Man Tells Neighbor To Stop Extending Yard, Teaches Him A Lesson


Crossing Him For The Last Time

He had to will every ounce of his being not to do something he’d regret with how much angered he felt. He told them to leave, but even afterward, he still saw the pavers in front of him.

He fantasized about doing less than savory things to the person responsible. But then he snapped out of it as he thought about what he should do next. His neighbor had crossed him for the last time.

A Grin


Then he thought about exactly what he could do to fix the situation. A grin flashed across his face as he realized that all he had to do was sit back and enjoy the show. 

Everything was going to be alright, and his neighbor would learn exactly what karma was. Now, Miles just had to wait and see what was going to happen.

Revenge Without Lifting A Finger


Miles went from angry to composed in a moment and decided not to do anything. He figured he wouldn’t have to lift a finger to get his revenge; it would all come naturally.

Miles was in on some information that he was sure his neighbor was not. With a little patience, his neighbor would be begging for mercy. This was Miles’ end goal.

Checking In


Something that Miles knew about that his neighbor clearly didn’t was that the county would do his dirty work for him. The man had clearly exploited those around him and took what he wanted.

Miles knew that people higher up than him wouldn’t tolerate it once they found out. All he had to do was wait and see what happened.

A Note


Miles’ prediction finally came true when one day, he saw some people he’d never seen before come up to his neighborhood. They started looking around with clipboards in their hands.

That’s when they saw what his neighbor had done. They walked straight up to his front door and slapped a note on it. Miles could only guess what kind of repercussions were in store for the man, but he decided to go and read the note anyway.



Growing up, Miles always had dreams of living on a wildlife reservation. His parents supported him through his dreams, and he ended up getting a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Now an adult, Miles knew he could do anything, but his dream would have to wait after he met the love of his life. Austin, Texas, didn’t have a lot of opportunities for his degree, but it was where she was.



Miles met Megan through some friends at the age of twenty-three and couldn’t get her out of his mind. After months of winning her over, they were finally together, but that was only the beginning.

The two stayed in Austin and even had a family there. He was the best dad he could be, and as he watched his kids grow up, he forgot about his dream, at least for now.

Years Go By


Years crept up on Miles, and every single milestone flew by. He remembered the first day he took his kids to high school and the first day they moved out and left for college.

In the blink of an eye, he was now living alone with Megan while his kids were out living their own lives. But things wouldn’t stay the same forever.

Reigniting His Dream


Miles’ dreams were reignited after his kids left, and it was none other than Megan that encouraged him to do it. She told him that they could go anywhere now, and she was right.

Miles looked at some wildlife reservations and managed to find a job opening as a senior faculty member. The now 45-year-old man saw it as a golden opportunity.

A Good Life


Miles and Megan hopped on the next flight to the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. There, his qualifications got him the job easily. Life looked like it would be good for the couple.

Megan worked remotely from their living quarters while Miles did what he did best. But there was something she noticed while they were there.

Beautiful Property


Just a few months after moving there, Megan told Miles that she had noticed a beautiful property just on the reservation line. It looked like it was for sale; what did he think?

Miles smiled and told his wife that if she wanted it, then he would make sure he got it for their retirement, which wasn’t that far away. But before that happened, tragedy would strike.

The Hospital


No one was too sure what had happened, but one evening, when Miles got home, he found his beautiful wife on the floor. He rushed her to the nearest hospital, an hour away, but it didn’t look good.

Once there, he was pushed out of the ER and had to sit and wait for what felt like an eternity while something was happening to his wife.

Hours Under The Knife


For hours, Miles sat while he wasn’t too sure what was happening to his wife. But finally, after the longest wait, a doctor came out of the ER with a sullen look on his face.

He told Miles that the outlook didn’t look very good. She was in a coma after they had to operate. Her comatose state could be hours, days, or forever. Miles was heartbroken.

By Her Side


Months after the accident, Miles didn’t give up easily. He went to visit Megan every day and sat by her side, calling out her name. He hoped she would wake up, but it seemed pointless.

