Man Follows Girl Home From Bus Stop, Her Dad Is Waiting For Him


Watching Her

She didn’t realize who was following her when she got off the school bus and started walking home after a hard day. It was someone who had been keeping tabs on her every step for several weeks.

He followed her from a distance as she continued on her journey, making an effort to blend into the background. He was unaware that the hunter was about to become the hunted.

The Real Monsters

Herald Sun

The outside world can be frightening. True monsters wander the streets openly, and sometimes it’s impossible to detect their evil motives until it’s too late.

Most individuals spend much of their time trying to do a good thing, doing their best, and simply creating the kind of lifestyle they desire for themselves and their family members. However, trouble could be lurking around the next corner.

It’s Everywhere


No matter how secure a life you may believe you live, genuine evil is capable of hiding in practically any gap or crevice. Threats are not always noticeable, and wolves can frequently become sheep-like in their appearance.

What can you then do to save your nearest and dearest and oneself against evil? This story educates us. You won’t need to get ready if you remain prepared.

Not Used To Crime

The Perna Team

This story’s setting is not thought to be very threatening. Families primarily live in this suburban region.

Major crime is something that the locals only learn about in the media. The most serious problem or dispute typically arises when a neighbor parks their truck in another neighbor’s driveway. This was about to change completely.

Threatening Presence


15-year-old Laura Oliver attends Franklin High School in Livonia, Michigan. She resides with her mother, Cindy, father, Mike, and brother Chris, age 19.

The Oliver family came dangerously near to suffering a tragic event recently that may have ruined their life for good. The family was prepared to defend themselves against anything, anyone, and by any measures, but fortunately, the assailant was unaware of this. He would come to regret interfering with the Oliver family.

Someone She Knew


Everyone who knows Laura, who recently finished the 10th grade, describes her as a happy and cheerful girl. This includes everyone from neighbors to faculty and students at her school.

She was about to face a challenge, nevertheless, to her peaceful life. It was somebody she knew personally.


The Detroit News

She had no idea that Radric Roberts, the employee of the nearby bakery where she occasionally made purchases, harbored a secret crush on her.

If the man had kept his crazy obsession to himself, this situation wouldn’t be as serious. Nobody was aware that he was a sick, disturbed individual with evil motives.

Strolling Through Her Neighborhood


Roberts had been following Laura for weeks without her knowledge before the occurrence. He discovered her social networking sites and the high school she went to. It didn’t take him a long time to discover her residence.

Following the event, the police discovered CCTV evidence that indicates Roberts strolling up and down Laura’s neighborhood. The most wicked aspect wasn’t even that.

He Stalked Her

ANI News

The video demonstrated that Roberts would occasionally stand in front of Laura’s home and remain there for hours straight while gazing through the windows at what was happening inside.

In hindsight, it is obvious what he was doing: he was gathering information about the family’s habits and routines in preparation for the horrible deed he intended to carry out. He was planning how he would enter the house and carry out his plans undetected.

It Was Time


Roberts finally put his strategy into place one day. He was aware of the schedule and routes that the bus for Franklin High School took. At the bus stop where he happened to know Laura would get off, he patiently waited.

The man believed that nobody else would be at home at that time. He had noticed that no cars were parked in front of Laura’s driveway. He believed it to be his best opportunity to fulfill all of his terrible wishes.

He Followed Her


Roberts saw Laura getting off the bus and walking home. He followed her from a distance, trying not to look suspicious. The streets were empty. He may have had the temptation to do something right then and there.

Who knows if he could have gotten away with it if he had tried it? But instead, he decided to wait until Laura was home. Little did he know that someone was waiting for him there.

Mike Oliver

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Laura’s dad, Mike Oliver, is what you may call a tough guy. The man is an Army veteran, and despite his age, he’s well-versed in several styles of martial arts and self-defense.

That day, he was home with his wife and son. They had taken the car to the mechanic just that morning, which was the reason why Roberts thought they were away. That would turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

He Saw Him

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As Mike saw Roberts walking towards the front yard right after Laura walked through the door, he knew something was wrong. He went outside and asked the man what he was doing on his property.

Right then, Roberts knew he had messed up. He tried to turn around and run, but Mike chased after him, reached him, and tackled him down.


The Detroit News

“Grabbed him by his hair,” Mike recounted the fight when he talked to the media. “He was like an alligator just twisting, and he got away. He ran around the corner.”

But Laura’s dad wasn’t willing to let him get away. Quickly, he called their neighbor next door, told him about what happened, and asked him for his truck. Then, he chased Roberts around the neighborhood while his son Chris called 911.

Doing Right

Fox News

Soon enough, a group of police officers arrived at the scene and arrested Roberts. Right now, he’s waiting for trial, and Laura is safe and sound. “He could’ve been laying there on the ground today,” Oliver said, referring to Roberts and what. “This could’ve been so much worse for him. But, this isn’t about being right, it’s about doing right,” the Army veteran added.

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.