Man Covers Her Bill, Jumps When She Gives Him Note


What Happened?

Kasey couldn’t stop staring at the note. He couldn’t believe it, it was all so confusing to him. He kept thinking about it as he replayed the events in his head, trying his best to figure everything out.

Nothing he had done was out of the ordinary, nothing could have warranted this. He just wanted to help the old lady. Why did they take it so personally? Kasey didn’t deserve this.

Texan Hospitality

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Kasey Simmon’s mom always said that Texans took hospitality seriously. As a young man, Kasey always respected those around him, he was a good man, his caring nature went far beyond family.

It started as an ordinary day in Texas. But Kasey had no idea that a friendly gesture to help a stranger would lead to this.

Something Was Wrong

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It all started at a Kroger supermarket. Kasey was minding his own business when he noticed the old woman with bloodshot eyes. He wanted to help, but he was careful not to make her feel uncomfortable.

He stood behind her and commented on the weather, trying his best to be as casual as possible. He told her not to look sad and that she was a beautiful lady. But his words made her even more upset.

Making Her Cry

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Her frown grew more prominent, but Kasey wasn’t easily deterred. The old lady reminded him of his own grandmother and he couldn’t stand to see her so upset.

He tried desperately to crack a few jokes, he wanted to make her smile. But he never could have expected her reaction. Instead of smiling, the old woman began to cry.

Trying Everything

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Kasey was too invested to walk away. He watched as tears streamed down her face, it saddened him. (Klonopin) He wanted to help her. Others might’ve given up and left her alone, but Kasey didn’t want to, not with tears in her eyes.

Kasey was determined to change her mood, even if it meant that he had to act a fool. After all of his antics, something finally happened.

Tiny Smile

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Her face had turned pink and her grey hair was messy, tears painting her wrinkled face. It broke Kasey’s heart, she was so sad. But finally, the woman revealed a tiny smile.

The tiny smile felt like a ray of sunshine to Kasey. He made her smile and he was determined to do more for her.

Kindness First


Once he finally got her to smile, he offered to pay for her groceries. The embarrassment was evident on her face. He insisted until she allowed him to pay.

Kasey was on a roll, he knew that he had the power to turn her sad day around. He always believed that kindness could cure all evil, that was why he made one last offer.

Doing Better

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He helped carry her groceries and gave her his Applebees business card, telling her to call him if she ever needed his help. Once he had greeted her, she was a lot happier than before.

But before she drove off, she decided to write him a little note. Kasey was startled when she shoved it into his hand. Before he knew it, she had driven off. When he read the note, he was left with tears in his eyes.

The Anniversary


The lady had written, “Today is the anniversary of my husband’s passing. I’ve been finding it so hard to make it through the day. Thank you for your kindness.” The paper was stained with tears.

Kasey’s heart ached for the old lady, but he was happy that he got to help her. He walked away, thinking about her. Kasey hoped she was okay. But he had no idea what this encounter would lead to.

At Work

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By the time the next afternoon rolled around, Kasey could no longer dwell on the old lady. He worked as a server at Applebees and he was in the middle of a late-night shift. The restaurant was packed, and he was rushing to clear a table for a small family.

But he could tell that something was up. The small family consisted of two parents and two young children. All they ordered were small flavored bottles of water for 37 cents each, before asking for the bill.

The Second Note

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Being a dinner rush, any other server might have been annoyed by the family. They even asked to split the meager bill between two credit cards. But Kasey was no ordinary server.

Instead of anger, he politely did as they asked, choosing not to judge. When the family left, and he fetched the receipt, his jaw dropped as he found another note left for him.

Paying It Forward


The note was from the mom in the family. Decorated with hearts, and even though it spelled his name wrong, the note explained that the old lady Kasey had helped the day before was her mom.

She expressed the family’s gratitude and asked him to accept their gesture as a thank you for his kindness the day before. When Kasey looked at the receipt, he was left in tears again.

The Payback


Kasey could not believe his eyes. It seems ordering the flavored water had just been a ruse. Kasey had to check in with his manager if this was really happening.

He felt like he didn’t deserve it. The manager confirmed it was real. For a 37 cent bill, the family had left Kasey a $500 tip.

He Wasn’t Alone

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Kasey was so amazed by what had happened that he posted about it on social media. In no time, the story went viral. Before long, even national news agencies were running the story.

The reaction to Kasey’s story has been overwhelmingly positive. Praised for his kindness, Kasey continues to look for opportunities to help others.

Kasey’s Philosophy


Kasey’s philosophy in life is to be kind at all times. His example may be difficult to follow. These days, most people would rather look out for themselves than ever try to help another person.

But Kasey’s story shows us that kindness can often be its own reward, so maybe we should all ask ourselves, “how can I help someone else today?”