Man Walks Past Strange Noise In Sewer, Investigates Further


He Had To Help

They had finally managed to get the manhole cover off, and now Jason knew that there was only one thing left to do. He felt like it was his responsibility to save the trapped animal, after all, he had heard its cries the day before and he had done nothing about it. He wanted to help in any way he could.

With the cover off, he jumped head first into the drain, desperate to save the animal. But once he took a good look around him, his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This would change his life forever.

Morning Routine 


Every morning was the exact same for Jason. He would wake up, take a shower, get dressed, and have a warm cup of coffee. He would then grab the healthy lunch his wife had packed him and head off to work.

He wasn’t the biggest fan of the seeded bread his wife would pack him, but one day, he would be grateful that he had it. That day would change everything.

Jason Johanson


Jason Johanson had always considered himself an ordinary man who lived an ordinary life. He was lucky enough to live in a nice neighborhood in New York with his beautiful wife. She always made sure that he had a hot meal waiting for him when he got home from work. 

He worked his fingers to the bone to provide for himself and his wife. He was a construction consultant and his apartment was close enough to work that he could walk there and back every day.

One Of The Best


He loved what he did for a living. He had been in the industry for 15 years, slowly working his way to the top. He knew that he was one of the best consultants out there, and because of this, he never had any trouble finding work.

Every morning, he would leave his apartment with a healthy packed lunch before making the 15-minute walk to work. But one day was very different from the rest.

He Heard Something


That day started like any other. He packed his lunch into his bag and started walking to work. He was ten minutes into his journey when he noticed something that would change everything at a moment’s notice.

He heard a strange noise that instantly sent a shiver down his spine. The sound made him feel like he was in the middle of a horror movie.

Coming From The Sewer


Every day, he would walk past this manhole to get to work. But on this day, he heard something alarming coming from the sewer. At first, it made him jump, his heart racing because of the sudden sound.

He looked at the manhole and then checked his watch. He was going to be late, he didn’t have the time to look into this. He decided to walk away from the sewer, not knowing that he should’ve investigated it further.

End Of The Day


After spending a productive day at work, Jason looked down at his watch and saw that it was 6 PM. It was time to leave work and head back home. But he wasn’t expecting to hear the same sounds that he had heard that morning.

Five minutes into her journey, he passed the manhole in the dark. He hadn’t noticed it until he heard the same loud cry from earlier. He now knew that something serious was going on. But little did Jason know what he was getting himself into.

Going Home


It was dark out, and Jason knew that it was best to head home. He couldn’t do anything when it was this dark out. But he told himself that he would return the next day, which was a Saturday, and he didn’t have to worry about getting to work. That night, he thought about what he could do to help.

When he got home, he told his wife about it and she encouraged him to help. He knew that he had to step in and do something, but he had no idea how this would end.

He Made His Decision


When Jason woke up the next morning, he had made his decision. He was determined to help in whatever way he could. He called a few of his construction buddies and told them to meet him at the manhole.

They first had to find out what exactly they were dealing with. They brought some equipment which they knew was vital. But Jason had no clue would he would be forced to deal with once they got there.

Opening The Manhole


Jason and his buddies stood around the manhole. They decided to use one important tool, a crowbar, to open the manhole. They could hear the same stifled cries from the day before.

They had to act fast, who knew how long the animal had been down there? It needed food and fresh water as soon as possible. But Jason would end up being a bit too quick on his feet.

Finally Off

YouTube _ TheDodo

The manhole was finally off, and Jason knew what he had to do. He felt responsible for the trapped animal since he had heard its cries the day before. He was motivated to help in any way he could.

With the manhole cover off, he jumped head first into the drain. But once he could see inside the drain, he couldn’t believe what he saw and how his life would be changed after this encounter.

A Parrot!

YouTube – TheDodo

Jason heard a squawk from his left. He took a look down the drain and saw a parrot! It was what he was hearing the whole time. He was so relieved that it hadn’t stormed, or else the parrot would have been in trouble.

He reached down to try and coax the parrot, but it was reluctant and scared. But then an idea dawned on him. He remembered that he had yet another healthy lunch from his wife.

Seeded Bread

YouTube – TheDodo

He asked one of his friends to pass him his lunch. It was a delicious-looking BLT sandwich on seeded bread. He tore off a large chunk of bread and offered it to the parrot.

It seemed to do the trick as the bird came a little closer. Jason tossed the chunk of bread in front of the parrot, and it gleefully consumed the food. He slowly tore more chunks of bread off of his sandwich and made a breadcrumb trail.

Making A Difference.

YouTube – TheDodo

He spread some seeds on the platform he had made and extended them toward the parrot. Without hesitation, the bird lept onto it, and Jason managed to maneuver it out of the drain. He couldn’t believe it worked.

Now above ground, the bird happily jumped into his arms. It was like night and day. And now Jason had a new companion to look after. He was beyond happy that he had made a difference in something’s life.

A New Life

YouTube – TheDodo

Jason was thrilled to have rescued the little bird from the sewer. It seemed to trust him. He would get it checked by the vet and take care of it while it got better. But he had no idea how strong their bond would grow.

In the coming months, he would get so attached to the bird that he would decide to keep fostering him. Why stop a bad thing, after all?