Husband Who Left Wife For Another Woman Has To Pay Her Not To File For Divorce


Got An Eye On You

The man watched the lady top up her gas at the station. Now that she was getting an extra $2000 a month. She was flashing. He was suspicious. His curiosity had gotten the best of him.

He noticed a small sign at the bottom of the bumper. It was one of the most elite places in town. He wanted to see what she was up to. What could possibly go wrong if he followed her?

From Young Days


Roxanne Smith had an average relationship with her husband. They met when they were young, they were both 28 years old in Missouri, but they seemed to have drifted apart over the years.

Roxanne was a lonely wife who busied herself at home with her dog. She doted on Peter and always felt that he never appreciated her. But she was scared to be alone.

An Average Couple


Things had been quiet between them for a while. He just went to work and came back. He didn’t even say he enjoyed dinner anymore. She should have seen it coming.

The lonely housewife couldn’t believe her eyes when she found a woman’s lipstick nestled between the seats of her husband’s car. Her heart raced with suspicion as she stared at the incriminating evidence. The worst had happened.

This Isn’t Mine


38-year-old Roxanne’s heart raced as she discovered a woman’s lipstick tucked away in the glove compartment of her husband Peter’s car. Who was she? Did she know that he was married?

Panic set in, but she composed herself and wanted to confront him. She was furious inside and every being of her demanded an explanation for the disloyalty.

The Other Woman


Roxanne was livid as she marched inside the house. The vibrant red color taunted her, whispering secrets she feared were true. “Who wears that shade of red anyways?” she mumbled angrily to herself.

She was going to make him pay for cheating on her. “First he neglects me, now this,” she muttered. “Peter! Peter!” she yelled.

That’s Not Mine


Peter, caught off guard, vehemently denied any involvement with another woman. He pleaded with Roxanne to believe him, swearing that he had been faithful to her.

He was her husband of ten years and had denied any wrongdoing, insisting that he hadn’t been with anyone else. But Roxanne’s gut told her otherwise. Why should she believe him?

A Royal Argument


Determined to uncover the truth, Roxanne confronted Peter about the lipstick. He grew defensive, his eyes darting around nervously.

She had a million questions for him. “ Where is she from? Did you meet her straight after work?” But Peter was dumbstruck. He never ever thought that anybody would find out about the other woman.

So Many Questions


Sweat glistened on his forehead, betraying his anxiety. “I swear, Roxanne, I haven’t been with anyone. You have to believe me,” he pleaded, his voice trembling with desperation.

But Roxanne wasn’t listening to him. “I don’t have to believe you Peter, you are never at home anyway,” she wasn’t stopping. Peter just put his hands on his head and walked away.

Stake Out


Roxanne knew that Peter was up to something. He had to meet her sometime again. So, she decided to see for herself.

Unable to shake off her doubts, Roxanne decided to take matters into her own hands. She followed Peter one evening when he said he was working late at the office. But she knew he would be meeting a friend.

The Time Is Now


As she followed him, Roxanne felt angry that he lied to her again. But by now she knew what Peter was up to all those late nights.

The pit in her stomach deepened as she watched him enter an upscale restaurant. With a heavy heart, she realized that her worst fears might be confirmed. Was she ready to actually catch him in the act?

Something’s Fishy


Peter stood in the foyer of the restaurant for a few minutes. He looked nervous. He kept peering over his shoulder. Was he waiting for her?

Doubt gnawed at Roxanne’s mind, refusing to be silenced. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. Determined to uncover the truth, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She Is Real


Inside the restaurant, Peter approached a blonde woman seated alone at a corner table. His voice was hushed, but Roxanne strained to hear their conversation. “We have a problem,” Peter started.

Her hands trembled as she discreetly took out her phone, ready to capture any evidence that might expose the truth. What was he going to tell her?

Not The Right Time


As Peter prepared to break the news to the mysterious woman, Michelle, Roxanne seized the opportunity to gather evidence. With her phone camera at the ready, she stealthily captured the confrontation.

In the rush of the moment, she forgot to put the flash off. A bright light flashed through the restaurant causing a few people to leave their meals and search for the source of the flash.

A Quick Getaway


Roxanne tried to run back outside but it was too late. Suddenly, Peter’s face contorted with shock as he looked in Roxanne’s direction.

Their eyes locked for a brief moment before he hastily excused himself from the blonde woman’s company and made his way toward Roxanne. Panic gripped her as she realized she had been discovered.

Not The Time Or Place


Roxanne ran as fast as she could. “Hey!” she heard Peter yell behind her, but she was already out the door.

She ran back home in a huff and waited. She knew that Peter would soon be there. She wanted to pack her things and leave. But she stayed, to confront him about what she saw.

Pictures Don’t Lie


Back at home, Roxanne confronted Peter with the pictures she had taken. The color drained from his face as he stared at the undeniable proof of his infidelity. He stammered, struggling to find the right words to explain his actions. But Roxanne had heard enough lies.

He couldn’t fathom how he had fallen into such a trap. Roxanne, fueled by a mix of anger and betrayal, made her demands clear. Would he listen to her?

