The Top 5 Reasons for Joining Online Dating Sites Post-Breakup

After breaking up with somebody you loved, the shock can be overwhelming and you're thinking about your next move but why would you immediately join online dating sites post-breakup? Revenge? Loneliness?

Going through a breakup can be an overwhelming experience. Intense emotions, such as sadness, shock, and depression, may arise, but healing is always possible with time. Experts recommend taking time to recover before dating again, with the duration depending on the length of your past relationship. The impulse to make hasty decisions, such as turning to online dating, is common and leads to questions like “why do we act impulsively post-breakup?”.

If you are struggling with a recent breakup, take time to heal and consider seeking support. Understanding common behavior patterns after a breakup can help you make better decisions and avoid impulsiveness.

5. Revenge

online dating sites revenge


Following a break-up, some people hastily create dating profiles to ignite a sense of jealousy in their former partners. Though it may provide momentary satisfaction, it is an ineffective and immature revenge strategy, betraying unresolved feelings. Instead, a composed and dignified approach is recommended, illustrating maturity during post-breakup. In truth, choosing dignity over revenge will bear healthier outcomes in the long run.

4. Ego Boost

online dating sites ego boost


Going through a breakup can deeply impact one’s self-esteem, especially when being abandoned for someone else. To escape feelings of inadequacy, some try their luck with online dating. While this may temporarily boost one’s confidence, generating flattering attention from interested matches, it ultimately provides only fleeting satisfaction. The true remedy for a wounded soul lies elsewhere.

3. Closure

online dating sites closure


Enduring a significant loss, like a breakup, can trigger a never-ending search for closure. We long for answers, hoping they will soothe the pain. However, diving into new relationships can mess up the healing process and suppress honest emotions.

Furthermore, seeking closure from a former partner does not guarantee the desired answers. Crucially, we must accept that relationships often end due to imperfections. Instead, we should strive for self-derived closure. This grants us the freedom to move on and create a brighter future, release all emotional baggage and heartaches that hold us back.

Healing emotional wounds is the first step to rediscovering the joy of dating again. By enabling others to appreciate the real you, rather than a damaged version, you create space for authentic love and happiness.

2. Loneliness

online dating sites lonely


Loneliness doesn’t stem solely from solitude, but from inadequate and shallow connections. While online dating platforms can help search for a partner, genuine and significant relationships require time and effort. Fleeting digital interactions cannot stop feelings of loneliness. To combat this, one must cultivate deep and meaningful bonds to banish such emotions.

1. Pain Avoidance

online dating sites avoid pain


Breakups often trigger coping mechanisms involving excessive drinking, smoking, overeating, or worse, substance abuse. Others prefer diving straight into dating someone new, hoping to dull the pain of heartbreak. In this context, pursuing a new romantic interest can be compared to a “get back on the horse” adage, with the horse being a new partner. The rationale behind this is that being with someone new is less painful than enduring the loneliness after a break-up. Online browsing may provide temporary relief, but it’s important to allow for emotional recalibration. Set aside time for mourning, then focus on self-healing activities that boost your well-being and elevate your spirit. Find pleasure dressing up and cherish quality moments with friends, but always remember to do it for yourself and not someone else. As you ponder about what you genuinely seek in a partner, online dating can be a useful tool for meeting new people. However, it’s crucial to take that step only when you’re truly ready. Online dating undoubtedly shapes future romance, and if you’re fully recovered and prepared to embark on the journey, we have resources to help you. Explore our tips for effective online dating and avoid the common faux pas that are likely to ruin your chances.