Vet Found This Inside Dog’s Belly


Calculated Watch

She woke to a ghastly sight. George’s belly tripled in size overnight. It looked like he was about to burst!

Without a second to spare, Julie packed George into the car and raced to the vet. She had no idea that someone was watching her closely as she drove away. The very same someone who hated the sight of that dog.

Julie Hayes


Julie Hayes lived alone in a stylish two-bedroom house in Austin, Texas. She worked as an accountant and her company allowed her to work from home.

She liked her job but it got boring sometimes and working from home also added another problem – it got lonely. So, she decided to adopt a puppy.

New Puppy


She went to a shelter across town not knowing what she’d find. Her heart broke as she walked into a room full of caged dogs. She found it impossible to pick just one until she saw George.

He was the youngest pup there, shivering pitifully in the corner. She knew straight away that he was the one for her. But little George didn’t feel the same.

Little George


George was timid and shy at first. When she took him home, it seemed like just about everything she did scare him. But as the days passed, he began to trust her more and more.

Soon, his real personality began to shine. He was a playful little thing. Julie loved to make him giddy and watch him run around the yard. But not everybody loved Julie’s new companion.

Tight Neighborhood


George and Julie lived in a small but nice neighborhood. Everyone had their own front and back yard but they weren’t always outlined by fencing. This was the situation for Julie and her neighbor, Matt.

Matt wasn’t fond of George from the get-go. And he made it abundantly clear.

Disturbing The Peace


Matt rarely used his back yard but it became apparent to Julie that he didn’t like anyone else using it either. According to Matt, George ran around his yard, marking his territory and disturbing his peace.

But Julie didn’t have the money for fencing so she told him there was nothing she could do. Little did she know, Matt was about to take matters into his own hands.

Horrible Discovery

Dog Discoveries

A couple of days later, Julie woke to a horrible surprise. George’s tummy had grown massive overnight. At first, she wondered if he just needed to go to the bathroom so she brought him outside. George squealed and whined as she brought him closer to the door.

Something was very, very wrong.

Calling For Help

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George didn’t need to go to the bathroom and it seemed like from the time that she woke up until now, his tummy had grown even bigger. It looked like it could burst any moment.

Without a second to spare, Julie packed George into the car and raced to the vet. However, she had no idea that someone watched her closely as she drove away.

Anxious Wait

Just as Julie pulled up to the vet she received a call from Matt. She let it ring out. Now wasn’t a good time to hear another one of his complaints. She had a much more pressing matter to deal with.

George was seen straight away. Julie sat anxiously in the corner of the room as the vet examined George. Julie’s phone pinged again with an urgent message from Matt.

Baffling Message


It read, “If you’re at the vet with that dog, I’d tell the doc to do a scan ASAP.” Julie was baffled at the message but she didn’t have time to question it, she could hear the doctor humming and hawing at George’s condition.

As requested, the doctor did a scan of George’s tummy. His eyes popped as he looked over the graph.

Urgent Care


“We need to operate immediately!”, he ordered. He asked Julie to leave the room, telling her that George was fine but they needed to remove what was inside his stomach immediately.

Speechless, Julie nodded. She was overwhelmed with emotion. Did he eat something he wasn’t supposed to? Did someone feed him something? But what the doctor removed was far from her wildest imagination.



A couple of hours later, the doctor returned with a smile on his face. The operation was successful. He told Julie that George had a severe case of Ascites. It’s a rare condition that he hadn’t seen in any of his furry patients until now.

“Ascites?”, Julie asked. “What is that?”



Also known as abdominal effusion, Ascites is the medical term that refers to the buildup of fluid in the dog’s abdomen. It usually causes symptoms like vomiting, abdominal discomfort, and loss of appetite. But for George, he had none of these.

‘What causes it?”, Julie asked. Suddenly, Matt popped into her mind. Did he have something to do with this?

Cause Unknown


The doctor told Julie that there’s a wide variety of potential causes to Ascites and it’s really difficult to understand what triggered it in George’s case. He told her that he would keep George overnight to make sure he was okay. Julie thanked him and picked up her phone to call Matt.

Why did he ask her to get a scan done?



Matt was quick to give his explanation. He told her that he saw her drive off this morning with George and saw his huge belly. He had a dog when he was younger who had Ascites. Immediately, he knew what it was.

“Look”, he said. “I’ve made it pretty obvious that I don’t particularly like your dog but I wouldn’t ever wish him harm. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, that trouble maker is growing on me”. A smile formed on the corner of Julie’s lips.