He cried by her bedside more times than he could count. Things weren’t looking good; was there a mercy that he could give her?

A Difficult Decision


Fast forward another two years, and Miles was still as devoted to his wife as ever. But there was a harsh reality he had to try and face. She wasn’t getting any better, and her chances of waking up were astronomically low after 24 months.

There was an alternative to end her suffering. But Miles was the only person that could make that decision. What would he do?



The doctors reassured Miles, telling him that she wouldn’t feel a thing and that it would be a mercy. She couldn’t stay like this forever, and it was only hurting them both.

He had to do what was right for her. It was the most awful thing he ever had to do, but he did it for her. He told the doctors to take her off of life support so that she could finally be at peace.

Getting Back To Work


Miles tried focusing on work again. He hadn’t had his head in his profession for the last two years, but none of his coworkers blamed him. 

He kept his eyes fixed forward so that it wouldn’t hurt so much. The job was his dream, but without Megan, it felt hollow. But there was something he had forgotten.

Seeing The Property


One day, while working, Miles noticed something familiar. While examining animal tracks, he saw a property that looked familiar, like he had seen it before.

Then his mind went back to a few years prior. It was the property that his wife had shown him. It was the property she wanted to retire in. Tears streamed down his face as he remembered.

Nearly Done


Miles knew he’d keep his promise. He was only a few years away from retirement. It was something to look forward to again, something his wife had wanted.

He worked the rest of his job well and made sure that he was well-liked around the place. Otherwise, he knew it would be difficult living there. But he had no idea who he’d be moving next to.



Miles worked for a few more years before he finally retired. In the months leading up to his retirement, he ensured that he would have the perfect place to live.

The day he bought the house his wife had loved so much was one of the most challenging days of his life.

It was difficult not having Megan by his side, but little did he know what challenges awaited him. It wasn’t until he’d settled into his new home that he met the man who would make his life extremely difficult.

Something Was Wrong


Miles had been living in the house for just over a month when he first realized that something was wrong.

It was a Monday morning, and he had just woken up. That day, Miles had a list of chores to carry out around the house.

He wanted to unpack his last few boxes and work in the garden for a few hours. But as soon as he woke up, he noticed a strange sound from right outside of his bedroom window. 

Strange Sounds


Miles sat up in his bed, confused by the odd scratching sound in his front yard. This was the first time he’d ever heard the strange sound.

It sounded like someone was walking around his front yard, shoveling around his flowerbeds. Miles was beyond confused.

The older man quickly arose from his bed and got dressed, ready to investigate. But he had no idea what he was about to come across.

The Man


In the past month that Miles had been living in his new house, he’d barely interacted with any other individuals.

But unfortunately for him, he was about to meet the man who would make his life increasingly difficult.

Miles quickly buttoned his shirt before heading for the front door. But when he stepped out onto the front porch, he was surprised to spot a younger man in his yard.

The Flowerbeds


The man didn’t notice Miles at first. He was shuffling along the yard with a shovel in hand, shoveling through his flowerbeds.

Miles rushed down his front porch steps and toward the young man, desperate to figure out what the man was getting up to.

“Hey!” he called as he rushed through his front yard. The man hardly acknowledged Miles as he continued to dig in his flowerbeds.



“Hey, what are you doing to my flowerbeds?” Miles asked as he stood beside the man. The man turned toward him, unphased.

“These flower bushes are dying. I’m taking them out so they can be replaced,” the man shrugged casually.

Miles couldn’t believe it. Who on earth did this man think he was? He had no right to walk around in his yard.



“Who are you? This is my house,” Miles stated, his blood boiling in his veins as he stared at the young man.

“I live next door. I’m doing you a favor. This is basically my property, too,” he said and rolled his eyes. But when he kept shoveling, Miles knew he had to stop him.

Miles reached for the man’s shovel and pulled it out of his grasp. “What do you mean that it is basically your property?”

His House


That was when a grin tugged at the corners of the young man’s lips. He gestured toward his own house.

When Miles turned to look at the man’s house, he couldn’t believe what he saw. The man’s property was right against his.

