Boy Wants Photo With Cop, Doesn’t Realize That’s Part Of His Plan


Breakfast For One

Officer Ashton sat alone at the table for one as he enjoyed his lunch of eggs and bacon. He liked eating out on his own, it gave him time to think and sort through his own thoughts. But when he looked up, he noticed the little boy entering the cafe. His bright blue eyes stared straight at Ashton as he walked.

Ashton felt uneasy, but he had no idea why. He didn’t know it yet, but the boy was about to change his life for good.

Officer Ashton Tovey

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Ashton Tovey wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. Both his father and his uncle worked as officers. It was clear that loyalty and bravery were both family traits.

For years, Ashton put everything into his work, and eventually, he managed to become Officer Ashton Tovey. He was beyond grateful. He wore his badge with pride and he loved every second of his job. But he had no idea what was coming.

Hard-Working Man

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He had been an officer for four years now, and he still loved every second of it. He woke up with a smile on his face every single morning. His job could be tough at times, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying every second of it.

He knew that he was making a difference every single day of his life. But one dark night tore his entire world apart.

A Lot Of Benefits

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His job had a lot of benefits. He got to help others and he made good money. But the best part of the job was being able to work with two of his best friends, Felix and Marcus.

The three of them had started their journey on the force at the same time. They were all roommates at the police academy. They experienced everything together and now they were inseparable. But things were about to change.

Call From His Boss

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Ashton was asleep when his phone rang. They called him five times before he finally woke up and answered his phone. It was his boss.

Ashton was tiredly rubbing his eyes when he grumbled a short “hello” into his phone. There was a moment of silence before his boss responded. What he told Ashton turned his entire world upside down.

Heartbreaking News

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That night, while Ashton was asleep, Felix and Marcus were on duty. They were patrolling the neighborhood when they stumbled across a fight that took place in the middle of a quiet street.

Sadly, the fight had a fatal end for both Felix and Marcus. Ashton had lost both of his best friends in one night. Ashton was heartbroken, and he vowed to get his revenge.

Never Be The Same

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Months after the incident, Ashton was still heartbroken and traumatized by that fateful night. How could he just carry on as if nothing happened? His best friends were gone.

He couldn’t sleep, and he struggled to eat. Would things ever go back to how they were? His best friends weren’t there to greet him with a high-five and a coffee anymore. How could anyone carry on?

Four Months Later

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He had to get his mind off of it. He decided to dedicate his time to his work and helping others, it was what Felix and Marcus would’ve wanted. But as hard as he tried, he just couldn’t get over their deaths.

Four months after he had lost his friends, he decided to go for lunch on his own. But he didn’t know what was about to happen.

Ordinary Lunch Break


It was a sunny day in Ashton’s small town and he was ready to take his lunch break. He decided to go to his favorite cafe.

As soon as he walked through the cafe’s doors, he smiled slightly at the smell of their freshly baked treats. He felt at home whenever he came to this cafe. He assumed this would be an ordinary lunch break, but it wouldn’t.

Lunch Alone

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He sat down in his usual corner and ordered his food. He loved eating out on his own. It gave him the time to sort through his thoughts, which was necessary for Ashton. It was always a lot quieter in the cafe compared to the busy staff room at the police station.

His food was prepared and served swiftly and he quickly tucked into his eggs and bacon. But there was a small boy standing outside of the cafe. Ashton didn’t know it yet, but this boy was about to change his life.

What Was He Staring At?

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The little boy walked inside the cafe while looking straight at Ashton. He joined the queue with his mom, and they waited to be seated.

As Ashton was eating his food, and sipping on his coffee, the boy was still staring. Did Ashton have something in his hair? Or on his face? Ashton was soon about to learn why this boy was curious about the officer, and he wasn’t prepared for the truth.

Something Strange

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Ashton smiled at the boy and he swiftly turned away. The officer carried on eating and brushed off the little boy’s stares as nothing serious.

But this boy was staring at Ashton for a reason that would leave the officer with a shiver up his spine.

Walking Over

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Ashton finished his food and left cash for the waiter, as he always does. But as he got up from the table, suddenly the little boy came walking over to him.

Ashton never could have imagined how this meeting would turn out.

Can I Have A Picture?

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“Excuse me,” the little boy said with a gigantic smile, “can I have a picture?” He asked. Ashton was stumped, “who, me?” Ashton replied.

“Yes, you,” the little boy said. Suddenly, Ashton’s world lit up. This little boy had well and truly turned Ashton’s smile upside down.

A Heartwarming Moment

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Ashton posed for the picture with the little boy and even his mom had a tear in her eye as she took the picture.

Ashton was so moved by this little boy, and he decided to post the story online, as a way for people to see that not all cops are bad guys. But Ashton never could have expected the response he got.

Going Viral

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Within a matter of hours, Ashton, the little boy, and their selfie went viral. Thousands and thousands of people all across the globe had seen the selfie and read the story of Ashton and the little boy.

