Woman Has Meltdown Over Imaginary Person On Plane, Man Jumps Into Action


Dazed And Confused

Janice just sat in her seat, frozen in disbelief and confusion. The 76-year-old had taken this flight at least 50 times in the last 50 years, and she had never seen something this crazy before.

What on earth was happening? Why was the woman sitting behind her accusing the man in the seat next to hers of being a figment of her imagination?

Fourth Of July Celebrations


The Fourth of July has always been a time for celebration, and everyone tries to make the best of it. Janice was no different. The only thing that changed over the years was that she was celebrating it differently.

And all the changes started when her daughter, Amelia, moved out of state to start a life of her own.

Heading Out Of State


When Amelia moved to New York, Janice swore to visit at least once a year, and she kept that promise. She would leave Montana right before Independence Day and celebrate it with her growing family.

But this trip would be unlike any other. What Janice was about to experience would leave her dumbfounded. What kind of situation would she find herself in?

A Series Of Unfortunate Events


This Independence Day was unlike any other, and the severity of the events was starting to unfold. Fully booked flights were nothing new this time of the year. But that wasn’t the only thing that would go wrong.

The days leading up to the celebration would be filled with unfortunate events. And Janice would be stuck in the middle of one.

Bad Weather


It all started with reports of bad weather appearing across the country. And the reports were nothing to scoff at. Severe thunderstorms whipped the grounds, and turbulent winds were reported in multiple states.

But that wasn’t what affected Janice. Her situation was far more baffling and, in its own case, far more dangerous than anyone would’ve wanted.

Fully Booked Flights


Another set of events that unfolded was nothing out of the ordinary. The majority of the flights had already been fully booked, as they usually were at that time of the year.

But there was something about that that was unusual. And it had to do with all the people sitting around in the airport as they waited for their flight status to change.

Canceled Flights


The unusual part about the fully booked flights was that the vast majority of them had already been canceled due to the bad weather.

The airport was filled with people who were already supposed to depart. But their flights had been canceled, and they had no idea when they would be able to depart. Would Janice face the same?

Stranded At The Airport


People from all across the country were now stranded at different airports as their flights were canceled, and the weather became too bad for them to leave.

Janice had already arrived at the airport herself, and she could see how bad it was. But she was hoping that she wouldn’t end up in the same position.

Well Prepared


At her age, Janice had learned to prepare for everything, and this trip was no different. She had prepared for delays and had a backup plan in case her flight was canceled.

But at that point, she had nothing to worry about. Her flight was still scheduled and said to be on time. All she had to do was wait to board.

A Usual Trip


From the looks of it, this was going to be a usual trip for Janice. The only difference between this year and the last was that she would finally be able to meet her grandson.

What she didn’t know was that getting on the plane wouldn’t be the problem. The real problem would arise once everyone was seated, and it would ruin all her plans.

Months In Advance


This trip was more important than all the rest. Janice’s grandson was already three months old, and she desperately wanted to meet the little guy.

So she booked her flight months in advance. She even got an extra bus ticket in case things went wrong. But she could never have prepared herself for what she was about to face.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


As Janice sat there, waiting for the plane she would be taking to arrive, she asked herself what could possibly go wrong. Her flight was still scheduled. And her daughter would be waiting to pick her up from the airport.

But no one could have known what would happen on the plane that day. It was an event like no other, and it would be burned into the minds of everyone who was there to see it.

Boarding The Plane


After a lengthy wait, the boarding for the New York-bound flight finally started. The queue was long as many passengers were booked onto other flights.

This plane would be filled to the brim, but Janice didn’t mind. She was old and frail, so there would be no waiting for her. She was escorted past the queue and boarded the plane.

Taking Her Seat


Janice took her seat near the back of the plane and patiently waited for the rest of the passengers to board. People came filing in, and they were all in a hurry to get to their seats.

Janice observed the commotion going on around her, and that was when she spotted someone. The woman was well-dressed and calm. Too calm.

Nothing Unusual


Other than that, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. It looked like it would be just another flight. But Janice couldn’t get the woman off her mind.

There was just something about her sense of calm that was eating at Janice. People generally didn’t like flying, and in a situation like that one, there should be some tension.

