Mom Sees Photo Of Son’s Girlfriend Then Ghosts Him


Surely Not

His eyes kept glossing over the message. How could she have done this to him? He thought he was close to his mother, why would she do this?

Even though things weren’t perfect and the situation was a little rough, she didn’t have to react so extremely. He hated being in a position where he had to choose between two women that meant a lot to him.  He never thought he’d be put in a scenario like this.

A Different World


Maison Vallance was always close to his mother. She taught him the proper values including right from wrong as he grew up in Amla, Michigan.

The only problem that Maison faced due to this is that he always tried to keep his mother happy. He just didn’t want to disappoint her, but he didn’t always listen to her either.

The Big Move

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As Maison got older, he went to college but ended up going for a different career path than he could have imagined. But just after graduation, he was offered a huge job that offered a great future for him.

Maison was ecstatic and knew he couldn’t reject the job offer. But there was one big problem. He would have to go to Murfreesboro, Tennessee for the job.

His Mom Was Devastated

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But his mother was so attached to him that she didn’t want him to go. When he told her he was leaving, she broke down and couldn’t imagine being all by herself.

She wanted her son to be successful and was happy for him, but she was overprotective. But even with her concerns, his mind was made up. Maison said goodbye but she still had something that she had to ask him and he could never have anticipated it.

The Promise

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Maison knew he had to take the job. He hated that sometimes his mother could be overbearing.  She saw him as her little boy so it was difficult for her. She just didn’t want her poor boy to be corrupted by the outside world where she couldn’t keep an eye on him.

She knew she would feel a little bit better if she made sure that he promised her something. She asked him to always remember to be her “good boy.” Maison remembered her words as he moved to his new job in Tennessee.

His New Life

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As he settled into his new job he noticed that Tennessee felt very different from Michigan and he struggled to adjust for a while. He felt homesick and wanted to see his mother. He kept thinking of her while he stayed on his alone.

But slowly Maison started getting used to his new world in Tennessee. And when he felt that he was finally happy at his new job and home, he met someone that he instantly knew was special.

They Clicked

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Maison met a girl named Meghan Green. She was a Tennessee local and had always lived there, They hit it off immediately and as they kept hanging out, romance became imminent.

Maison couldn’t believe how lucky he was. As things gradually picked up, something dawned on him. He knew that he would have to draw further away from his mother back home.

Telling Mom

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Maison already knew what his mother’s reaction to his new relationship would be. She’d be concerned and frankly, overprotective. She wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that there was another woman in his life making him feel special.

He just hoped that she would be able to accept his new relationship. If he could get her blessing then he knew she was the right woman for him. But if she didn’t, then it would be a problem. He loved her, would that be enough?

It Went Well

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But thankfully, his mother was just happy that he had found love. She was very curious and asked a lot of questions about her. She seemed to be giving him the blessing he had hoped for.

After speaking about her for a while, she finally cracked and asked her son for a photo of Meghan. Maison smiled and gladly sent some of her best-looking photos to her. But he had no idea that her reaction would turn his world upside down.

He Was Mortified

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One of the photographs that he had sent his mother was Meghan wearing one of the shirts that his mother had bought for him ages ago. But there was something else.

His mother didn’t end up replying to the picture. But it was only the next day that he realized there was something very wrong with the photo in question. There was something he had overlooked that showed his mother more than he wanted to.

He Was Very Hurt

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The photo’s in question showed a red rope that was left tied to the couple’s headboard. Maison and Meghan were an “adventurous” couple. While he wasn’t ashamed of his private life, Maison was embarrassed that this had been revealed to his mom.

At worst, Maison expected his mom to be a little judgemental about the photo. However, days went by without him hearing from his mom. She had stopped speaking to him entirely and wasn’t accepting his and Meghan’s union.

Finally She Spoke

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Maison realized he had to address the issue. He hated feeling trapped between his partner and mother as they were both very dear to him. After calling his mom to clear the air, it turned out that his mom had a different reason for her silence.

Mrs. Vallance had actually been feeling a little down. Seeing Meghan using the shirt she had bought him made her realize that she wasn’t his “little boy” anymore, and she had to make peace with him now officially being “all grown up.”

They Worked It Out

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Maison was relieved that his mom’s silence had nothing to do with the photo’s embarrassing detail. When he told his mom that he had begun to feel like she was “disowning” him, she laughed it off. Mrs. Maison assured her son that she would never do something like that.

She was actually ashamed herself for reacting as she did. Mrs. Vallance never brought up the issue of the “red rope,” and after reviewing the photo sent, Maison suddenly realized why.

She Never Saw It

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It turned out that when Maison sent the photo, his mom’s phone had automatically cropped the image to fit her screen. This fact had worked out fortuitously for Maison as he realized that the embarrassing detail had been cut out and his mom had never seen it.

The comedy of errors was over. Maison and Meghan’s mom eventually met, and his family loved her. The couple eventually moved in and even started a family of their own.

Her Little Boy

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Mrs. Vallance proved that a mother’s instincts and love for her son never dim, no matter how old he gets. It isn’t uncommon for parents to feel lost and even abandoned when their children grow up and leave home.

Known as “empty nest syndrome,” to a parent who suffers from it, it can even feel like losing their child. Maison Vallance learned the hard way that no matter how old a son gets, in his mother’s eyes, he will always be “her little boy.”