Man Abandons Pregnant Girlfriend, Then His Mom Makes Him Regret It


Unexpected Decision 

The elderly woman was shocked when her son shared the news with her. She was unsure of how to respond in the beginning. Her son had gotten a woman pregnant, and the woman had decided to keep the baby. But her son didn’t want to have anything to do with the child.

The old lady stood firm and made a decision that her family did not take well. She had her own feelings about her son and the baby.

Estelle Mitchell


Estelle Mitchell was a 63-year-old woman with two adult children: a son and a daughter. The son, George Mitchell, never settled down and liked to live his life freely, even if he was already in his 40s.

 Estelle always believed in family values and did everything possible to support her own. When her husband passed away a few years prior, she took her role as a protector of the family even more seriously. Everyone loved Estelle, but that wouldn’t last forever.

40 Years Old

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Estelle’s son, George, was 40 years old when he got that woman pregnant. That’s why the old lady was so surprised by his actions.

Considering his age, his mother expected him to take responsibility for his actions and act as a 40-year-old man should. No luck there. The old woman had to take matters into her own hands.

No Protection

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George proved how irresponsible he was when he insisted on having relations with his 20-year-old girlfriend without a condom.

 The middle-aged man had told the young woman that condoms don’t work for him, so they had unprotected contact. This led to an unexpected turn of events that would forever change his life. And his mother would get caught right in the middle of it.



It didn’t come as a surprise when the young 20-year-old woman became pregnant. Estelle’s son didn’t want to keep it, but the mother disagreed.

 The young woman decided to go through with the pregnancy and have the baby. This didn’t sit well at all with George, who immediately broke up with her. That was only the beginning of his troubles, and there was no one to blame but him.

A College Student


When the 20-year-old woman gave birth to a little girl, she was still a college student and wanted to continue her education. But she knew it wouldn’t be easy.

 The young woman was incredibly happy to be a mother, even though she knew she wouldn’t have the father’s support. But it didn’t take long before Estelle came into the picture and told everyone her actual plans.



Instead of showing any support, Estelle’s son abandoned the young woman and his own baby girl. At that time, the old lady realized that her son was not the man she thought she had raised for so many years.

 When the 20-year-old woman tried to reach out to him, he completely ignored her and ghosted her. He thought he was free, but the responsibility would catch up with him eventually.

Forced To Pay

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George’s baby’s mom reached out again, saying that he didn’t have to care for the baby but that he had to pay child support. Estelle was shocked and told him that he could either step up or not, but that she would have a relationship with the child because it was her only grandchild.

 He chose to not step up and tried to fight child support, but after a month, he was placed on it.

Grandma’s Intervention

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Since the baby was born, things have gotten harder. Now that Estelle’s granddaughter, Lily, was born, she had been helping pay for everything because her mom was in college, and her son quit his job, so his child support payment would go down. The old woman was very disappointed in him.

 Grandma Estelle watched Lily during her mom’s classes and paid for her to have a nanny so the mom could work hard to get her degree. Money was no problem for her family. But her son, George, was outraged that she was helping them. He said that they should not get the woman’s money.


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The 40-year-old man acted like a child. He became furious. He was so upset that he gave his mother an ultimatum.

 Grandma Estelle told him that she planned to continue to help them because her granddaughter was innocent and that he was the one who refused to wear a condom. But the man wouldn’t back down. He said that it was either him or them.

Taking A Side

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Grandma Estelle didn’t hesitate. She said that she would always help her granddaughter. George was a grown man. She couldn’t believe that he was so against her helping her only granddaughter.

 It was a difficult situation, but the old woman felt like she had no choice. She couldn’t abandon Lily and hoped that her son would understand. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Cutting Ties

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After hearing all that, the 40-year-old man cut off contact with his mother. He didn’t want to see her or talk to her. He said that he wouldn’t change his mind no matter what.

 But the old lady was true to her words. She continued to support the young woman and her granddaughter, Lily. They had no one else but her, after all.

The Daughter Comes In

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Estelle’s daughter said she went too far and would also cut ties with her as she disapproved of the old woman’s choice.

 Having her daughter side with her son, George, was extra painful for the woman. It was an awkward situation, but it was truly admirable for her to have stepped in and helped when her son refused to.


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The young woman was very grateful for all the support Estelle had given her. She didn’t know how to thank her, but the old woman was just happy to be a part of her granddaughter’s life.

 The old woman continued to give her granddaughter all the love and support in the world, and she did the right thing by not putting the baby’s mother down like a lot of people do in situations like these.

Going Viral

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Estelle went to social media and asked on Reddit if she did the right thing, as her heart was still aching from not talking with her son anymore. She knew she had made the right choice but still had a few doubts.

 Luckily, Reddit was able to shower this grandmother with a little bit of love. But that doesn’t mean they were necessarily kind. “I would disinherit him in a heartbeat,” wrote one user. “Write a will that cannot be challenged and make sure to get an attestation from a medical professional stating you were sound of mind when the will was drafted,” said another. No one blamed the grandmother for her choice, and they all tried to make her feel better for doing a beautiful thing for her granddaughter.