It’s Not What It Looks Like


When Roxanne presented Peter with the incriminating photos, his eyes widened in shock. “It was just a one-time thing!” Peter begged.

With a mix of anger and hurt, Roxanne made her demand. “If you want to salvage this marriage, you’ll have to pay for your betrayal,” she said, her voice cold and resolute. Peter’s eyes widened in disbelief as he realized the consequences of his actions.

Your Options


Roxanne threatened to expose his affair unless he paid her a substantial sum of money, attempting to compensate for the emotional pain inflicted upon her.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Peter had no choice but to oblige. He emptied his bank accounts, writing checks to Roxanne month after month. The weight of his guilt grew heavier with each payment, and his once comfortable lifestyle began to crumble.

Dominated By You


Peter, torn between preserving his marriage and succumbing to financial ruin, had no choice but to comply with Roxanne’s demands.

There was a clause in their marriage certificate that stated that if either of them cheated, they would divorce and give all funds to the other spouse.

He began paying her the requested amount, month after month, draining his savings and pushing him precariously close to financial collapse.

A Lesser Man


Peter’s friends and family noticed the change in his demeanor. His usually jovial nature was replaced by a somber silence. His family was concerned that Roxanne was abusing him.

He became withdrawn, avoiding social gatherings and losing interest in the activities he once enjoyed. The financial strain of his secret burden weighed him down, threatening to suffocate him.

What I Want


Meanwhile, Roxanne reveled in her newfound power. She relished the control she had over her husband, making him pay for the pain he had caused her.

She flaunted her purchases and expensive outings, a constant reminder of his betrayal. But behind her cold facade, doubt began to creep into her mind. Had she gone too far?

When I Want It


As the months passed, Peter’s financial situation deteriorated. He cut back on expenses, downsizing their home and selling off his prized possessions.

The once luxurious life he had built for himself was reduced to a mere shell. Desperation settled in, driving him to the brink of bankruptcy.

In a last-ditch effort to escape the suffocating grip of his secrets, Peter approached Roxanne, begging for forgiveness. He confessed his love for her and admitted that he had made a terrible mistake. But Roxanne remained unmoved, her heart hardened by the pain she had endured.

Drained Out


Months passed, and Peter’s life became a relentless cycle of financial strain and emotional turmoil. The weight of his secret and the burden of his deception ate away at his soul, leaving him a hollow shell of his former self. The suspense of his own life gripped him, suffocating any hope he had left.

In the depths of Peter’s despair, an unexpected glimmer of hope emerged. His close friend Bradley, an officer of the law, approached him one day, bearing an astonishing revelation.

Bradley had spotted Roxanne at a gas station and noticed something peculiar on her truck—an unfamiliar sticker from a local gym. It was a detail that ignited a flicker of intrigue within Peter’s weary heart.

A New Sight


Driven by a desperate need to uncover the truth, Peter followed Roxanne to the gym, his heart pounding with anticipation. As he discreetly observed her, his worst fears were confirmed.

Roxanne met with a dance instructor and handed her a wad of cash. She looked familiar to him. Then he realized that it was Michelle, the girl he had gone on a date with.

But her hair was brunette. The puzzle pieces started falling into place, revealing a diabolical plan orchestrated by his cunning wife.

It Was Planted


Roxanne had deliberately set Peter up, arranging for him to meet one of her friends in an attempt to catch him in the act. It was all an elaborate scheme designed to extract money from him, preying on his guilt and fear of losing their marriage.

The discovery left Peter reeling, his mind spinning with a potent mix of anger, betrayal, and astonishment. How could she be so cruel?

Oblivious To It


Realizing the extent of Roxanne’s deception, Peter’s emotions ignited a fire within him. He would not be held captive any longer, both financially and emotionally.

He wanted to confront Roxanne but it wasn’t the right time yet. He had to get solid proof and professional help. Would he be able to fight back before he was completely penniless?

Payback Time


Peter had contacted a few of his legal friends. They advised him on how to handle the situation. Luckily, he got the proof he was looking for. He had a plan in place.

With newfound determination, he confronted Roxanne, exposing her sinister plot and vowing to end the charade that had consumed their lives. She wouldn’t know what hit her.

More Excuses


Peter confronted Roxanne with photographic evidence of her giving Michelle cash at the gym. Roxanne denied everything, “That’s a different lady Peter, wear your glasses,” she tried to steer him off track.

As the tension between them reached its peak, Roxanne’s facade crumbled, revealing a woman consumed by greed and deceit. The marriage that had once held promise and love now stood on the precipice of destruction.

The Truth Comes Out


The drained husband had enough. “I gave you everything Roxanne, you were ungrateful, how could you do that?” he yelled at her.

The finished housewife realized that she had lost her game. It was over now; he had caught her out. Peter, no longer bound by fear, made a decision that would forever alter their lives.

A Step Ahead


With a steely resolve, Peter filed for divorce, refusing to let Roxanne’s wicked plan continue to poison their existence. “Don’t do this please!” Roxanne begged him, falling to her knees.

He severed the financial ties that had drained him for so long, focusing on rebuilding his shattered life from the ruins of their broken relationship.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.