Time to Replace Your Bacteria filled Sheets and Towels with Miracle Brand

It's time to replace your bacteria filled sheets and towels with Miracle Brand sheets and towels. We tried antibacterial sheets and there's no going back!

In case you are late to the party, silver is the ultimate bacteria killer! In short, no more smelly towels or sheets and more importantly LESS LAUNDRY thanks to antibacterial sheets! Yay!

Apparently we’ve known about the antibacterial property of silver for a very long time (I had no idea until recently). I asked around and it’s pretty common in kitchen towels. Quick science facts: the secret power of silver is that it kills germs when it oxidizes. It also releases ions that eradicate bacteria. Pretty cool stuff! So I looked around for brands that were using silver for their sheets and towels, and I came across Miracle.


Here is a list of what I tried for you:

Miracle Bedding – Luxe Sheet Set – Queen size – Stone

  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • 2 Pillowcases

Miracle Towels – Stone

  • Wash Cloth (13.0×13.0)
  • Hand Towel (16.0×28.0)
  • Bath Towel (30.0×56.0)

I washed everything once prior to “testing”. By the way, if you are worried about longevity, I was too and did some research. Turns out that the effect of silver is permanent, in other words, you can wash your sheets and towels over and over again, the silver will not be impacted.

Miracle Brand Sheets


Try Miracle Sheets

Let’s start with the luxury bedding. These premium cotton sheets are made will all-natural silver that kills 99.9% of bacteria. No more dirty sheets! It’s been hot and the silver has been working its magic: no odor and therefore no need for frequent laundry! The site says the anti-bacterial properties mean you can wash these 3x less frequently than typical sheets — doctors say you should wash your sheets weekly, so that means you can wash these every 3 weeks! I’m 2 weeks in and they’re still feeling super fresh to me, so for now it seems like they were pretty accurate. I really love not having to frustratingly remove and redo my sheets every week after washing.

The fitted sheet is big enough to fit all mattress sizes, even the thicker ones. My mattress isn’t very thick so I was worried it would slip but it stays in place surprisingly well which is awesome. Seriously, fitted sheets that just slide off drive me nuts! It’s also super soft and comfortable to sleep on. Doesn’t stick, doesn’t get warm, love it!

The flat antibacterial sheet is simple and everything you could possibly expect from a bed sheet. It’s light and soft. Looks good, feels good.

Now, let me tell you about pillow cases. They are standard rectangular size with the same soft fabric as the rest of the set. My favorite part is the piece of fabric inside the pillow itself. You know, the one that prevents the pillow from “escaping”. That’s literally the 1st thing I checked (no joke). My previous pillowcases only had a small piece of fabric on the inside, not wide enough to actually hold the pillow in place. This one is large enough and does the job perfectly, no more loose pillow, yay!

Overall, the bed set looks great. Quality is awesome, and I’m a fan of how clean they remain night after night regardless of the temperature. My set is stone color, and multiple colors are available to match the style of your bedroom. Unless you like sleeping in dirty sheets or laundry is fun to you, this is your long-term solution.

Try Miracle Sheets

Miracle Brand Towels


We all love a clean, soft, fluffy towel after a nice warm shower. Think about all the perfect characteristics of a towel and add the antimicrobial properties of silver on top of that. This is the best description of the Miracle towels!

They come in various sizes, and all look exactly the same for a perfect matching set. They are made of extra plush premium cotton and of course with silver that kills 99.9% of bacteria. No more musty towels and no more unnecessary loads of laundry.

I put them to the test for 5 days, using the same towel twice a day. After 10 uses, they didn’t smell a single bet and weren’t damp at all — they were still just as fluffy as the usual post-laundry feeling!

What I’m really curious about for the next month or two is how they will help my skin — through some research I found that towels can actually cause bad acne on your face, because bacteria on regular towels builds up really quickly (bacteria doubles every 20 minutes!) and as you wipe your face with the towel, you’re spreading more and more bacteria. Given Miracle towels are anti-bacterial, I’m really hoping they’ll help my skin!

I also love the hand towels. I use one for my hair and the other one as a regular hand towel in our master bedroom.

In terms of size — the bath towels are big and fluffy. Big enough for a tall (6+ feet) adult to fully wrap himself or herself into. The wash clothes are perfectly sized squares, just as soft as the rest of the set.

Try Miracle Towels

In case you wonder, you really can’t feel or see the silver as its natural form is intertwined within the fabrics. The bed sheets are soft, high-quality cotton (the Extra Luxe, the one that I tried, is made with USA-grown Supima cotton which is one of the highest quality cottons in the world) and the Miracle towels are similarly an amazing premium cotton towel.

I find the power of silver truly fascinating. I love feeling like what I use every day is constantly being naturally disinfected without me having to do anything. Truly a miracle.

I recommend you give it a try as well. Just like the bedding, multiple colors are available to match your bathroom. Towels come in various sizes based on your needs and preferences. I also think it would make a great (and useful) gift.

Also if you are still skeptical, you can try Miracle Brand risk free for 30 days. Shipping is free and returns are free as well. It’s time to give antibacterial sheets and towels a try!