A Man Used This Rock ‘Doorstopper’ For Years, Until A Scientist Told Him The Truth

Sometimes lucks on our side, when we least expect it. We just have to be in the right place at the right time. A man bought a farm with a gem.


Sometimes luck is on our side when we least expect it. We just have to be in the right place at the right time.

A man buying a farm in 1988 got his hands on something out of this universe!


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The farm in Michigan was interesting to the buyer, who wants to remain anonymous. At the time he said that something felt good about the property.

And the owner led him on a tour of the farm. Just then the buyer noticed something.

Shed Door

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The buyer noticed something propping open the shed door.

As the tour with the farmer continued, he couldn’t shake what he had seen holding the door open. What was it?


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It was a large unusual stone. The buyer could care less about everything else about the house. So he asked the man what the object was.

The owner of the property would proceed to explain how he came across the object.


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According to the farmer, he had actually seen the rock fall from the night sky when he was a child, way back in the 1930s. He and his father walked out into the field to recover the stone from the dirt.

But would he sell his farm with the stone?


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The farmer agreed to sell the property to the new buyer with the stone from his childhood. Neither of them had ever seen anything like it before.

The unusual stone kept people in awe for years. How large was the stone? And what had it been worth all this time?


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A Professor at the University of Michigan would get to see the stone after the 2018 meteor shower when the new owner of the farm had decided that he would like to get more information.

The stone that he had kept throughout the years had brought him plenty of joy.


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Dr. Mona Sirbescu of the University of Michigan would confirm that the stone was certainly a meteorite, being 88% iron and 12% nickel.

For Dr. Sirbescu, studying the stone was amazing enough as the owner would auction the stone for $100,000!