The man’s driveway was almost against Miles’s house. He couldn’t believe his eyes. What on earth was going on?

Going Home


The man took his shovel from Miles’s hand and began walking toward his house with a grin on his face.

“I’ll see you around neighbor. You keep this front lawn in check,” he said with a wink and returned to his property.

Miles couldn’t believe it. He stared at the man as he walked away. Suddenly, he felt claustrophobic with the man’s property right there.



Although Miles was irritated by the interaction, he decided to shake it off. The last thing he wanted was to be enemies with his neighbor.

He headed back inside his own house and tried to get started with his own chores for the day. But he couldn’t stop thinking about the strange interaction.

Miles spent the entire day working on the house, finalizing the finishing touches. He tried not to think about his neighbor.

The Next Day


By the following morning, he had wiped the incident from his mind and wanted to start over. That morning, when he stepped outside, he looked over his street.

He felt fortunate to live in such a beautiful and safe environment, but he had no idea what troubles awaited him.

He glanced toward his neighbor’s house, wondering what the young man’s story was. If only he knew what was coming.

Bigger Than His


The neighbor had been there when Miles arrived, but only now he noticed something strange. His neighbor’s property was much bigger than his. In fact, it was bigger than anyone else’s.

Was he just lucky and found a property that was naturally bigger? Miles somehow doubted that, but there was no point in conspiracy theories, so he left it alone. But it would stick in his mind.



Miles was easy to get along with and exchanged numbers with the man. He saw the expensive sports car outside and couldn’t lie to himself – he was a little jealous.

But he was still more than happy with his property with the beautiful view in front of him. It was a peaceful retirement until he noticed something else about his neighbor.

Not Happy


It was a regular day when Miles noticed something weird. It was his neighbor he was looking at the boundaries of his property with a frown. He wasn’t happy about something.

But then, a moment later, he came back with pavers he got from who knows where. But what he did next had Miles in disbelief.

Paving His Way

Miles almost couldn’t believe what he was witnessing from his property. His neighbor started paving his way from his front door all the way to places he shouldn’t have been.

By the end of it, he had paved all the way to the boundary line for the reserve. Miles was shocked that he would do something so bold and so selfish. But that was only the beginning.

Ripping Them Out


When his neighbor got to the fence posts that marked the boundary, he decided to do something that Miles didn’t approve of. 

He ripped the old wooden posts out of the ground and put them back deeper into the reserve. Miles’ face dropped as he saw what the man was doing. He hated that aspect.

Getting Out Of Control


This meant he now had a deceivingly larger property line than before. Miles couldn’t just watch him do it. He had to think of a way to stop the man who was getting out of control.

Miles never liked conflicts, but he knew that his neighbor would eventually get into big trouble if he didn’t stop him first. He was trying to be compassionate, but the neighbor wouldn’t care.

Destroying The Peace


Miles could see that his neighbor was only just getting started. He was walking, obviously preparing to pave again. That was something that he just couldn’t allow.

Miles knew some things his neighbor clearly didn’t. He had worked for the National Park Services before. This meant he was clued in on a few things his neighbor had no idea about.

Confronting Him


Miles made his way over to his neighbor to confront him, but he saw him coming. “You’re new here. I’ve been here ten years; mind your own damn business!” He viciously said to Miles.

Miles didn’t have to be told twice. He left without another word, deciding that pressing the issue with the defensive man wasn’t going to get him anywhere. 

Making Him Understand


But he knew that there had to be another way to make the man understand. He looked stubborn, but Miles had convinced many people to think like him in his day.

Maybe there was another way to make him understand. He decided to try and make peace and make the man see things from his perspective. But he had no idea how much of a mistake that was.

A Peace Offering


Miles brainstormed until he thought he had it all figured out. He decided that he would try to win his neighbor over with friendliness.

He knew just the thing that would solve everything. He would find a peace offering and give it to the man, but would he really go for it when he had only been hostile?

Going Over With Good Intentions


The next day, Miles walked to his neighbor’s house with good intentions. He knocked on his front door and waited with a smile and the package in his hands.

