Old Woman Eats Alone At Restaurant For Decades Until 3 Men Sit At Her Table


Such An Unexpected Encounter

Mrs. Lewis sat there, her eyes darting from one man to the next.

When she first saw the trio in the parking lot, she was sure she’d be robbed.

But now that she knew what their true intentions were, she was filled with shame and guilt. It was only then that she fully understood the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

It Was A Hard Day


When Mrs. Lewis woke up that morning, she knew she was in for a hard day.

It was one of the two days she had been dreading the entire year.

But even though she desperately wanted to, she couldn’t spend that dreadful day lying in bed or wallowing in her sorrows. It was just the first year, and if she gave in now, she’d never recover.

Anniversary Of His Death


This day, the 17th of February 2017, would mark the first anniversary of her husband, Larry’s, death.

And Mrs. Lewis had been dreading it for a year already.

But that wasn’t even the worst part of it all. The day that followed would be just as bad. What Mrs. Lewis didn’t take into consideration was what would happen that night.

A Day Before Their Wedding Anniversary


What made Mrs. Lewis dread this period so much that the day that followed what would’ve been their 51st wedding anniversary.

She had taken a hard knock the year before since it was the very next day, and she suspected that this year would be the same.

She had no reason to believe otherwise. But she was in for a surprise.

She Needed To Do Something


So when Mrs. Lewis woke up that morning, she knew that she needed to keep herself busy.

She had to keep her mind off the value the day held and keep her hands from fidgeting.

But what could she do? She had already spent hours in her garden, and now that it was getting dark, she was running out of options.

A Meaningful Choice


That was when Mrs. Lewis came up with a brilliant idea.

She’d go have dinner at the restaurant she and her husband had frequented for decades.

They would go there at least once a week, but since his passing, she hadn’t visited once, and she felt the time had come for that to change. If only she knew what the night had in store for her.

First Time In Months


As Mrs. Lewis started dressing up for the occasion, a wave of nausea passed over her.

It was only then that she realized that she would be going to their favorite spot and that she’d be eating alone.

That didn’t sit too well with the 79-year-old. She had gotten used to eating alone while at home, but she had never eaten alone in a social setting.

The Long Road


However, Mrs. Lewis mustered up the courage to go through with her decision.

She finished putting on her makeup, got into her late husband’s old pickup, and got onto the long winding road that would take her to the city.

But the closer she got, the more her heart sank. This wasn’t going to be as easy as she thought.

Memories Of The Past


The memories she had of the past started flooding her mind.

All the silly jokes Larry used to tell her while they were driving down that very road were starting to haunt her.

His laugh was imprinted on her mind. And for a moment there, Mrs. Lewis wondered if she’d ever be able to do things like this without the feelings she was having.



By the time Mrs. Lewis arrived in the city, she was crushed.

The memories and thoughts were just too much for her to handle.

All the things she had managed to suppress for the last year had come back, and the feelings were overwhelming. But something was about to happen that would shift her attention completely.

The Parking Lot


When Mrs. Lewis pulled into the parking lot, she saw something that had all her thoughts evaporating in an instant.

There were three men leaning against one of the barriers, and they didn’t seem like the friendly kind.

If she wasn’t mistaken, they looked like the type of people the television would describe as gang members.

Not What She Was Expecting


Mrs. Lewis’ adrenaline levels shot through the roof as the men were standing on the pavement she would need to use to get out of the parking lot and to the restaurant.

This was definitely not what she was expecting when she got into her car that evening.

But she had already overcome so many obstacles along her way that she wasn’t going to let this stop her.

Calling Out To Her


As Mrs. Lewis passed the men, they tried to engage her in a conversation.

She wasn’t really sure what they were saying, as she wasn’t paying much attention to them. Her mind was focused on getting out of there, and thus their words passed her by.

But she would soon find out that she should’ve listened.



The truth was that Mrs. Lewis was a little frightened. She had seen so many things on the television that even the simplest of words turned her into a ball of nerves.

For all she knew, these men could just be trying to be friendly with her. But she was too afraid to stop and find out.

That could either have been a blessing or a curse.

Walking A Little Faster


Mrs. Lewis picked up her pace a little with the hope that putting some distance between her and the men would get them to back off.

But it didn’t turn out the way she expected.

As soon as she thought she was in the clear, she noticed something that would make her heart drop to her feet and her adrenaline push through the roof.

