Man Pouring Liquid Metal Into Ant Hill Unprepared For Ants’ Response


Watching In Horror

Her neighbor had laughed at her before walking over to the anthill. She watched in horror and he dug his hands into it and started destroying it. Her pulse started racing, how could he do this?

But when she saw what he wanted to show her inside the anthill it was something so unbelievable. It would change her life forever.

Jill Bauer


Jill Bauer thought that her Saturday morning would be a peaceful one. She would wake up at noon and enjoy a lazy Saturday under a blanket in front of a movie. But her morning wouldn’t start so nice.

She’d be woken up by her neighbor doing work in his yard. but what was he doing?

Light Sleeper


Jill was an extremely light sleeper and this Saturday morning was no exception. So when her neighbor started his business in his yard she was immediately woken up by it. He wasn’t even being too loud.

But when she looked out of her window it wouldn’t be the noise that concerned her but what her neighbor was doing.



Jill didn’t know much about her neighbor ever since he had moved in a few months ago. He seemed conserved and quiet but that didn’t bother her. He seemed relatively ordinary, he’d leave for work at 8 in the morning and come back at 6 every weekday and on the weekends he’d mow his lawn – the noise that always woke Jill up.

But what Jill saw was anything but ordinary when she peered into his yard.

A Strange Delivery


Jill noticed a delivery arrive the day before, a single bag was delivered, was it fertilizer? She didn’t pay it much attention before but now she wondered if it had something to do with what he was doing on a Saturday morning.

She noticed the bag in his yard but he had clearly already used some of it.

Something Shiny

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Jill watched as her neighbor put took something shiny out of his house in a bucket. It was strange because it looked like a liquid but it was silver. It was now clear it was from the bag but he must have been melted to become a liquid.

What kind of plans did he have for it and what was this mysterious liquid?


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After watching him she now understood what the liquid was – Aluminium. He had bought a bag of aluminum to use in his yard. But there were still so many questions to be answered.

The number one question on her mind was why was he melting it and what was it for? But soon she would find out the harrowing truth.

The Anthill

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She couldn’t believe what she watched him do next. He walked up to an anthill in his yard and started pouring the liquid metal into the anthill. Why was he doing this? Was he just a cruel man?

She understood ants in the summer can be a problem but why would he not use a more humane method? But she had no idea that the man’s motives were different from what she thought.


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Jill decided that she had to do something. This just wasn’t humane. She didn’t care of they were just ants, they were still living things. She got dressed, ate breakfast, and marched out of her door towards his yard.

She was going to give him a piece of her mind.


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Jill popped her head over their fence and got her neighbor’s attention. He slowly walked up to her with a smile until he saw her temper. She told him that he was being cruel and that he had to stop.

The man’s eyes went wide in confusion as he looked back at the anthill. He then looked back at her and laughed. Was he mocking her?

The Reveal

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The man told her to watch what he was about to do next. He walked back to the anthill and started to crack it open. Jill’s pulse started racing. Why was he destroying the anthill and what about the ants?

But she wasn’t ready for what she would see once he opened up the mound of dirt.


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The cooled-off aluminum showed exactly what all of the tunnels looked like inside the anthill. It was beautiful. He smiled at her and explained that the anthill was vacant and that in his free time he used aluminum to make art that could also be highly educational.

But when he revealed what he did Jill was in disbelief.

A Professor


The neighbor revealed to Jill that he was a professor at a nearby elementary school and liked to make models of ant tunnels. The best and most accurate way to do this was to pour liquid metal into the anthill. He would always make sure they were empty.

Jill felt silly for confronting the professor but he was understanding so they both got to laugh it off.


Anthill Art

The casts he makes can weigh up to 18 pounds. He explained how he doesn’t just make them for his classroom though. He also said he uses them for art projects and to further his research into etymology – the study of insects.

But Jill was glad that she had misunderstood.

Art And Education Without Cruelty

Anthill Art

Jill made sure that her neighbor would promise not to ever use live anthills to make his casts and he was more than happy to agree. She told him that the next time he was making his models she might pop over again for a chat and maybe even a cup of coffee.

What started as a misunderstanding turned into a friendship.