Man Came Out As Gay To Wife Of 23 Years, Then She Made A Wild Confession



He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he waited for the perfect moment. He looked outside the window and marveled at the city’s beauty. He knew that if he didn’t do it at that moment, he would never do it.

He took a deep breath and told her that he was gay. A huge weight lifted off of his shoulders, and he felt relieved. However, she looked him in the eye and shared a secret that would stun him.

Their First Meeting

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Hendy Gibson knew that Linda was the kind of person with which he could grow with. After they graduated from college, Hendy asked Linda on a coffee date.

They started off as really good friends, but things soon developed into a romantic relationship. The couple had undeniable chemistry, and not long after, he proposed to Linda. However, he could not shake the feeling that something was amiss.

Who He Really Was

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Being married to Linda was a dream, however, Hendy soon learned something that would jeopardize their marriage.

A few months into their marriage, Hendy realized that he was gay. This caused him a lot of inner turmoil. He did not care about the fact that he was gay but rather about how Linda would react to the news. Hendy had no idea that his wife was harboring a secret of her own.

Keeping It Hidden

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Hendy decided that it would be for the best if he kept his recent discovery to himself. He was devoted to Linda and wanted to give her the life she deserved. After two years of marriage, Linda and Hendy had three beautiful children.

Their children grew up, and Hendy was proud to see what their children were making of themselves. Despite his happiness, he could not help but feel a void within. He felt oppressed and wished he could be his true self. Their anniversary was approaching, and he knew that it was time, to tell the truth.

It Was Time

After twenty-three years of marriage, Hendy could no longer keep his secret to himself. He needed to be open and honest with his wife.

Coming out and telling his wife the truth was a terrifying thought. But all of their children had grown up and moved out of the house, and he and Linda shared beautiful experiences together, but he deserved to be at peace with himself.


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When Hendy met Linda, he did not know the truth about his sexuality. Only after their marriage did he come to terms with his true self and feel like it was for the best to not say anything and be the husband she deserved.

Since he learned that he was gay, he spent a good portion of his marriage to Linda providing support to the LGBTQ+ community. He taught his children the principles of equality and freedom of choice. He could not help but dream of the day he would be free, but soon his dreams would come true.

The Big Day

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When the day of their anniversary came, Hendy made sure that he went all out. He always did his best to make things special for Linda on special occasions. He made a reservation at their favorite restaurant and bought her roses.

They made their way to dinner, and Hendy felt nervous. The couple sat across from each other, and Hendy thought of ways he could break the news. There was nothing that he wanted more than, to be honest with Linda, but would she be compassionate?

Liquid Courage

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Hendy downed his whiskey and moved closer to Linda. He inhaled deeply and grabbed Linda’s hand.

When he didn’t say anything, she questioned with furrowed eyebrows, “What’s up?” He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and he could feel his throat tighten. He took a deep breath and readied himself. “Linda,” Hendy said, observing all color in her face vanished as she anxiously awaited his next words.

He Opens Up

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“I’m gay,” Hendy shared and told Linda about his experience over the last twenty-three years. He also explained why he thought it was for the best to keep it a secret. Her eyes filled with tears as she attentively listened.

As Hendy continued to speak, she stretched out and squeezed his other hand as she listened to his experience. Hendy grinned through tears, relieved that his wife was listening to him. He had no idea she had been keeping anything from him as well.

Getting Answers

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“How did you find out?” Linda inquired as she sipped her wine and watched the evening pass her by. “Shortly after we married,” Hendy explained. He said, “I couldn’t do that to do.”

Linda gave him a small kiss and asked, “This means we can’t be married anymore, right?” The ambient light in the café glistened on her eyes.  Suddenly, her tone softened, “Do you still want to be married to me?”



Linda smiled at Hendy before he could respond, a sad smile that tore his heart in two. She said, “Don’t answer.”

“Together, we have three lovely children. You’ve given them the life they’ve always desired, and you’ve given me everything I’ve ever desired. It’s past time for you to find happiness as well.” Her revelation made Hendy’s eyes water once more, but what she said next would completely change everything.

Her Secret

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Linda remarked, her eyes fixed on the table, “I have a secret to share, Hendy.” Her fingers trembled with her lips, and Hendy knew she was struggling to find the proper words, just as he had done all evening.

“Just tell me,” he murmured, his hand grasping hers. “I’ll pay attention, Linda.” Linda wiped away her tears and responded, “All right.” “I’m gay, too, Hendy,” she said as she raised her head.

How Didn’t He Know


Hendy’s mouth fell open, not because Linda was gay too, but because in all his years supporting the LGBTQ+ community, he didn’t know his wife was gay as well.

He stood up and hugged her, kissing the top of her head with the burning emotion firing through his veins. “When did you know?” he asked, and Linda opened up just as he had.

The Truth

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Linda shared that she’d found out she was gay just before they got married. The two went home that night with smiles on their faces. The night was brighter, the city lights around them twinkling as they had never before.

Hendy remembered the feeling, knowing the last time he’d experienced it was before keeping his secret. But what would happen to their marriage?

A Happy Ending

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Hendy and Linda filed for divorce after explaining everything to their kids. They assured them there was no bad blood between them, stating it was time they each found true happiness.

Although they divorced, Hendy and Linda are great friends and parents to their kids. Linda fell in love soon after, getting engaged to her soulmate. For Hendy, finally being open about who he was gave him all the happiness he could want.