Men Ask Waitress To Go In Back Room To Settle Bill, Chef Follows


Disgraceful Actions

There was no doubt that the men had consumed far too much alcohol. Despite her apprehension about serving him more alcohol, the waitress had no choice but to oblige. The customer is always right, after all.

There was something extremely impolite and entitled about his demeanor. His goal was to attract attention.

Her only option was to shut him up for good. She wondered how she could stop the harassment without causing a debacle.

Extreme Efforts


Coral was a dedicated and skilled waitress of 24 years old at the renowned restaurant, Le Petit Café, located in Manhatten, New York City.

Her radiant smile could flip a dull room’s energy in an instant, and her loving heart made her extremely popular with both patrons and other employees.

A fateful evening, however, led to a change in her cheerful mood due to an uncomfortable incident, leaving her feeling humiliated and disrespected.

Unsavoury Table


One of her tables was fully occupied by a gang of loud and bothersome men. They were noisy, obnoxious, and seemed to have little to no regard for anyone else in the restaurant, starting from the moment they walked in.

A courteous smile spread across Coral’s face as she walked toward the roaring table, determined to serve the table with her usual care and cheer.

In her ignorance, she did not know what a troublesome table it would turn out to be.

Miserable Customers


The atmosphere grew increasingly uncomfortable as she jotted down their orders and began presenting their meals. She was unexpectedly touched by one of the men, whose hands were deliberately and unwelcomely adorning her waist.

As Coral tried to act gracefully, the men laughed louder and louder, feeding off each other’s audacity. She felt unnerved and completely violated.

Her cheeks were flushed with disbelief and embarrassment.

Backed Into A Corner


Coral felt extremely uncomfortable, but the last thing she wanted was to cause a scene. Nevertheless, things took a turn for the worse when one of the men asked, “Are you on the menu too? ”

After already putting up with antics all evening, they had finally crossed the line. She would not be objectified any further.

Despite her best efforts, she was on the verge of tears. Despite knowing she had to act, she had no idea what she should do. A fire of fury blazed within her.

Left With No Other Options


The chef, a middle-aged man named André, who had generously taken Coral under his wing, felt beyond helpless when an obviously bothered Coral confided in him.

Rapidly being consumed with rage and concern, he listened in horror to her story.

In an effort to help her, André devised the perfect plan. Taking advantage of Coral’s phone camera, he added an overly powerful laxative into the unexpecting men’s meals.

What Goes Around Comes Around



Staff members had historically been supported by the well-respected chef. Upon hearing what happened, anger filled him. It wasn’t something he would let go unanswered for, and he needed nothing more than to make them pay.

The chef was careful not to have his sly moves noticed. For intentionally sabotaging the food, he would certainly lose his job.

The reward was unquestionably worth the risk.

Would He Succeed?


Coral took a shaky breath and approached the table to present the bill. Her leg was deliberately brushed by one of the men as she bent over to place it down.

In spite of the fact that Coral’s heart raced as she wanted nothing more than to violently and appropriately react, she remained serene, capturing the very moment on her phone in compliance with André’s instructions.

The time of reckoning would soon be upon them.

Unseen Actions


She knew they would take their final jab she gave them the bill. She caught it on film. As per the chef’s plan, she told them there was a problem with their card and that they should come to reception in order to settle the discrepancy.

As she cleared the table, a smile peaked through her angered expression.

What would soon transpire would be an absolute shock.

A Matter Of Time


Coral gracefully departed from the table, oblivious to the men’s actions. As she raced to the reception area, André was waiting, his face covering his true feelings of distaste.

Having seen the footage, the chef prepared to confront the culprits.

Their arrival was awaited by him.

We Don’t Need Your Money


Moments later, the unruly group made their way to the reception, smirking and unaware of the storm brewing. André’s voice thundered through the room as he flung the $1300 bill into their startled faces. 

His anger was palpable, the disappointment in humanity evident in his eyes.

He demanded that they never set foot in the restaurant again, his voice resonating with righteous fury.

You Can’t Do This


The men, stunned by the sudden turn of events, stammered and tried to protest, but André’s words drowned them out.

He admonished their behavior, reminding them that respect and decency were the pillars upon which civilized society stood. 

With a final warning, he ushered them out, ensuring they understood the gravity of their actions. She had enough, “And stay out!” she yelled.

The Customer Is Always Right


The men were embarrassed and angry, but they couldn’t deny what had happened. “We are paying customers; you can’t do this to us!”

Chef Andre was even angrier, “We don’t take money from bigots,” he said.

They left the restaurant in a huff, vowing to never return. But they couldn’t resist telling their friends what had happened.

Defeated Men


As the men retreated, shamefaced and humiliated, Coral felt a surge of empowerment. She had faced her tormentors head-on, aided by the support and guidance of her chef and friend. 

Her voice had been heard, her dignity restored, and justice served.

She hugged Chef Andre as the other waiters applauded, “Thanks Chef,” she said with tears in her eyes.

A Strong Woman


At that moment, Coral realized the strength she possessed and vowed to stand up against any form of mistreatment, not just for herself but for others who may find themselves in similar situations.

She was able to face her job with a brave attitude. She knew she had her friends and the Chef behind her. This was one establishment that would not tolerate discrimination.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.