Young Marine Kicked Out Of High School Graduation Because Of His Outfit



He felt more proud than he had ever felt in his life as he proceeded towards the entrance, being accompanied by his mother and his girlfriend. The principal could be seen there conversing with the security guard. They exchanged looks.

A shiver ran down his spine as he recalled what he had spoken to him about that morning. He hoped that nothing would go wrong. The principal then began speaking inaudibly to the security guard. When the guard informed him that he was unable to enter, his blood began to simmer. How did that happen?

Honoring His Father

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Jacob’s greatest ambition has always been to enlist in the military and represent his nation. His father and grandfather both did it before him.

He saw it as a patriotic duty to uphold the moral standards of his nation. But preserving his family’s legacy was also important. He was aware that enlisting in the military would be the best tribute he could pay to his late father. And he began putting effort toward that objective at a young age.

She Felt Conflicted

Courtney, Jacob’s mother, wasn’t really sure if she wanted that for her kid or not. She naturally respected her husband’s bravery and integrity and was happy that he was ready to give his life to his country.

She was aware that his son could live a life that was slightly more comfortable, though. He was a talented young man who could accomplish anything in life. But she quickly came to a realization.

His Destiny

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It was clear that joining the military was Jacob’s true destiny, especially in light of the death of his father. His life’s greatest aim and the objective was it.

He had aspirations of becoming a sergeant. He made that obvious to his mother, and she realized that attempting to steer her son toward alternative career paths would only make him miserable. He saw that as the most essential thing in the world, and that is what he intended to do. So, he came up with a plan for it.

He Had It All Figured Out


Jacob excelled in school. He began to prepare for his high school graduation earlier than is customary. It seemed as though he had no time to spare.

His plan was to finish his education and then immediately report to a Marines boot camp. Jacob was aware that he needed to complete his schooling, but he was eager to join the corps so he could begin living the life he believed was meant for him. He had no idea the issues that would result from this.

He Did It!

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Jacob was able to carry out his intentions exactly. After finishing high school, he prepared his belongings and left for the Marines boot camp, where he had been assigned after applying.

He learned about the inner workings of the corps there. He was already legitimately a Marine after only a few months. He is quite proud. However, he still had a task to complete.



Before attending his graduation ceremony, Jacob had done everything in his power to successfully complete boot camp.

Perhaps his choice was motivated by a small amount of pride. He wanted to be able to boast that he was already a Marine when he attended his high school graduation, but it was also a matter of righteous pride. But he wouldn’t have it that simple in the end.

Getting Information

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The big day finally came. To ensure that everyone who had questions regarding the event was fully informed, the class from that year, the teachers, and the principal met before the event.

Jacob was happy to be with his classmates and professors as he sat at his desk. However, the principal then said something that caused him to freeze suddenly.

Was He Serious?


“Remember, guys, you have to dress formally, or you won’t be allowed into the ceremony. No need to overdo it, but wear a long sleeve shirt and some nice pants. It’s a matter of respect for your school and your peers. And Jacob, I don’t know about your uniform,” he said while addressing the Marine.

Hearing this, Jacob was unsure what to do. Did the principal mean what he said? Is that really what he meant? How could wearing his uniform to graduation be a problem? He pondered what to do once he returned home until he made a decision.

His Choice


Jacob made the decision to attend the event dressed in his uniform. There was no pattern or explanation as to how that may be incorrect. What could be more honorable than demonstrating his readiness to risk his life for them and the rest of America in front of his classmates and peers?

As the young Marine drove with his girlfriend and mother to the ceremony that evening, unaware of the upcoming disappointment, he was proud to wear his uniform.

He Couldn’t Get In

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Before he could even walk past the door, the security guard and the principal denied him entry. “I told you,” the principal said, tapping Jacob’s uniform’s collar with his finger. Then, he just turned back and entered the ceremony, leaving Jacob, his girlfriend, and his mom standing there.

Jacob looked at the security guard, hoping he could bargain with him. But the man just shrugged and ignored them. The three of them were outraged. What could they do now?


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“It was a disgrace,” Jacob’s mom later said in an interview. “There was one student who wore shorts and gym shoes, and another student who wore a red turban symbolizing his religious views.”

Understandably, Jacob, his mom, and his girlfriend felt insulted. It almost seemed like the principal had a personal case against Jacob. But why could that be?

Students’ Rection

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There seems to be no apparent reason for the principal’s animosity. Or at least not one that Jacob or his mom can put their finger on.

“He’s in the military putting his life on the line for us. It’s unacceptable that he was not allowed to walk across the stage,” the doting mother told the press. “The students were outraged,” she added. “There were some students who were going to walk in solidarity with Jake.” But that’s not the end of it.

Going Viral

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Shortly after the incident, the story was shared on Facebook by Jacob’s mom. In a matter of days, Jacob had thousands of people showing their support and expressing their disgust over the principal’s decision. He was even interviewed by the press about it.

“This tradition is not intended to be disrespectful to students, parents, or our community, but as a source of pride for our students.” However, this excuse hasn’t changed the fact that many people see him as a hypocrite after what he did. But what is Jacob going to do about it?

Jacob’s Declarations

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“I don’t want the social media controversy that is drawing attention away from the Class of 2022,” he told the media. “I also do not want to make any additional statements and wish to put this all behind me so I can start my career in the Marine Corps.”

If you think about it, he’s already won. His school’s principal has been exposed as a hypocrite, he has the sympathy and support of his peers, and now he’s headed towards his dream of becoming a sergeant in the Marines.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.