A Man Turned Up At A Woman’s House Past Midnight, But A Camera Caught What He Left Behind

If a strange man appears on your doorstep at the dead of night, what are your first reactions? For Pua Valdez, she felt fear.


If a strange man appears on your doorstep in the dead of night, what are your first reactions? For Pua Valdez, she felt fear. She was certainly not going to open the door.

She spoke to the man via the intercom system, and the camera caught him leaving something behind. What exactly?



Pua is the proud mother of two boys, aged 2 and 3 years old.

It was December 2017, and like all mothers at this time of the year, it was all about creating memories of the festive season and spoiling her boys.



Valdez had been out at Walmart getting last-minute preparations for the holiday season, she had taken the boys with and in the chaos of getting them ready, she had forgotten something vital behind.

What had she forgotten?



Because of the festive season, Pua had also been carrying a lot more cash than she usually would have had on her.

She would later tell ‘KTNV’ that her wallet contained all her cards, as well as $400. But what was the kicker of the situation?



Valdez didn’t even realize she had lost her wallet, which was the strangest part of the situation. The man who came to the door surely had brought her something.

But what was it? She didn’t even know she was missing something.



Pua and her husband were already in bed by that time of evening. And she hadn’t expected anyone at their door.

They watched the monitor in disbelief at what the man was revealed to them. So he left the wallet and walked off.



Valdez was floored by the realization that her wallet had disappeared. The man walked off and she didn’t even get a chance to ask him his name or say a mere thank you.

But would her wallet contain all the cash and cards?



Everything was still in the wallet when Pua had lost it. The post to Facebook to locate the man got plenty of likes and shares.

The anonymous man was tracked and Pua had the opportunity to thank her holiday hero for his kind-heartedness and honesty.