For Ashton, it was reassuring to know he was doing his job well. And as a police officer, that’s all he could ask for. But not all cops’ encounters with civillians are so easy.

A Chase Like No Other

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He had been following the SUV for twenty minutes now. The vehicle drove down the interstate highway. Its driver uneasily swerved as they overtook other cars.

Was the driver sick or under the influence? Knowing he needed to stop them, he turned on his siren and stepped on the gas. He couldn’t believe what he had found.

Protecting And Serving

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Marcus Solomons had been a state trooper for the last decade and a half. He knew the ins and outs of the Utah highway system and enjoyed helping folks as they drove to their destinations.

Marcus had seen almost everything the highway had to offer. He’d been in car chases before, but nothing would ever top what happened to him that morning. (

A Normal Day At Work

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For Marcus, a typical day as a state trooper involved patrolling the interstate highway in Utah. Marcus loved his job. Every morning, he would wake up stocked for the adventures that waited for him on the road.

Even though he didn’t know it, what would happen that day would forever change his perspective on being a trooper.

The Interstate

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That day began as every other did, with a cup of coffee and a drive down to the station. After a bit of housekeeping and paperwork, Marcus hopped into his cruiser.

The Interstate 15 (I-15) was part of his route that day. Marcus could feel it call to him. He kicked his cruiser into gear and slid out of the driveway. He had no clue what he was driving into.

Disturbing The Peace

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Patrolling the interstate was usually a calm endeavor. Yet today, Marcus felt like something big was about to happen.

He was cruising down the almost clear highway when an SUV swerved ahead of him. The vehicle lumbered down the road unsteadily. What’s this? Marcus wondered. Something wasn’t right.

It Didn’t Add Up

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Marcus had driven along this highway for two decades. He had seen a lot, but not what he was looking at now.

The SUV before him jerked forward. Its driver steadied it. The vehicle wobbled on the road as it overtook a pickup truck. But that’s not what struck the state trooper as odd.

Phantom Driver


Marcus could’ve sworn he’d seen no one on the driver’s seat. He wiped his eyes. Was he in some prank, or were his eyes playing tricks on him?

He flicked his turn signal and overtook the pickup truck, steadying his cruiser behind the SUV. Marcus craned his neck, trying to better look at the SUV’s driver. What he saw almost made him veer off the road.

I Can’t Believe It


There were many stories about ghosts plaguing highways all over America. Marcus grew up with some of those stories.

The idea of a driverless car wasn’t new to him. Cars driving themselves didn’t cripple his spine with chilling fear. But this vehicle made his blood cuddle and his forehead run wet with sweat.

A Vehicle From The Future


Marcus tried to rationalize the situation. There was an SUV before him with no visible driver. It was overtaking other cars but barely keeping to the road.

It might be one of those electric self-driving cars. Marcus had seen some in the city, and they were a better pick than ghosts. He had to stop the vehicle.

A Steady Chase

Times Now

Thirty minutes had already passed since Marcus started pursuing the SUV. He needed to stop it now. As he accelerated toward the car, a thought hit him.

Maybe the vehicle had a driver, but they were sick and needed medical help. Marcus assisted many travelers on this road daily. If this driver needed help, he’d willingly offer it.

You’re Not Losing Your Mind

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Marcus turned on his siren, hoping the phantom or driver inside the SUV abided by road laws. The vehicle shook. As it settled back on the road, Marcus finally caught a glimpse of the driver’s seat.

A person was driving the car. Marcus laughed at himself. Ghost driver, what was he thinking? But as he got a closer look, his smile faded.

Not A Ghost


A child stood behind the wheel, barely looking over the dashboard. Marcus blinked severally, his jaw slacking. A ghost driver would’ve made more sense than this.

“Pull over,” he spoke into his PA system. He’d have to be gentle as traffic was picking up around them. Spooking the child might’ve resulted in countless accidents.

Taking Care


As gently as he could, Marcus drove alongside the SUV. He cracked open his window and smiled at the kid, urging him to pull over.

The child nodded, returning Marcus’ smile with a nervous one. “It’s alright,” Marcus said over the window. “Just stop the vehicle, son.” He was not ready for what the child did next.

A Shocking Revelation


The kid, who couldn’t have been over six, slowed the SUV and pulled it to the side. Marcus couldn’t believe it.

He rushed out of his cruiser with a first aid kit. Where were this child’s parents, why was he on the road, and where did he learn to drive at such a young age?

Three Dollars Richer


Marcus took the kid and called the station. He explained the situation, and the department contacted the child’s parents.

As they drove back to the station, Marcus asked the boy something that had been gnawing at his mind. “Where were you going and why?” “My mom wouldn’t buy me a Lamborghini, so I was going to California to buy one,” the boy shrugged. “Look,” he fished three dollars out of his pocket, “I even have the money.”