Marie Kondo Tips to Tidy Your Home With These Products

Maroe Kondo is the organization queen. Check out these 15 Marie Kondo tips that will help you create a more clean and organized home.

Marie Kondo is the queen of organization, and she is a worldwide sensation. People from all over the globe and the internet are going crazy for Marie Kondo tips for tidying methods that will turn any messy household into a neat freak’s paradise.

Check out these 15 Marie Kondo tips that will help you create a cleaner and organized home and the products to help you accomplish your goals.

15. Commit to Tidying

commit to the tidying

If you are going to take this seriously, you need to fully commit to tidying. Set a day aside for you to spend the full organizing and tidying. Don’t try and do it in steps one day at a time.

Do it all in one go, and do it as soon as possible while you have the motivation and drive to do so. You’ll feel better for it, and your home will look great!

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14. Tackle Categories, Not Rooms

tackle categories not rooms
First things first: you need a plan of acton.

Tidying and decluttering your home is a massive job. Instead of trying to tackle this huge task room by room, one of the best Marie Kondo tips is to break it down and focus on categories.

For instance, you may have all of your pots, pans, and trays scattered around the kitchen or all your books are sprinkled around the house from room to room. Concentrate on one category collect all these items together, keep what you need, donate the rest, and store them all together.

According to Marie Kondo, this is the order categories should be sorted in:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Komono (other household items such as random items cluttering up your flat surfaces and drawers)
  • Sentimental items (postcards, letters, and photographs)

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13. Make Sure Everything Has Its Place

make sure everything has its place
Each item should have i’s own place so you where you know where to find it.

The Kondo method is very much formed around discipline and order. If everything has its place, it will make daily routines easier as you will not be spending time searching for the bottle opener.

If you come across any items that don’t have their own place or a thing that you won’t use, throw them away or donate them. You don’t need any unnecessary items cluttering up your freshly tidy home.

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12. Get Rid of Paperwork

Everyone has that pile of paperwork that needs sorting. Most of us put that paperwork aside and promise to sort anther day.

Well, now is the time to do it. In the digital age, who needs paperwork? Get rid of all of those bulky files that take up so much space and opt for paperless digital versions.

Keep important documents such as birth certificates, but narrow down that pile of papers and make two piles: “Papers to Save” and ‘Papers to Deal With”.

If you are still stuck for ideas for storing your paperwork check out these best home office storage solutions.

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Floating Bookshelves

These floating bookshelves are a great way to display books all in one place. You can also store that one small file of paperwork that you need to keep after you got rid of everything else.

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11. Put Everything in a Big Pile

put everything in a big pile
No matter which category you are tackling, be it towels, kitchen utensils or clothes, put them all into one big pile. This will allow you to see how many things you have and be aware of what you beed and what you can get rid of.

If you have more than one of each item, remove it from the pile and get rid of it. You will them be left with a pile of items that you need and will use.

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One you have sorted out that pile of kitchen utensils and are left with only what you need, use a handy cutlery organizer like the one above. Cutlery organizers are ideal to keep your knives and folks stored away safely and in order.

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10. Only Buy Storage Containers Once You Know What Needs Storing

only buy storage containers once you know what needs storing
Extra storage isn’t always the answer. Once you’ve sorted through the categories and are left only the things you need, you can think about buying extra storage if you need it.

Buying storage when it’s not needed is hiding the problem. Sooner or later, once the storage is full, the room will once again become overflowing with items. Resist the urge, and only buy storage if you need it.

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Once you have identified if you need extra storage, these airtight containers will do a great job for storing items in the kitchen and beyond.

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9. Make Use of Boxes You Already Have

make use of boxes you already have
You may have boxes around the house that you could use to help organize things. These boxes might be shoe boxes or boxes your online orders were delivered in. Use these smaller boxes to put into drawers and create a more organized space for your belongings.

Reusing boxes is a way to save money because you won’t need to purchase storage, and it’s less of a strain on the planet.

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8. Only Keep Items That Bring Joy

only keep items that bring joy
One of that key Marie Kondo tips is that the way to a tidy home is to only keep items that bring you joy and get rid if everything else.

Basically, the method if simple. If you have an item of clothing or a book that does not spark any joy to you, then you don’t need it and you can get rid of it.

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7. Don’t Let Nostalgia Get in the Way of the Process

don’t let nostalgia get in the way of the process

We all keep items because of the memories attached to them. Ask yourself, do these items still spark joy? Are they really needed?

If the answer is no, get rid of them. If it’s something that you can’t part with, try to consolidate them into a memory box or scrapbook. Store them in a way that’s more organized.

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6. Decant Your Household Products

decant your household products

Branded products can made the home look more “noisy” and cluttered.

Eliminating this visual direction by putting your household products in simple, plain container. It will make your home will feel neater.

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Marie Kondo Book

If you’d like to know more Marie Kondo tips and ideas about decluttering your household, you should check out her book.

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5. Organize by Size

organize by size

By organizing everything by size, you can see what you’re looking for immediately. You know exactly where they are going to be in your drawer or cupboard, and it makes it so much easier when putting things back.

When everything has it’s own designated place, keeping your home tidy, clean, and organized is easier.

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This tower kitchen cart is ideal for storing things in order of size, and it comes on wheels for convenience.

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4. Respect Your Belongings

respect your belongings

Marie Kondo asks you to respect your clothes and other belongings. Are your clothes all piled on the floor? Are your shoes no longer in pairs and scattered in your cupboard?

You should respect your clothes, no matter how much they cost. It is important to take care of what you own and store your belongings correctly. After all, no one wants wrinkled tops and stained dresses, and respecting your belongings will help inspire you to keep them organized.

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Acrylic Shelf Dividers

These acrylic shelf dividers will help you give your belongings respect. Store clothes easily and become more organized by installing these shelves in your closet.

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3. Learn the Art of Folding, Not Hanging

Kondo says that your clothes will be “happier” if you fold them. Ditch those hangers and instead learn the art of folding as described in the video tutorial above.

If you don’t have a dresser, get one so you can use this Marie Kondo tip. Start your newfound skill of folding and fill that dresser up!
This folding technique is also a perfect method to fold clothes to put into packing cubes when going away on vacation.

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2. Store Things Vertically

store things vertically

Storing your items vertically may sound simple, but it really works. Many of us are guilty of stacking clothes and underwear on the top of each other. Stop this immediately and move on to the Marie Kondo tip for your drawers.

If you store items side by side, stacked vertically (like the spine of books), it will look more organized and you’ll also be able to keep an inventory of your times. This will then prevent you from buying any more of the same kind of product, again saving space.

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Organizer Drawer Divider

This drawer divider is the perfect product to help you with that vertical stacking. Get those drawers sorted.

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1. Rediscover Your Style

rediscover your style

You’re done following Marie Kondo tips, so now you can live your best life. Now that you’ve tidied in categories, got rid of the things that no longer spark you joy, and stored your clothes vertically, you can now see what you have.

You should be left with the things that you love and the clothes that you enjoy wearing and feel good in. You’ll be able to see what you have in your wardrobe and fall in love with your style again.

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Jewelry Trays

Use a vanity tray to keep your jewelry all in one place and see what items you have. Pick your jewelry to match your newly rediscovered wardrobe of beautiful clothes.

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Remember tidying is more about the things that you want to keep and not the things that you are trying to get rid of. We hope that this article has sparked some inspiration for you. Give these Marie Kondo tips a go to create a more clean and organized home.
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