Man Buys Drone To Prank Wife And It Doesn’t Go As Planned


Not A Prank

It was meant to be a prank. He flew the drone four hundred meters above her, giggling from the comfort of his home workshop. The joke turned on its head when she didn’t take her usual route to work.

The man leaned forward, surprised to see her walking to an empty parking lot with a black sedan in wait. His grin faded immediately. Everything he’d spent years building was in danger.

18 Years Of Marriage


Shawn Edwards never thought he’d see the day his wife would do this to him. He’d always seen her as perfect and pure.

He had convinced himself that if there were ever anyone to jeopardize what they’d spent 18 years building, it would be him. But what he saw on his drone’s mounted display had him sprinting down the block.

Love At First Sight


Shawn married Kerry when he was still in his early twenties. Although the two weren’t high school sweethearts, he always felt like they would have been if they’d known each other then.

They came from different towns and met at a college symposium in their first year. Although they didn’t know it, they would end up walking down the aisle together.

Written In The Stars


“She was my first girlfriend,” Shawn recalled on Facebook. Their first date had been beyond excellent. Kerry had suggested they attend the Star Wars Celebration in their home of Indianapolis, Indiana.

A die-hard Star Wars fan, Shawn had never heard a perfect request. His love for Star Wars and the fact that Kerry loved it also made him think he’d found the one.

The One


In life, we all struggle to find one person that speaks to us on all levels. We want someone who challenges us to be better, makes us feel wanted, and has our backs no matter what.

We want someone we find attractive and intelligent who becomes our world. For Shawn, this person was Kerry Anderson. He knew he’d have to lock her down before the universe snatched her away.

A Perfect Match


Shawn had never been one to believe in fated mates. But he became a staunch believer after his first date with Kerry.

She loved the same things he did and was obsessed with everything that usually made his heartbeat. From Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who to fine arts, sciences, and literature, there was nothing the two didn’t share a love for. But as Shawn would learn, nothing this good ever lasts forever.

Building The Perfect Life


Shawn had been married to Kerry for eighteen years when it happened. After long sleepless nights in college, he’d graduated with an robotics engineering degree, which he put into designing and constructing drones.

Working for a reputable drone company in the city, he’d made a name for himself as a talented man who was always looking to push boundaries. All he ever wanted was to provide for his beautiful wife.

Her Side Of Things


Shawn usually worked from home. He had set up a workshop in the garage where he tinkered with new drone models before sending extensive notes to the company.

On the other hand, Kerry majored in fine arts but was a stay-at-home wife. She spent time painting in her studio upstairs or hosting book clubs and Dungeons and Dragons sessions for her and Shawn’s friends. Shawn thought she was happy with all this until that fateful day.

A Letter


It all began with a letter in the mail. Kerry ran out one morning just as the mailman was driving off. Shawn had never seen her this excited to check their mail before. But he was always glad to see her smiling.

From the handful of envelopes, she picked one and quickly ripped it open. With a quick skim, she yelped and sped back to the house.



“I’m in!” she exclaimed, flashing the letter in Shawn’s face. “I can’t believe I got in!” She handed Shawn the paper, and on it, he could see she’d been accepted as an art curator for one of the most prominent museums in Indianapolis.

Shawn hadn’t even known she wanted a job. He believed she was content with the life she was living. Regardless, he was more than happy for her.

A Celebration Is In Order


That night, he took Kerry out to celebrate, inviting some of their friends and family. She always supported him through everything he did, so he would make it his life mission to do the same for her.

But he had no clue that this job would come for everything he held dear. It would be too late before he wrapped his head around what was happening.

Not Asking The Hard Questions


Shawn never thought to ask Kerry how she got the job. From their conversations over the last two decades, he knew breaking into the art scene as a curator was difficult, especially in their city.

He was happy for her and even took the first Monday of the month off to drive her into the city. But unknown to him, something was already happening behind the scenes.

A New System


Kerry and Shawn’s home routine changed for the first time in over fifteen years. Kerry, who usually stayed home while Shawn ran to the office on Mondays and Fridays, was now leaving the house every weekday.

Since the couple only had one vehicle, Shawn would let Kerry take it since he mostly worked in the garage. On Mondays and Fridays, she’d drop him at the bus station, where he’d catch a ride into the city.

Her Guardian Angel


But that week was different. The car had broken down over the weekend, and Shawn had taken it to the shop. So he and Kerry rode the bus together.

Since he would be home from Tuesday to Thursday, Shawn decided to be Kerry’s guardian angel from above. He had no clue what he was about to uncover.

Getting Ready


He chose one of his best prototypes, working on it throughout the day so it would be ready by Tuesday morning. He wanted to fly the drone above her while she walked to the bus station.

The plan was to spook her briefly before she realized it was him. It would be romantic, or so Shawn thought. The result would be the exact opposite.

It Begins


Tuesday morning came, and a giddy Shawn couldn’t wait for Kerry to leave the house. He already had his drone prepped and ready. He’d added new components and ensured it wouldn’t jeopardize the mission.

