Man Follows Girl Inside Gym, Regrets It When He Realizes It’s A Setup


A Total Enthusiast

Her burning passion for fitness made her a complete expert. In order to maintain her adept physical shape, she needed to join a gym as soon as she could after making the move from Miami to Tampa.

When she found the perfect gym, everything changed. It was constantly peering over her shoulder, and then one day, she would have to defend herself, putting everything she knew to the test.

Extreme Conditioning


It was a dream of many to have Carmen’s physical shape, and she worked relentlessly to achieve her goal. Her tendency was to push herself and occasionally lift a little heavier than she had been able to before.

Smirking, she watched every man in the gym stare at her whenever she lifted more than they did.

Bright And Early


She liked to train in the early mornings. As a result, she was well-rested and prepared for the day’s challenges.

It was important for her to get the exercise she needed in the morning so that she would have energy throughout the day. It was not uncommon for her to train in the morning and in the evening after work on some days.


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But she knew there were some risks to going to the gym at six in the morning. When she was there alone, as usual, she always found herself scanning the rooms for threats using the large mirrors.

Even though she knew there were dangers out there, she tried to not even consider the possibility of being forced to defend herself.

Many Others


As she strode into the gym one morning, she was beyond relieved to see that others were training as well. Knowing she was no longer alone brought her some relief.

Without having to worry for her safety, she was able to train in complete peace. It was something she hoped would happen regularly. It made her feel so much safer.

A New Member


Despite fewer people the following day, she was still glad to not be alone.

During the hours that followed, she realized that there was only one other person in the gym with her. Her eyes were drawn to a strange man she had never seen there before.

No One Else Around

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It was mid-workout, and she needed some water. Just a few minutes later, she realized the man had moved closer to her while she had her back turned.

After thinking nothing of it at first, she noticed that he was slowly inching closer and closer to her, although she was determined to complete her workout routine. It was obvious to her that something was wrong right away.


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He began making inappropriate comments and gestures towards her as he got closer to her. At that point, she realized that she was in danger and had no choice but to defend herself.

“Hey, I just want to talk to you, get to know you better. I’ve been watching you train every day, and I’m impressed.” Suddenly, Carmen was quivering with fear.


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Her training had been observed by this man every single day. She was never alone during all this time. Most likely, he had been watching how she trained while hiding in the shadows.

As Carmen’s blood began to boil over, she was in a total state of panic. Her fear had dissipated. Taking this guy to task was important to her. Her discomfort was not his responsibility in his mind.

Don’t Tread On Me

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She was going to hold him accountable for his actions. She was probably one of the many victims he had been targeting for years.

It wasn’t going to go unpunished. A quick thought was needed. He looked like he was about to launch an attack. Nevertheless, Carmen vowed not to be a victim and fought valiantly.

Malice In His Eyes

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The guy kept taunting her. The more she screamed for him to back off, the closer he came to her. She could see the malice in his eyes, and she knew that he wanted to hurt her.

Before she could really panic, she thought of something to do. She had been working long and hard, and now was the time to put it to good use.

Kicking Force

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He lunged and made an attempt to grab her, but before he could, Carmen launched a kick to his gut. He doubled over in shock, but he wasn’t giving up.

She was going into survival mode. She remembered everything she had learned and trained hard for. She took her fighting stance. This guy wasn’t getting off that lightly.

Attack Mode

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With another attempt at grabbing hold of her, Carmen pushed him until he landed on the ground. She then proceeded to kick and punch him.

He held his hands up in defense, but Carmen wasn’t going to stop her attack. She used all her strength, making sure to hit all the areas she knew were sensitive and would cause damage.

In The Zone

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Just as she was about to land another powerful kick, another man walked into the gym and shouted for her to stop. Carmen was in the zone, and she didn’t even hear the man until he had to physically pull her away.

Carmen explained the situation to the man, and he immediately tied the man up. Carmen then called the police.

Kickboxing Skills


Carmen was so relieved when the police finally arrived. She explained that the man had been stalking her for days. They promptly took him away.

Carmen knew that her kickboxing skills would come in handy one day. She was just happy that she could defend herself in dangerous situations. From then on, she was always on her guard.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.