Harsh Reality


There were a variety of comments online about what people thought. Some people even thought that she was too hard on her son. They said that she should teach him tough love but forgive him at the end of the day.

Estelle would read all these comments and sit and cry by herself every night. She was still so heartbroken even though she knew she was doing the right thing.

Helping Hands


She was not a wealthy woman herself, but she always put some money aside for her granddaughter Lily. She would always ensure that the little girl had all her basic needs met. She knew that her father couldn’t provide for her, so she had to step up and fill in his shoes.

Although Estelle didn’t know the young woman well, in fact, she didn’t even know that her son had a girlfriend, she still did the right thing.

A Mothers Love


In her heart, she always thought that her son would change, that he would grow up and see how lucky he was. But time was taking time. These days she heard less and less from her son. Every time she called him, he would be rude and abrupt and hang up on her.

She didn’t know what to do. How could her own son disregard his only family like this? 

Never Give Up


Estelle and Lily’s mother tried their best to get through to him, but he wouldn’t budge. After a few more weeks of begging,  Estelle decided to go and visit her daughter Harriet. Perhaps she could convince George to come around.

Unfortunately, her cellphone number was still blocked on her children’s cell phones. She had to physically go to their houses to see them.

On The Move


She hired a taxi, and on the way, she thought about how bitter her children had become after their father died. She was struggling to keep things together in her own small home, and her children were absolutely careless.

When she arrived at her daughter’s house, Harriet greeted her with a cold “Hello, mother” as she opened the door. Estelle commented on how long it had been since they last spoke and got straight to the point.

Being An Adult


There is an innocent child who deserves a stable home and to know who her family is. Harriet screamed back, “You don’t even do anything for me, but you can give your money to some stranger. You don’t even know if that kid is Georges!”

Estelle was astounded. How could her daughter be so disrespectful?

The Truth


Had she given birth to this cruel lady standing before her? Harriet stood up. “ I am sick and tired of you lazy children taking advantage of me! You wanna know why you don’t have any of your own money? It’s because you’re a lazy fool who can’t keep a job for more than three days. You and your brother are the same. How many times have I arranged interviews and jobs for you? You just keep sponging off everybody! How will you ever grow up? Lily is George’s baby! We had a paternity test done on her, you naïve girl. Wake up and realize that you are ruining the future of our family. Call George immediately and tell him what I said. You’ve made me very angry, and I’m leaving now!”

 The flustered Estelle walked back outside onto the porch.

Inner Pain


She looked dismally outside; the conversation didn’t seem to go well with her daughter. She called a cab and sat out as she waited. She could hear her daughter crying inside. “Crocodile tears,” Estelle thought and shook her head.

Her cab had arrived, and she looked at her daughter through the window; at that moment, she picked her head up, her face puffy from crying, and waved slowly at her mother. Estelle waved back. Who knows what lies ahead for this family?

Another Idea


When Estelle arrived home, she immediately called for Lily. She told the mother what had happened and that Harriet was still just as stubborn as George. The young mother was sad to hear the news but thanked Estelle for trying once more.

She spoke about how they didn’t even need money; they just needed support from George. Estelle told her that she had another plan and would come to visit her tomorrow.

Plan In Action


The next day, the fiesty grandmother went to visit her would be daughter in law and granddaughter. She had brought along some fresh fruit and was looking forward to enjoying it with her favorite girls.

While they were happily eating some berries, Estelle said, “I know my George isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s got a heart of gold. We just have to help him find his way. I have a plan to show him how much he actually cares about you and his daughter. Come to your house tonight, and let’s make this plan happen.’’

Action Time


That night at 7 pm, Estelle had her granddaughter over. Lily and her mother were playing in the lounge. Estelle’s plan was to call George and tell them that they had an emergency and they needed help.

Estelle called, no answer. She called her daughter, no answer, she texted her daughter, and she replied with what’s wrong?

Returned Call


That was strange, Estelle thought. Her daughter usually didn’t even care; perhaps she was getting through to her after all. In the next few seconds, Harriet was calling Estelle.

Estelle answered and screamed on the phone,” We need help now, the baby has fallen, and we are alone; call George to take us to the hospital now!” Harriet was in panic mode. “Are you ok? Ok, we’re coming now!” and hung up.

A Good Idea


Estelle looked at Lilly’s mother, who was smiling sheepishly. It was a clever stunt she had pulled. Let’s see if it all works out.

Within minutes, Estelle heard a car’s tires screeching outside; it was George. “Mom! Mom!” He screamed as he ran up to the house. He opened the front door and shouted, “where is Lily?” As he looked around frantically.

Worried Dad


Just then, Lily walked out happily, hand in hand with her mother. Estelle was right behind her. George looked shocked and confused. What was going on?

“We are all fine!”  Estelle said, putting her hands up to calm him down. George picked Lily up. “My heart,” he said, “I have never been more scared in my life.” “I knew you cared deep down,” Estelle said, her eyes tearing up.

Successful Plan


George put his arms around his mother, girlfriend, and daughter, “I promise I will protect you girls from now on. I’m not going anywhere.” He held them tight as if he would never let go.