All he had to do was draw on his mounted display and get the drone’s controller in his hands. This would be a good day for all the parties involved.

A Quick Breakfast


Kerry got dressed and had breakfast with Shawn as they always did every morning. Afterward, she kissed him goodbye and hurried to work.

But she wasn’t even a yard away from the house before Shawn was racing downstairs and into the garage. He turned on the drone and hurried back to put on his gear.

Time To Hit The Skies


The drone shot into the air with incredible speed, showing Shawn the entire neighborhood in all its glory. The morning’s strong wind slashed the gadget, but it held firm.

Shawn spun it several times to make sure all systems worked before turning its mechanical sight on his wife. Operation Scare Kerry was in full effect.

Following Her


A drone is typically a deafening machine, especially up close. But flying 400 feet above the ground, the grating and buzzing sound become silent to anyone walking under it.

Shawn grinned as he followed Kerry. She was walking fast, eager to start her day at the museum. She usually took the main road while heading to work. But today, she didn’t.

Away From The City


Shawn’s brows quirked. The road Kerry was taking wasn’t leading into the city. It led to a series of communities surrounded by convenience stores and gas stations. (

She pulled out her phone and talked for a while, slowing down as she headed deeper down the road. She looked around as if she felt someone was following her. What was going on?

Trying To Stay Objective


Shawn didn’t know what to make of all of this. “Maybe she’s going to a friend or a coworker to carpool with,” he told himself. Still, his heart started thumping in his ears.

He settled the drone in the air, watching as Kerry strayed from the road onto an empty parking lot. His breath hitched. A black sedan was waiting for her.

Don’t Worry About Him


“It’s just a friend,” Shawn said, even though he couldn’t bring himself to believe his words. He’d never been a jealous man before.

But that was mainly because he rarely had Kerry out of his sight. They had the same friends and adored the same things.

Wherever she went, he was with her. The only thing he could do now was hope she wouldn’t crush his heart.



For the longest while, Shawn felt like Kerry had settled for him. She wasn’t the type of girl to go out with someone like him. She was beyond beautiful, innovative, and talented. She was meant for men at the top of the food chain.

He’d reached well beyond his league to find her and couldn’t believe it when she agreed to date, leave alone marry him.

His Biggest Fear


Shawn always prayed that the day Kerry realized she was too good for him would never come. It was his biggest fear. She made him everything he was; he’d come this far in life because he wanted to give her the world.

Jealousy and fear sizzled through him. One thing was clear: what he’d dreaded throughout his marriage was about to become a reality.

There It Is


Kerry walked straight to the car, sticking her head into the driver’s window. Shawn brought the drone as low as he possibly could without spooking her.

He needed to be delicate here, or else he’d tip her off. He watched as she pecked the cheek of the driver, a man in an expensive-looking suit.

His hair was disheveled yet immaculate, framing his sharp jaw in the best way possible. Shawn was in trouble.

She Gets In


He watched as Kerry hurried into the passenger side. The driver rolled his window up before the car drove off.

Shawn dared take his headgear off, his heart broken into a billion pieces. But he couldn’t afford to take his eyes off the car.

He needed to follow it. He needed to know where Kerry usually spent her days while lying to him that she was at work.

What’s Happening


As expected, the car didn’t go into the city. Instead, it took several corners into the affluent side of town. Shawn watched in silence until his drone’s reach snapped, and his screen blacked out.

He paced through the workshop for a moment, wondering whether to confront Kerry now or to wait until she came home.

Go After Her


With ticking jaws, he stormed out of the house. There was no way he’d let her do this to him, not after everything he’d done for her.

He hopped into the first taxi he saw, praying Kerry wouldn’t ruin what they’d spent years crafting. The taxi drove into Meridian Hills, one of the wealthiest communities in Indianapolis.

The neighborhood was a mixture of breathtaking homes and sprawling green lawns separated by wonderfully curated outdoor spaces. It didn’t take long for Shawn to spot the car Kerry had gotten into.

A Stately Home


The vehicle was parked outside a stately home. But that didn’t scare Shawn. He walked straight to the front door and thumbed the bell.

When no one answered, he walked in, headed straight to the living room. What he found made his eyes dim with tears.

Shawn entered the living room, finding Kerry and the man standing before five art displays. Kerry almost fell back when her eyes locked with Shawn.

A Mechanic


“Honey?” she called, unsure if it was him. It wasn’t until Shawn stepped closer that she finally ran to him. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “I followed you,” Shawn answered. He was about to ask Kelly what she was doing here when his sight landed on the displays.

Painted on them were depictions of him. But that wasn’t what made him cry. Each painting depicted him as a Star Wars mechanic making miniature TIE Fighters, Sith Interceptors, and X-Wings on a workbench on Tatooine. He noticed Kerry’s signature on the illustrations and hugged her. “I’m so stupid,” he whispered.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.