Man Wakes Up From Coma Convinced He’s Actually Matthew McConaughey

He was involved in an accident and instead of receiving a clean bill of health, he also left the hospital with an new ability that had doctors puzzled.

Strange New Skill

This soccer star is involved in an accident and wakes up from a coma with a strange new skill.

Rory Curtis was involved in an accident and instead of receiving a clean bill of health, Rory also left the hospital with an incredible new ability that had doctors puzzled.

Nearly Pro

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At 25, Rory Curtis from Great Britain had a bright future ahead of him. He was a star for Manchester United youth team, and a professional career wasn’t far off.

But in 2012, his future was put on hold. What follows is a mystery to the medical profession.

A Bad Storm

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Driving home from practice one evening, a severe rainstorm made it nearly impossible for the young man to see the road ahead.

Eager to get home and despite his hesitations, he drove on to get home. What happened to Rory?

A Massive Accident

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The rain pelted on his windscreen and Rory didn’t the see a large truck in front of him until it unexpectedly swerved into his lane.

Rory hit the brakes too late and the car slammed into the truck ahead, creating a 6 car pile up. Was Rory alive?

He Lived

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Beneath the wreckage of cars was Rory, broken and bruised, but still miraculously alive.

Fire-fighters and emergency rescue teams rushed to the scene, and after an hour of work, they managed to pry Rory from his car. What was wrong with Rory?

Air Lifted Away

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Rory amazingly had come away from the crash with little but cosmetic injuries, though with this kind of trauma, the emergency medical teams knew there was more to his injuries than what met the eye.

A helicopter was radioed in and Rory was flown to a nearby hospital. But what injuries had he sustained?

Hidden Injuries

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Upon discovery doctors found that Rory’s injuries were far worse than first believed, the 25 years old soccer star suffered a multifocal intracranial brain hemorrhage.

With his brain swelling fast and fluid pooling in his head, Rory was put into a coma. So what ability had he derived from this accident?

Waking From A Coma

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Rory’s families only concern was nursing back to health. After 6 days of lying in a coma, Rory wakes up on his own leaving doctors scratching their heads. Rory could speak French fluently.

Rory also believed that he was the famous actor Matthew McConaughey, but after a few months of treatment, Rory finally gets to go home, having acquired a new skill.