“I’m sorry,” George said as he kissed his daughter’s forehead. “I now realize what is most important in life, and that is you, my family.”

Happy Granny


Estelle looked at her little family with joy. Her plan had worked out for the better. Things seemed as though they would get better. One thing was for sure, she was a mother, and she was going to do everything possible to help her children.

George eventually found a new job and was able to take care of his family. Estelle still visits them regularly and is eagerly asking when she is going to get her next grandchild.

Doesn’t Last Forever


George seemed to be doing well. He found a job and seemed to be happy. But as they were planning their wedding, George started to slip back into his old ways.

He cheated on Rosetta a few weeks before their wedding day, leaving her shattered and threatening suicide. As the wedding day approached, Estelle wondered if she should call the whole thing off

Taken For A Fool


Estelle was furious and knew she had to do something to help her son and granddaughter. Her son had made her a fool again.

 She couldn’t believe he would treat Rosetta and his child so poorly. She knew that poor Lily was just a baby and didn’t deserve to be tossed around like this.

Last Chance


She confronted George and told him that he needed to shape up and be a responsible father to Lily. But George was confused and didn’t know what to do. He apologized for his behavior, but Rosetta was devastated and kept threatening suicide.

 Lily could sense all the drama in her home, and the little girl was inconsolable. She would cry for hours on end.

All To Familiar


Estelle knew she had to do something to help Rosetta and Lily. She offered to take care of the baby while Rosetta tried to heal from the heartbreak. She tried to talk to George, but he refused to listen.

He reminded her of his father. She had gone through the same thing with him many years ago.

Professional Guidance


Estelle had to act fast to prevent a tragedy. She contacted a therapist and set up counseling sessions for Rosetta and George, hoping they could work through their issues and find a way to coexist for the sake of Lily.

George agreed to go, and the couple tried to resolve their issues one last time.

A Mothers Determination


Despite the challenges they faced, Estelle never gave up on her son. She knew he had a good heart and could change if he wanted to.

At first, he seemed to be making real progress. He was interested in the therapy activities. But then something happened to George, and his mood changed. His mother noticed it immediately. 

Falling Of The Wagon Again


As was typical of George, he stopped attending therapy after the 4th session. He just lost interest. He was consumed by his vices, losing his job and his friends.

 The childish man realized too late the mistakes he made and the people he hurt, he tried to reach out to his mother and Rosetta, but it was too late for forgiveness and redemption.

Severe Ties


Estelle made the difficult decision to cut George out of her life. She knew he could not be a good father or partner, and she couldn’t allow him to hurt any more people.

 George was not serious about life. He was playing games with his wife and his daughter. She had the most difficult decision to make.

Called Off


Estelle knew that she was wasting time and money. Her son had to learn a lesson. She decided to cancel the wedding.

Despite her disappointment with her son, Estelle took great joy in raising Lily. She loved the little girl like her own and ensured she had everything she needed to grow up happy and healthy.

No Secrets


As Lily grew older, Estelle told her about her father and the mistakes he had made. She wanted her granddaughter to learn from George’s mistakes and make better choices in her own life.

Years went by, and Lily grew into a beautiful and intelligent young girl. She was more independent because her dad was not around as much.

A Feminine Family


Estelle was proud of the person she had become and knew she had done everything possible to give her the best life possible.

Despite their hardships, Rosetta and Lily were able to move on and create a happy life for themselves. Estelle was proud of the firm, independent woman Rosetta had become and the wonderful person Lily had grown up to be.

Monitored Association


Estelle knew she had done right by standing up for Rosetta and Lily. She may have lost her son, but she had gained a daughter and a granddaughter whom she loved more than anything.

They only saw George when he came to visit Lily. It was always a supervised visit. He was never allowed alone with her. Things may be different in the future.

Family Matters


Estelle’s actions were a reminder that sometimes, doing the right thing means making difficult choices and standing up for what is right, even when it hurts. And in the end, it is always worth it.

George ruined his life, but she could not allow him to do that to her granddaughter. Lily was innocent, and she would do anything to protect her grandchild.

Happy As Can Be


As Estelle sat on her porch, watching her granddaughter play with her friends, she knew she had done the right thing.

Lily was an ordinary girl; she would be okay after all. Thanks to this friendly child, there was much to look forward to in life. Still, the old lady always wondered if her delinquent son would behave.

For The Future


In the end, Estelle’s love for her granddaughter, Lily, was the shining light that guided them through the darkest of times, and it was a reminder that love and family can always triumph over even the worst of circumstances.

 The beautiful girl was the reason that the family stayed together. They all loved her and wanted to make sure she was always safe, regardless of their issues.

It Takes Time


Eventually, George did change. He stopped drinking and became a better father to Lily. He and Rosetta were never able to reconcile, but they were able to co-parent their daughter and give her the love and support she needed.

Estelle knew that her efforts had paid off. She had given her son a second chance and helped him to become a better person. And she had helped her granddaughter to grow up in a loving and stable home. And for that, she was genuinely grateful.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.