Final Goodbyes


Trying to suppress her suspicions, Janice pulled out her phone to let her daughter know that she had boarded the plane and to say her final goodbye before lifting off.

She sent a quick text, nothing too lengthy, but as she was busy typing, she heard something coming from behind her. What was going on? Did she miss something?



There was a faint whisper. For a moment, it sounded like an angry woman having a hushed argument with her husband. The problem was that Janice didn’t hear the other person answer.

At first, Janice tried to ignore it and focus on sending her text. But the voice became louder and harsher. It was still a whisper, but she could clearly hear what was being said.

Looking Around


At that point, Janice could no longer ignore what she was hearing. It was getting worse by the minute, and she wanted to know what on earth was going on.

Janice looked around to see who it was that was causing the commotion. And when she saw who it was, her heart nearly stopped beating.

The Woman Behind Her


Behind her was the well-dressed woman, but she wasn’t as calm as she was when she came in. It was her that was whispering, and she seemed to be getting more aggravated with each moment that passed.

What on earth was going on? How could she go from uncomfortably calm to hysterical so quickly? What Janice didn’t know was that this was just the beginning.

A Sudden Outburst


Just as Janice was about to turn around again, the woman flipped out. She was frantically pulling on the seat belt lever as her head lolled from side to side.

She was saying a lot of things, but no one could make out what it was. But as she looked at the man next to her, things took a turn for the worst. The gentleman had no idea what he was in for.

Kicking And Screaming


The flight was about to take off when the woman started kicking and screaming in a hysterical fit to the likes Janice had never seen before.

Hearing all the commotion, the flight attendants decided to act on the matter. But at this point, no one knew what was actually going on. They would find out soon enough, though.



The flight attendants tried to speak to the woman to calm her down, but they were getting nowhere. She was mumbling something incoherent, and each time they touched or tried to speak to her, she became more hysterical.

An hour had gone by at this stage, and the plane still hadn’t picked up. They were grounded because of the woman now, and they had no idea how long that would last.

Was She Crazy?


Janice observed the woman and the petrified man sitting next to her. She couldn’t help but overhear other passengers mentioning that the woman was crazy. But was she really?

Janice had worked in a psychiatric hospital for many years, and she had seen some crazy things. But this went far beyond her level of expertise.

Shocking Accusation


For a moment, the woman became quiet, and everyone thought it was the end of her outburst. But that was when things started to get really crazy.

With big eyes and an outstretched finger pointing to the man next to her, she said. “Get me away from this man! He isn’t real!” The air hostess tried to calm her down, but her words were falling on deaf ears.

Horrified Onlookers


The rest of the passengers on the plane became quiet as they watched the events unfold around them. The woman demanded to be removed from the plane, claiming that the man next to her was a demon and that they were all going to die.

The onlookers were horrified, and so was the man that was being accused. For a moment, he was so convinced that he even touched his chest to see if he was real or not.

One Brave Man


But then, one brave man got up. He cautiously approached the woman and kneeled down next to her. He took her hand in his, and with a soft voice, he asked, “What makes you think that this man isn’t real?”

With a whimper, she said, “I tried to touch him, and my hand went right through his arm.”

Trying To Prove It


The brave man looked at the accused with a pleading look in his eyes before cautiously reaching out. His hand landed on the man’s arm, and the hysterical woman gasped in shock.

“I can touch him, so that must mean that he’s real, right?” the brave man asked. The woman shook her head before mumbling to herself once more.

She Wouldn’t Listen


The brave man tried his best to prove that the other passenger wasn’t just a figment of the woman’s imagination. But every single one of his attempts failed.

The woman simply wouldn’t listen to reason, and she had an answer for every single one of his points. But that was when Janice realized something. Could she prove her theory?

Sudden Movement


The brave man tried to rest a hand on the hysterical woman’s arm, and suddenly, she jerked back. Her movement caused her elbow to knock into her purse, causing it to fall to the ground and spill its contents.

From the corner of her eye, Janice saw the cause of this problem, and she finally understood what was actually happening.

All In The Open


When the purse crashed to the ground, two vital clues fell out of it. One was a bottle of strong antidepressants, and the other was a small bottle of alcohol.

Janice picked both bottles up and handed them to the air hostess, stating that the mix of the two was what caused the woman to act the way she was.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.