Owl Refuses To Leave Golf Course Until Man Notices Foot


He Made His Decision

For Jonah, there was no turning back now. To get to the animal, he had swum through swampy water. He knew he had to help the animal, even if he was terrified.

He carefully slid his fingers toward the owl, but there was a crucial element he had overlooked. Keeping his cool and hoping for the best was all he could do at that point since it was too late to do anything else.

An Ordinary Man


There was nothing extraordinary about Jonah Johnson. He frequently enjoyed playing golf at his place of work. He was a caretaker at a golf course, and he was fond of his job.

However, it could be challenging at times. He had to prevent various animals from going on the course, and it was no easy task.



Due to the swampy environment where the golf course was constructed, Jonah was on the lookout for wildlife that could threaten golfers. It wasn’t a problem for him to scare birds away, but alligators were his biggest concern.

However, he would have to put his life at risk by assisting someone in need on one chilly morning, but he was not aware of it yet.

A Beautiful Day


As part of his agreement with the owners, Jonah had to live on the golf course. On a frigid Saturday morning, he awoke, took a bath, dressed, and started the kettle for a cup of hot tea.

He took his tea outside and sat on a chair overlooking the golf course. He enjoyed his work because it was an excellent place to clear his head. He finished his cup of tea, rinsed the cup, and went to the reception desk to begin his day – only for everything to change when he saw something horribly wrong.

An Owl

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Each morning, Jonah roamed the grounds, ensuring that they were well-kept and that the golf course was clean and free of debris. But, shockingly, he noticed something he had seen the day before in the distance: an owl.

The feathered companion had been there the day before, but it was perched on a log in the middle of a pond. Why hadn’t the owl flown away yet? Jonah began to be concerned that something was seriously wrong, a gut sense he relied on frequently. To see what was really going on, he decided to approach closer to the waterline. As he got closer, he knew his instincts had not failed him this time. The owl was tethered to the pole by what seemed to be fishing wire. Something had to be done.

He Needed To Help

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Jonah attempted to contact animal services for assistance in saving the owl but was told that getting someone out there would take hours. The owl didn’t have that long. Jonah needed to devise a new strategy for dealing with the situation.

He contacted a friend and colleague at the gold course to inform him of the issue. Despite his best attempts to figure out how to aid the unfortunate bird, he was astounded by something that made him regret his actions.

Devising A Plan

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He wasn’t sure how long the owl would last stuck on the pole after it’d been there for two days. So, he had to get the bird off as fast as possible. In preparation for entering the swampy waters himself, he donned his waders.

However, there was one aspect that Jonah had overlooked. It wasn’t just alligators who posed a threat in the water. He would soon realize that he was making a big mistake.

Getting Ready

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Jonah enlisted the help of a buddy and colleague to record the entire event in case something went wrong. While attempting to rescue the owl, he felt safer having his friend nearby. Slowly, he dipped his body into the icy water.

Moving through the water, he drew closer to the owl. His thoughts went to what might be with him in the water. However, what was about to unfold was not what he expected.

Making Progress

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Jonah continued on his way towards the helpless owl. As he considered alligators and snapping turtles, his heart quickened. As he made a sluggish movement towards the pole and the owl, he quieted down.

Just as he thought it could not get any worse, he felt the water getting deeper. It wasn’t long before he was up to his chest in water and holding on to his shover and knife with extreme difficulty.

Rescue Mission

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A few meters now separated Jonah from the owl. His determination had paid off. In order for the owl to be able to fly freely out of there, he had to try cutting the wire off its wings.

He was taken aback by the owl’s elegance as soon as he saw it. But then he noticed something about the owl’s foot that he hadn’t detected before entering the water.

A Small Detail

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Jonah knew there was no going back now. He had waded through the swampy water to get to the animal. As frightened as he was, he knew he had to save the animal even if it put him in danger.

Jonah moved his hand slowly towards the owl, but there was one glaring detail that he had overlooked that would change everything. He knew it was too late to do anything else, so he just tried to stay calm and hoped for the best.

Sharp Talons

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In the commotion, Jonah had completely forgotten that the birds of prey had such sharp talons. Once he looked down at them, he felt a shiver go up to his spine. He knew if he made one wrong move, he would be in trouble.

He had to be careful since he still had to rescue the agitated bird. Especially when he was holding a sharp knife in the water, but his next move would be his most important one. (https://mundonow.com)

Slowly Cutting It Free

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Jonah slowly took the first wire and cut it. He watched the big golden eyes of the birdwatch him as he did so. One wrong move, and he could be at the other end of the talons. He saw that the bird’s wing was caught in the wire too.

He carefully cut the rest of the wires and smiled at the bird, talking to it and reassuring it. Then when he expected it to fly away, it just sat there shaking.

Needing Some Help

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It was clear that the owl was either too scared or too tired to fly away. He knew that he had to try and rescue it one way or another. He had brought the shovel just in case this had happened.

He took the handle end of the shovel and pointed it towards the owl. It slowly put its talons over the wood and perched on it. The next step was for Jonah to carefully take it to the shore, where it could rest.

Safe And Sound

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Jonah slowly got to the edge of the shore, where he had started his dangerous journey. He stepped up onto the concrete shore and moved towards a grassy patch where it was clear.

He then sat with the owl as it recovered from the shock. It batted its eyes at him slowly as if to say thank you. Jonah even dared to stroke the owl even with its sharp talons. Then it flapped its wings and flew away. Jonah knew he had done the right thing, and the memory of the owl would stay with him forever.