Toddler Missing For 2 Days, Then Pitbull Does Something Extraordinary


Where Was She?

Beth Campbell felt sick to her stomach as she feared the worst. Her 2-year-old granddaughter, Charlee, had gone missing two days ago. She disappeared without a trace and everyone in their neighborhood was looking for the little girl. It felt like they would never be able to find her.

You can imagine the neighbor’s surprise when they opened their door one morning and discovered where she had been. A pitbull had her!

Happy Little Girl

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Everyone in their neighborhood knew and loved Charlee. Her grandma, Beth, loved and adored her more than anything in the world. Together, they lived in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky.

Two of Charlee’s favorite things in the world were animals and the Disney movie, Frozen. She was known for her bubbly personality and adorable smile. Everyone that knew her, loved her. but despite her young age and cheerful demeanor, Charlee struggled with serious issues.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder


Charlee struggled with ASD, as known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Because of her disorder, there were a few things that she had a hard time dealing with. These things would often upset her greatly. One example was how easily she would get overstimulated.

Charlee was most comfortable with quiet, calm, known, and predictable scenarios. Whenever she was faced with the unknown, she would get agitated and distressed. But soon, she would be put into the most extreme and uncertain scenario of her life.

Charlie And Beth

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Beth knew how easily Charlee got overwhelmed, that was why she did everything in her power to make her feel as comfortable as possible. But one particular day, the unexpected happened. After this day the only thing that Beth could do was pray that Charlee would be alright.

One can only imagine how difficult this must have been for Charlee and Beth.

Ordinary Morning

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It was an ordinary morning. Charlee and Beth sat together while they enjoyed their breakfast. Beth was trying to teach Charlee how to start reading.

Charlee seemed to be quite preoccupied with it, which was normal considering she had Autistic Spectrum Disorder. She was making great progress. Beth was so proud of her, she bragged about it to anyone that would listen.

Trustworthy Pet


After their reading session, both of them wanted to rest. Charlee earned the rest and Beth wanted to make some calls to relatives. Beth let Charlee spend some time playing with her best friend.

Who was this friend? It was Beth’s pitbull, Penny. Despite the stigma around pitbulls, Penny had never given Beth any reason to be concerned. She was docile and affectionate. But soon, Beth would regret putting so much trust in Penny.

Searching For Them

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Once Beth was done with her phone calls, she made her way to the living room. Charlee and Penny were nowhere to be seen. The door was wide open, so she assumed that they were playing in the garden.

She went outside to see if they were there, but she couldn’t find them. Panic washed over her as she checked every corner of the house and garden, calling their names. But she couldn’t find them anywhere. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she feared the worst.

Helping Hands


She wasted no time as she called the police and reported them missing. As soon as she hung up, the Bullitt County Sheriff initiated a foot search in their area.

The very next day, neighbors were informed of the news and they all got involved with the search. But they couldn’t find anything. They were all losing hope. What if they never found her? But then, something happened.

Wayne Brown


Wayne Brown was one of the neighbors helping in the search for Charlee. He was sick with worry. Just like everyone else, he hoped that she was safe and sound.  As soon as he was informed of her disappearance, he prayed for her and her grandmother.

He didn’t know them very well, but her disappearance hit close to home for Wayne. This is why…

Somber Memories

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When Wayne was a child, his brother disappeared. He had escaped their garden and climbed the fences. He was found miles from their home, and he had passed away.

Charlee’s disappearance brought somber memories to Wayne. He was heartbroken for her family. He wanted everything to be okay and for Charlee to be safe. That was when he heard the sound of a dog on his front porch.

Could It Be…?

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When he heard it, his heart stopped for a minute. He also knew that Penny had disappeared with Charlee. So could that be…? His mind was racing through the possibilities as he rushed to the door.

And there they were. Penny, Beth’s pitbull, was at Wayne’s door, barking as if she was asking for help. Lying next to her was Charlee in a fainted state.

He Called 911

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Quickly, he took Charlee and Penny to the house. He gave Charlee some water; she looked dehydrated and in a really poor state. God only knew what she had been through for the last two days.

The next thing he did was dial 911. Then, he just sat in the living room and waited, praying that Charlee would be alright.

Hoping For The Best

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The ambulance arrived, and they took Charlee to the nearest hospital. And Wayne was left with some lingering doubts about what had just happened.

“They’ve been everywhere. They’ve been all over this place, and how did they not find this child, and she just shows up where the search has been. How does that happen?” he said to the press when asked about the story.

2 Days In The Woods


Apparently, Charlee and Penny had been wandering in the woods for two days until Penny found Wayne’s house. Charlee was dehydrated when the ambulance picked her up, but now she was doing OK.

“Whenever they told me that they had found Charlee, I was just outside of myself. I was just so happy,” Beth told the press. And all thanks to Penny.

A Happy Ending


“When my dog didn’t come home, and my baby wasn’t home, she was not going to leave that baby until she got here,” she said of the pit bull. This is our hero right here”

“By the grace of God and everyone that helped, she’s (safe), and that’s all that matters. I can’t even explain how happy that I am that this baby is home, because I love her more than anything in this world”.