He was hoping the man would see reason. He wanted to explain to the neighbor that there would be repercussions if he didn’t listen.

Getting To His Door


The neighbor opened the door with a grimace. “What are you doing here?” He said with disgust in his voice. “I came to give you a neighborly gift.”

But Miles knew he had to explain exactly why he was there. “I also wanted to talk to you about the pavers.” The man looked at the bottle in his hand.

Expensive Taste


Miles passed a bottle of wine to the neighbor in the doorway. The man scrutinized the bottle, but Miles already knew that he would like it.

The bottle of wine was for someone with an expensive taste. Miles would never have bought himself a bottle like that when he didn’t drink much. It was a gift from a work colleague years ago.

A Special Occasion


It had been a bottle Miles had been keeping in his pantry for ten years. He’d been saving it for a special occasion, but he never had anyone around anymore. 

He thought he’d be sharing it with Megan, but now he never would. He was almost happy to give it away if it would solve his problems and wouldn’t remind him of his wife.

This Means War


The man’s greedy eyes lit up when he noticed what the wine was. He stared at Miles and mumbled, “Thanks, but I’m not talking about the pavers.” Before he did the unthinkable.

He closed the door in Miles’ face. He felt anger rise up in his body. How could he be so rude to him? But what else could he do now that his plan had failed?

I Couldn’t Do Anything About It.


He had to will every ounce of his being not to do something he’d regret with how much angered he felt. He told them to leave, but even afterward, he still saw the pavers in front of him.

He fantasized about doing less than savory things to the person responsible. But then he snapped out of it as he thought about what he should do next. His neighbor had crossed him for the last time.

A Smile


Then he thought about exactly what he could do to fix the situation. A grin flashed across his face as he realized that all he had to do was sit back and enjoy the show. 

Everything was going to be alright, and his neighbor would learn exactly what karma was. Now, Miles just had to wait and see what was going to happen.

Revenge Without Lifting A Finger


Miles went from angry to composed in a moment and decided not to do anything. He figured he wouldn’t have to lift a finger to get his revenge; it would all come naturally.

Miles was in on some info that he was sure his neighbor was not. All it would take was a little patience, and his neighbor would be begging for mercy. This was Miles’ end goal.

A Notice


It turns out that Miles’ neighbor had been doing this for years… pulling out the boundary fence posts and grabbing land however and whenever he saw fit. 

He had put the new pavers down so that he could park his golf cart and cherry-red sports car out back while he was away for the summer. It was one of the worst things someone could do.

Taping A Notice To The Door


The county would have to move them before they did anything else, so they taped a notice to the man’s door and left shortly afterward. It was all said and done, but what was on the note?

Miles’ curiosity was piqued, and he needed to know what they were going to do to his neighbor. He knew it wouldn’t be good, but how bad would it be?

Getting His Attention


Miles decided to walk up to the county man and introduce himself. He told him that he was a retiree and neighbor to the man they were after.

The man didn’t seem to care about who Miles was until he properly told him his credentials. Once he told the man that he used to work as a senior staff, the man took a double take.



The county man seemed to immediately give Miles some respect that he didn’t expect. He then asked him how the man had gotten away with it so far.

Miles explained his strained relationship with his neighbor and how he knew what was coming to him anyway. The county man laughed and left without another word. But Miles wasn’t done.



Miles couldn’t help himself. He watched as the man got into his car and drove away. Now Miles would be able to do what he knew he wasn’t supposed to do.

He was going to find out exactly what repercussions his neighbor was going to face. He walked up to his property and smiled as he looked at the piece of paper stuck to his door.



Miles, curious, walks up to read the notice. It states that the man is in violation of encroachment onto protected lands and that he has 30 days to move his car, tear up the pavers, and pay a fine of $11,000.

The fine is for damage to protected species that inhabit the protected land and for trespassing. But that wasn’t all.

Should He Call?


Failure to comply within 30 days would result in the golf cart and sports car being towed away and impounded, and the pavers would be dug up and carted off at the man’s expense.

