Neighbor Hits Fence Daily, But Dad Finally Gets Even


Following The Law

Their anger would not change the situation at hand.

He was standing firm in his principles, and he knew they could not get away with this. He was well aware of his rights, and he was confident that his devious and harmful trap was completely legal.

Free Time


David had been a police officer at the LAPD for years, until it was time to retire. It came suddenly, but he knew that it was time. However, in the last year David had been exploring all that life has to offer.

He discovered a passion for gardening and permaculture. This also gave him an opportunity to spend more time with his wife. He noticed something though, due to the additional free time.

Gated Community


It had been a source of frustration initially. David loved living in his gated community, but it still had the occasional spoiled brat who sped around with their parent’s fancy cars.

He was also fully aware of how the people in his area felt about him.

Abusing His Position


Having a cop in their neighborhood gave them the impression that they had a “buddy on the force” who could make calls whenever  to miraculously solve their problems.

Problems such as speeding tickets or driving under the influence. David, however, stood his ground and said no until people understood that he won’t be budging. However, the story did not finish there.

Trimming The Trees

The Tree Center

When David began a new gardening project, the pieces began to fall into place.

He desired to enhance and sculpt the lovely cypress trees that surrounded his home. When he examined the outer corner, though, he realized he had a larger concern than merely trimming. It seems that people were being deliberately uncaring.

Disregard For His Trees

Around his property, the public road made a tight turn. However, if drivers slowed down a little bit, it would not be too much of an inconvenience.

His tree line was in terrible state, due to cars constantly making contact with them. With frustration, he dialed a friend who he knows work in road construction.

Better Barriers


David and his friend decided to make a better barrel with road barrels filled with water.

He knew what he was doing was not illegal, as the barrels fell within his property line. He would not care about their complaints, but he did not realize how soon after he would have to change his plans.

Trying Something New


The barriers started to leak, so they were no longer a successful wall. It frustrated him greatly, but he made another attempt, but this time he filled them with cement.

It appeared to be the ideal solution until one of the spoiled brats slammed into them and demolished them. That’s when the wealthy parents became enraged.

Playing Dirty


They attempted to place the blame on him. When they realized that he was well within his rights, they had a temper tantrum and started to play dirty.

They contacted the council and requested to get the barrels removed due to their appearance. David agreed, but he was already planning his revenge.

Stunning Speed Trap


David made a trip to the store and bought cement, wood, metal and some beautiful flowers.

It would look fantastic, and it would meet all of the community’s requirements. He was going to stoop down to their level, with some help from his friend in construction. It was going to be the most stunning speed trap imaginable.

Built To Last


The end result was lovely. Even his wife adored it. The cement frame of the tiny garden was reinforced so even a tank wouldn’t break it.

This time, instead of leaving a few feet of “forgiveness” for cars, he went right to the edge of his property, leaving out a sharp corner for stupid drivers to catch and destroy their frames on.

Time To Pay


A couple of days later the expected crashing sound came. The yuppie neighbors’ BMW straddled the small flower bed. David went out with a satisfied smile and handed him a prepared manila envelope.

Inside were clear indicators of his property and any other legal documents. The small camera he had hidden over his trees would give all the proof he needed. Anyone who hit him would pay.

Money Talks

Second Vermont Republic

It wasn’t about the money, but he knew that cash was all these people understood. Either court dates would become another retirement hobby or people would finally take the hint.

He wasn’t there to be walked all over. It took a few more smashes, but things thankfully started to change.

Hint Taken


The events occurred less and less – with just the occasional idiot driver screaming about a massacred undercarriage.

A new warning sign was also put up for non-residence. David could finally garden outside in peace and play with his grandchildren without worrying about their safety. As for the general attitude of the area?

Tentative Truce


It calmed down … somewhat. There were still snobs and brats that held a grudge. Once in a while, people still asked him for help with a speeding ticket.

But, now, when he said no, people didn’t argue. There was probably drama ahead, but now they knew not to mess with a retired cop who loved his garden.