Man Blocks Access To His Pool, Faces Neighborhood Backlash



He had just gotten back home from work when he was left stunned. He stared at his pool for what seemed like hours grasping what had happened. He had worked tirelessly on that pool.

After stomping inside the house, he told his wife it was done. No more neighborhood kids were allowed in the pool ever again. What had he seen?

Expensive Task


Ever since they moved to the neighborhood, Jim and his wife Hannah had always wanted to have a pool for their home.

It was an expensive task, but they eventually made it happen. They had a fantastic one built into their backyard but, as happy as they were now, they didn’t know about the headache it would cause them.

Wanted Kids

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The couple was free of kids for the time being as they struggled to conceive. They hoped that their future would have the kids they longed for.

One day, their neighbor came by asking about their pool. Because of their love for kids, Hannah and Jim immediately said yes. What happened next would change the way the couple thought of kids forever.

A Request

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A mother had asked if some neighborhood kids could play in the pool, and the couple instantly agreed. They couldn’t help it – they loved children, and the mother was lovely.

Jim had one rule regarding using the pool that he was serious about. He thought there would be no problems with it, considering the kids seemed bright and the neighbors friendly.

One Rule

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All the parents and the kids agreed that they would respect Jim’s one rule about using the pool.

The rule was that no dogs be brought into the pool. The pool’s lining was fragile and could easily break if dogs swam there. He thought it was a rule that would be easily followed.

An Exception

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It wasn’t long before the mother approached Jim with another request. She asked Jim if he’d make an exception for a few kids to bring their dogs.

She had brought along a puppy of her own, hoping its puppy eyes swayed the man. Would her tactic work on him?

Uneasy Answer


Jim explained that he had nothing against dogs but that the pool would get damaged if he allowed it. It was not a risk he was willing to take.

It wasn’t easy for him to say no, but he didn’t want to deal with the consequences. After saying no, he assumed the worst he’d get were a few dirty looks and sad faces. But he got a whole lot more.

Summer Fun

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The kids continued to follow the rules during the upcoming days. Their summer was better because of Jim’s kindness in letting them use the pool. They could play as much as they pleased.

But kids are known to push boundaries. How long would they stick to the rule?

Needed Change


Jim was eventually faced with something terrible that broke his trust. He had never anticipated this type of behavior in his pool.

Jim had trusted the kids and their parents to follow his one rule, but he felt now that he had been wrong to do so. Something needed to change, and it needed to change immediately.

Had To End


It wasn’t an easy decision for Jim, but it had to end. He couldn’t risk things getting worse.

The neighbors couldn’t believe what Jim and Hannah told them about what happened in his pool. They were more disbelieving when he told them what he decided to do.

Closing It

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The couple went away for a bit and let the kids come over and use the pool while they were gone. However, they came back to a not-so-fun surprise.

Jim noticed the water level was low and tried to refill it with no success. It was clear what happened. Someone broke the rule, so the man decided to close access to his pool. But not everyone took his decision lightly. 


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Jim saw a good size tear on the side and got it fixed. This was a very expensive job, and obviously, no one from the neighborhood helped in any way. 

Jim repaired his pool, but to everyone’s anger, he was adamant about not letting anyone else use his pool, with or without a dog. They broke the rules, after all. 


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The kids came over the next day with a Labrador Retriever wanting to use the pool, and Jim told them that the pool was closed.

Fair, right? They had one rule, and they broke it, so they were no longer allowed pool privileges. However, apparently, the kids were pretty upset and went to the man’s wife about it. Would they manage to do anything about it, though? 


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Jim came home and saw a few of the neighbors arguing with his wife. He walked over, and everyone started talking about how he hurt their kid’s feelings by not allowing them to use the pool anymore.

The man explained what happened and why he had to close the pool. A few of them started laughing and demanded he reopens the pool. 



After talking with a lawyer, the man realized that he was also liable if something happened to a kid in his pool. It was his property, after all. 

Jim realized that he also needed a fence and some cameras to avoid further damage to his pool. In the end, the man believed he made the best decision for his family’s well-being. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.