They Were Following Her


When Mrs. Lewis rounded a corner, she realized that the men had not given up on their quest as she had hoped.

They were actually following her down the road.

At this point, she didn’t know what to do. But there was one thing she was sure of, and that was that there was no way she could outrun them.

Reaching Her Destination


Moving as fast as she could, Mrs. Lewis scurried down the road, and before long, she was standing in front of the door of the restaurant she was trying to get to.

A waitress welcomed her with a warm smile and escorted her to the counter.

But Mrs. Lewis wasn’t out of the woods yet. And she would soon discover that the three men had no fear.

They Were Still There


The men followed Mrs. Lewis into the restaurant, and they were standing in the line behind her.

Their calls had stopped, but she could tell that they were still speaking about her.

She could hear their snickers and feel their eyes burning into her. What did they want? And would they be brave enough to make their intentions known in public?

Placing Her Order


Mrs. Lewis was quick to place her order. She already knew what she wanted, and she was trying her best to put some distance between herself and the three men that were following her.

But she had no idea that her problems had just begun.

At that point, the three men should’ve been the least of her concerns.

Taking Her Seat


Trying to remain as calm as possible, Mrs. Lewis took a seat in one of the busiest parts of the restaurant, not knowing that it was one of her biggest mistakes.

The waitress approached, but she didn’t have the tea Mrs. Lewis had ordered with her.

Instead, she was carrying an envelope, and it was what it contained that would blow the entire situation out of proportion.

A Firm Warning


When Mrs. Lewis opened the envelope, she was shocked.

It contained a letter from management stating that she had not paid the last time she had visited the establishment and that she wouldn’t be served until she settled her bill.

That had been over a year ago, on the day her husband had died. She had simply made a mistake when she walked out the door.

Talking To The Manager


Mrs. Lewis asked to speak to the manager so she could explain the situation.

She had told the man what had happened that day and asked if he could be lenient with her as she couldn’t afford to pay both bills at the same time.

She would be more than happy to come to pay the outstanding amount once she receives her pension at the end of the month.



But the man stood firm. He demanded that she either pay or leave. Mrs. Lewis was speechless.

She had never met anyone as heartless as the man who was standing in front of her.

Little did she know that someone had been watching the entire encounter. And they weren’t pleased about what they were hearing at all.

The Three Men Approach


The three men who had followed Mrs. Lewis to the restaurant stepped forward.

They pushed past the manager and took a seat at her table.

One of the men gave the manager a filthy look, and with that, he turned on his heel and walked away. What on earth was going on? Would Mrs. Lewis get her food?

Asking To Join Her


After the manager left, the man who gave him the look turned to Mrs. Lewis.

“Would you mind if we join you for dinner?” the man asked.

He gave Mrs. Lewis a sweet smile that had her questioning everything she thought she knew. Had she been mistaken about their intentions this entire time? Had she misjudged them?

A Nervous Nod


With a nervous nod, Mrs. Lewis welcomed the company.

She didn’t want to be alone to begin with, and even though these men had her following her down the street, she knew she wouldn’t be able to get rid of them.

So she might as well embrace the situation and enjoy her dinner. That was if she got her dinner.

The Waitress Returned


A few minutes later, the waitress returned, and she was holding the tea Mrs. Lewis had ordered.

But when she saw the men who were seated with the old woman, the blood drained from her face.

Who were these men? And why did they have such an effect on everyone that worked in the restaurant?

At A Loss For Words


The waitress was at a loss for words. She stumbled over everything she tried to say.

And that was when Mrs. Lewis realized that there was more to these men than she thought.

But that left Mrs. Lewis with more questions than answers. It was only when the waitress started apologizing that the truth came to light.

Troublesome Behavior


“I never knew you were friends with the owners,” the waitress stuttered with an apologetic look in her eyes.

“If I had, I never would’ve given you that note,” she added.

“But now the problem is solved, isn’t it?” one of the men asked. But Mrs. Lewis was still confused. She had known the owners, and this boy wasn’t one of them.

The Answer


That was when the men started opening up. They were Lamech Moore, Deshaun Stewart, and Tyrell Brown.

They were the grandsons of the men who previously owned Moore and Co.

Their grandfathers had stepped down about a year ago, and the boys took the restaurant over. They knew all about Mr. and Mrs. Lewis but had never had a chance to meet them in person.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.