Man Too Afraid To Talk To Women Get’s Makeover



It didn’t seem possible to him. He had never been one to attract the opposite gender.

It was clear to him that he was no savant. As a result of the mysterious barber’s help, things began to change for him.

He looked in the mirror, and tears started streaming down his cheeks. How did the barber do it?



All things considered, it was polarizing to go into public places.

In addition to looking at the floor all the time, he was antisocial. However, he now received more attention than he wanted.

During crowded streets, he felt eyes on him. A reflection in a store window even startled him. Could this be him?

Cruel World


The kindness of a stranger was something Alan Ford had never experienced before. He was 34 years old and had a hard time trusting people. 

His long and complicated history of being disappointed, shunned, and even laughed at contributed in a big way to this.

Throughout his life, he had been constantly plagued with bad luck.

Tough Upbringing 


In his early childhood, Alan was orphaned. Having been abandoned, he was placed in a state orphanage.

He was never adopted because of the horrible conditions there. 

Based on how he looked, he assumed it was related to his appearance. Later on in life, he grew a thick beard and shaggy hair to minimize the visibility of his face due to these insecurities.

New Challenges


His orphanage years were over when he was released as an adult at the age of 18.

The place he knew was gone, and he found himself suddenly in a completely different world.

The outside world was foreign to him. Other than occasional outings, he knew nothing. Since he was underqualified, finding work was difficult.

Entering The Job Market


Alan had a hard time keeping a job. Various low-wage jobs were available to him in New York, but they didn’t last.

For some reason, he always had trouble keeping them.

No matter what, things always turned out the same way regardless of his lack of experience or appearance.



It was always Alan’s fate to become unemployed after a few months.

Since he usually stayed at company villas, this always came with downsides. There was no home for him.

In the meantime, he was on the streets for a few weeks until he got an interview again, where he cleaned up and got hired.

Not Feeling Good About Himself 


His self-esteem was low, so it goes without saying that he felt like a failure.

As he watched people walk to work in their suits or drive next to him in their expensive German sedans, he felt worthless.

It just didn’t seem like there was anything special about him. The future was about to take a big turn, for the better or the worse.

Odd Request


Despite the fact that Alan’s life had gone unnoticed, his impact had been felt.

On his way to work, he often walked past a barber shop on the corner. As soon as he was scheduled for a job interview, he would go there to have a hot cloth applied to his face.

His request was odd, but he was able to afford it. A dollar bill was still a dollar bill no matter how crumbled or dirty it was.



It was unknown to Alan that the barber at the barbershop always noticed him doing this.

Despite never meeting Alan, he overheard the shop staff talking about Alan’s next job interview.

Harry was the name of this barber. As the barbershop owner, he became accustomed to the young man coming in every few weeks. His heart went out to him.

Couldn’t Find Another Job


Alan had fallen on hard times recently and just couldn’t find himself a job.

He normally had a new one within a few weeks. But this time felt different, he had lost his nerve on the last job, and his confidence had dwindled.

He stayed at a homeless shelter at night and wandered the city in search of a job during the day.

But his absence hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Losing His Spot



Alan heard terrible news just a week later. He had lost his spot at the homeless shelter.

He had been out late one night too many times and missed curfew a few times. This meant that he was kicked out.

Used to the disappointment with every human interaction he’d ever had, he didn’t care too much. But he needed to get himself out of the rut he was in.



Now that Alan had nowhere to go, he had been sleeping in alleyways underneath old blankets he had bought from charity shops. It was ironic, he was good at saving his money, but he was still homeless.

Then one night, someone approached him.

He feared the worst. It wasn’t above muggers to rob a homeless man.

Asking For Him


The man stopped and handed Alan a yellow envelope. He was now more confused than ever.

He opened it and saw a note. It read, “You haven’t come to the barbershop in quite a while. Why not come in for a freebie?”

Alan was taken aback by the note, but he wouldn’t give up the charity. But he should have questioned how the barber knew so much about him.

Arriving At The Barbershop


The next day Alan got his things together and walked to the barbershop. Once inside, he was greeted by a man he’d never met before. “Hi Alan, my staff have told me a lot about you.” Alan had never met another person who had been kind to him. He wasn’t used to any of this.

He wanted to ask more questions but didn’t want to appear rude or ungrateful. “So I can have a free hot towel?” He asked. “No, Today, we’re taking it all off.” The barber laughed. Terror flooded Alan’s body.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.