Additionally, the fine will be increased for every day past the deadline. Miles smiled to himself. Should he call his neighbor?

Remembering His Attitude


Miles thought about calling him, but then he thought about everything that the man had done. He had a poor attitude just because he could. 

Miles had even tried to warn him about the policies in place, but the man closed his front door in his face after taking the bottle of wine from him. He deserved what was coming to him.



Miles knew that the man was enjoying his summer home while his property only grew in size due to the pavers. At least, that’s what he thought.

Miles looked at his property now and smiled. The notices alone would make the man lose his mind. But that wasn’t any of Miles’ business, as he recalled.



The month flew by, and the man still hasn’t returned from his summer home. Just a week after the deadline, Miles was in for quite a show.

He sat back and watched as they unceremoniously moved the golf cart. Then, they came back for the cherry-red sports car.



After they had towed both vehicles away, they began to tear out the fence poles one by one. All Miles could do was watch with satisfaction on his face. The man really had it coming now.

He had tried to warn him, but it was too late for that now. All he could do was sit back and observe karma doing its work.

Getting To Work


Then, the pavers were ripped out and hauled away, and the old rickety fence posts and ropes were replaced with new ones. 

This time, they were replaced with metal posts with steel cables that were deeply embedded in the ground with concrete. It was all done just so that Miles’ neighbor could never exploit them again.

None The Wiser


There was no way they would ever be moved now. The process took weeks, and Miles’ rude neighbor was none the wiser.

He was still enjoying his vacation while all of this was going down. Miles couldn’t help but smile as he watched them wreak havoc on his property, bringing it back to the proper size.

Finishing Up


When the contractors finished their work, the reserve was secured behind steel. Solar-powered cameras were even installed to monitor the wildlife remotely. 

Miles didn’t like the look but knew it was necessary and was happy that it meant no one else could exploit it. Next, the notices on the neighbor’s door grew with each week.



Miles waited with a mixture of glee and anxiety for his neighbor to arrive back home. He was definitely in for a surprise.

He fantasized about how the man would react. Would he learn his lesson? Or would he angrily find anyone to blame, including Miles? He doubted that the man would ever learn.

He Arrived

It was November when the man finally came back. Miles was in for another show. He watched him pull into the drive and walk up to the front door, which was now festooned with notices.

The man read them one by one with a look of incredulity before digging out the first notice. Then, he ran out to his backyard and began to scream.



The man rushed back to his car to fetch his cell phone and then proceeded to call the county to find out where his sports car and golf cart were, unleashing a torrent of curses in his blind rage.

Miles watched quietly from the window, smiling to himself. But the poetic justice of it all was still to come.



Three days later, the man confronted Miles, demanding to know if he was there when the county “stole his car and destroyed his backyard.” Miles kept his smile to himself but wouldn’t lie about it.

Miles replied that yes, he saw it all. “Well, why didn’t you call me when you saw them putting notices on my door?!” 



“You had my number up North!” Miles paused before replying. He said that he had thought about calling but figured that it would be best if he “minded his own damn business.”

The man scowled angrily at Miles, but he wasn’t done. He generally wasn’t a petty man, but he wanted to make sure the man felt the weight of his actions.

A Reminder


“If you were a little friendlier to me, maybe I would have considered it. But if you recall correctly, the night I tried making peace, you took my generous gift and slammed the door in my face.”

The man recoiled in anger, realizing the mistakes he had made. He told Miles that he would regret doing this, but he knew he was only bluffing.

Better Neighbors


Fast forward a month later, and his neighbor had moved out.It wasn’t long until a new person bought the property. They were a retiree like Miles, and they quickly got along well.

Miles was grateful that he had a new friend to talk to because even though he didn’t want to admit it, he was often lonely without Megan.

Good Retirement


Finally, Miles got the retirement that he had deserved. Even if Megan wasn’t there to see it, at least he knew she was watching him from heaven, happy that he went ahead and got it.

It was a good retirement, and Miles never looked back. There was never another incident with any of his neighbors, and he looked forward to the day he’d be reunited with his wife.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.