Man Builds Nuclear Reactor In Backyard To Power Home, Police Step In


A 27 Year Old Secret

Jesiah felt his heart thunder within his chest. He was not surprised that the officer stood in his house. He only wondered if he knew about his secret.

Did the government know what he’d pulled out of the water 27 years ago? He racked his mind for all those reasons he promised himself he’d use when all this came back to bite him. But as he moved to talk, the officer said something he never expected.

A Simple Life

PexelsJesiah Wilfred was your average retired American living quietly in his home. While most people need to live in pairs or groups, Jesiah enjoyed the peace that came with keeping to himself.

His life was simple, with the same routine year in and year out. As a retired man Jesiah’s days included walking his dog in the morning and working on his projects in his shed. But one of these creations would attract the FBI to his house.

The Best In His Town


In his working days, Jesiah had made a career as an engineer. Before retiring at 55, he’d worked for three decades, and had been part of some of the best electrical advancements in today’s history.

Now he enjoyed tinkering with everything he came across. He’d been one of the best engineers in his town, and that love didn’t fade when he hung up his engineer’s helmet. But he’d take one of his projects too far.

A Man Of Many Talents

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Jesiah had ventured into other interests that had nothing to do with engineering in his younger years. Among these was diving, which he’d been doing well before finishing high school.

After getting his diving permit, he went out diving whenever he could. It was then that he heard a rumor about an object off the coast of Georgia. He decided to investigate, not knowing how life-changing the discovery would be.

Searching The Murky Waters

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With his gear all but set, Jesiah dove into the deep waters of Wassaw Sound. He searched the murky depths, finding nothing but dirt and ocean life. After a while under the water, he decided to call it a day.

But as he turned around to return to the surface, a gleaming object half-buried in the seafloor called to him. Jesiah’s eyes narrowed, and he neared. His heartbeat stopped when he realized what he was looking at.

Making Decisions

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Jesiah quickly noted what he’d found. It would be his greatest project yet. Knowing his treasure’s nature, he couldn’t contact his friends to help him transport it back home.

Working alone, he loaded the heavy metallic object onto his truck and drove home. When Jesiah finally unveiled what he’d discovered, he resolved to use it instead of turning it in. He had no idea the trouble it would bring to his door 27 years later.

Fair And Square

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With a few weeks of tinkering, the object Jesiah had pulled out of the water allotted him more than two decades of free electricity.

He knew that most people in his shoes would have told the authorities about the object, but he couldn’t miss out on the gift it brought to his home. He’d found it fair and square, and he would keep it until his last days.

Keeping A Secret


Knowing that if anyone discovered where his electricity was coming from, he’d be finished, Jesiah kept his secret neatly tucked away in his shed. No one ever neared that place, so it all worked marvelously.

As the years passed, Josiah was more than convinced that he’d gotten away with it. He had no idea that even at the age of 60, the consequences of his actions would come knocking.

The Consequences Come


It was a bright morning when Jesiah got up to walk his dog as usual. After a quick cup of coffee, he got dressed and took his pup out.

He was busy walking his dog around their regular route, not knowing that his past was sprinting toward him. No sooner had he returned home than a knock sounded on his door.

An Unexpected Guest 10


Jesiah rarely had guests, especially after retiring, so hearing the knock unsettled him deeply. He took a deep breath and hurried to open the door, finding a police officer waiting for him.

“Good morning, sir,” the officer began. “Do you mind if I asked you a few questions?” “Not at all,” Jesiah answered. Unknown to him, the consequences of his actions had finally caught up with him.

Catching Up To Him


Jesiah felt his pulse racing. He knew exactly why the officer was in his house. Did he know about his secret? Did he know about what he had raised from the waters 27 years ago?

He felt backed into a corner that he couldn’t get out of. But before he could act on any of his impulses, the officer opened his mouth and said something that he could never have expected.

The Jig Was Up


The Officer asked, “Sir, are you in possession of any government property?” Jesiah knew that the jig was up. He knew that the only way to get out of it was to come clean. He confessed what he had.

The officer’s eyes grew wide. It was clear that he didn’t want to believe what he had. It was above his paygrade. He had to call in the big guns.

A Bomb

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After an hour, the house was surrounded by the FBI. They searched his property and found the secret that he had been keeping for so many years. It was an undetonated bomb. To be exact, it was a nuclear bomb from the 60s.

The bomb was on board a military aircraft. After it started having engine troubles, the pilot was forced to drop his payload into the shallow waters of Wassaw Sound.

Recovery Effort

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The military made the call to try and recover the bomb for the next two months after it was dropped. It seemed that luck wasn’t on their side, and it became the last nuclear bomb that the military ever lost.

It seems that Jesiah was both lucky and unlucky to find the bomb when the military couldn’t. What he thought was his right to find was something that the government thought differently about.

Removed From His Property


They would raid Jesiah’s house and get an expert team to remove the bomb from his property. They took it away and presumably dismantled it. But what happened to Jesiah?

There have been no reports on whether or not Jesiah had to pay a fine or faced any consequences of any kind. Normally someone would be arrested but It’s not surprising since the government would rather keep things like that classified.