childhood had been regaled with stories of the famous Yokosuka base and the city had felt like a part of him ever since. While touring the entertainment areas, the family visited a local market.

Huddled in a dirty alleyway behind a market stall they noticed a little dog. Its loud yelping and emaciated body made for a pitiful sight.

They Had To Help Him

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No one in the market was helping or seemed to care. The Archers fell in love with him instantly and knew they had to help him somehow.

Naming him ‘Kiseki’ (miracle), the Archers got him to vet checked. In a few days, with some medicine, love, and attention, Kiseki was like a new dog. Tragically though, the family’s happiness was short-lived.

The Family Was Devastated

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It happened on the last day of the trip. After having Kiseki with them for two weeks, all the arrangements had been made for Kiseki’s adoption.

The boat ride back to mainland Tokyo for the flight home proved ill-fated though. Facing rough waters and gale-force winds, the howling weather caused Kiseki to panic and the unthinkable happened.

Lost In An Instant


In a flash, Kiseki, who had been sitting near the edge of the bow, was blown overboard. With the waters choppy and dangerous, the boat crew refused to let Tom attempt a rescue.

The crew was unwilling to jump in either. Just like that, the perfect trip ended in tragedy—Within minutes Kiseki was swept out to sea and was no longer visible in the water.

They Never Forgot Him


The family eventually returned home heartbroken. Despite only having him for two weeks, the beautiful, blue-eyed pup had left an indelible mark on their hearts.

Months slowly and painfully turned into years. Though they never forgot him, the Archers eventually moved on with their lives—until one day, a fortuitous event changed everything.

An Unexpected Surprise

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Tom had stayed in contact with a naval officer that he met at the Yokosuka base. Hearing the stories of Tom Senior’s naval history, the officer and Tom Junior regularly corresponded.

When he asked for pictures from the base, Tom was stunned to notice a dog that looked remarkably like Kiseki in one of them.

He Really Was A Miracle


Unbelievably, it was confirmed that this really was Kiseki. He had survived long enough that sad day, and was rescued by a U.S naval ship; now living on the base, he was in good health.

Tom knew at once that they had to go get him. Unknown to the Archers, this fateful story still had one more remarkable twist.

He Was Family

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Unexpectedly reunited with Kiseki, they learned that he had been born on the base but had gotten lost. The officers let Tom tour the base and showed him photos of old naval officers.

Recognizing his father in one photo—Tom Senior stood next to a dog just like Kesiki. It turns out, Tom’s father had been the owner of “Yuki” (meaning good fortune), the great-grandfather of Kiseki.

A Special Bond

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This amazing story captured the hearts of many officers at the base. As the ‘miracle of Yokosuka’, it was decided that Kiseki should make his forever home with the Archers.

Once in the U.S, Kiseki’s transition from naval dog to a mainland pooch was seamless. According to his owners, he just “belonged”.

Not An Uncommon Trait

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As unbelievable as this story was, it was not uncommon for military personnel to have dogs. Having K-9 units across the armed forces meant that many ‘handlers’ often forged close bonds with their furry colleagues.

In Yuki and Kiseki’s cases though, these bonds had transcended entire generations—Kiseki providing Tom an unusual way to connect with his father.

Meant To Be

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Tom Senior’s naval duty meant he had missed much of his son’s childhood. Stories of the Yokosuka base had been a means for them to bond.

Knowing Kiseki’s true heritage was especially sentimental. As Tom Senior had passed on a year before they first encountered Kiseki; the family’s unique bond with the miracle dog had transcended three K9 generations.