It’s Time to Get Ready for Spring!

Are you ready to say say hello to spring? We have put together a list of products to help you prepare your house for spring.

Are you ready to say good bye to winter and say hello to spring? You have been stuck inside for months because it has been too cold to go outside. Your house has been closed up, your garage is unorganized and the yards are covered in weeds.

We have put together a list of products to help you prepare your house for spring. From cleaning products to house necessities, you will be ready for the new season!

1.) Open Your Windows

Your homes windows have been closed for months. On a warm day go ahead and open them all up to air out your house.
It is a good idea to get the old stale air out and let the new, fresh are in. You can also purchase an air purifier to help clean out the air in you house. See our air purifier reviews to pick the best one for you!

2.) Clean Your Windows

Cleaning your windows, inside and out is a good idea to the start of spring. With all of the rain, wind and dirt from the winter, they will need it.

Wet & Forget Roof and Siding Cleaner will help you get the outside windows clean. If they need a good scrubbing, the Baban Squeegee Window Cleaner 2 in 1 Window Cleaning Tool will help get the job done.

3.) Clean Your Front Door

Your front door is something that everyone sees when they come over. It is most likely one of the dirtiest in your home.

Fill a bucket with some warm water and dish soap. Using a sponge give it a good scrubbing. Use the hose to rinse the soap away.

4.) Buy a New Door Mat

A door mat is placed in front of your door to wipe your shoes before entering the house. It is also one of the first things people see when walking up to your house.

A welcoming door mat is an affordable way to freshen up your front porch. This Welcome Door Mat has a non slip rubber backing. It absorbs mud easy and is easy to clean.

5.) Plant New Flowers on Your Porch

Having some potted plants on your front porch will give it some personality. If your porch is shaded or sunny there is a plant that will add some life and color to your porch.

These lightweight, concrete planters gives the front porch an updated look. It has a drainage hole for optimal growing conditions. It is also weather and water-resistant.

6.) Buy A Wreath for the Door

Starting a new season with a new wreath for your front door is a great idea. Wreaths can be made up of craft supplies, artificial flowers or dried flowers

This wreath will look great for Spring. The possibilities are endless with wreaths. You may even want to try to make your own this Spring.

7.) Cleaning Supplies Crate

If you are going to do some serious cleaning all at once, we suggest gathering all of your cleaning supplies. Having them all available right where you need them will save you some work.

Gather all of your supplies into a cleaning caddy. It holds cleaning products and supplies. All of your products will be kept organized with this handy caddy.

8.) Buy New Rubber Gloves

No one really enjoys cleaning. Wearing rubber gloves will help you get through the dirty job. They create a barrier for your hands from the chemicals and filth. This spring, replace them to make sure there are no holes or mildew inside of them that will touch your hands.

These thick gloves will protect you from all washing. They are even good for sensitive skin. Their design is made to last through all of your spring cleaning!

9.) Dust all Blinds

You should be dusting your blinds regularly, but just incase, we are giving you a friendly reminder. With spring coming, you are going to want to open up those blinds and let the sunshine in. You don’t want people to see the dust on them though.

To help clean those blinds, look into buying a microfiber duster. This one extends to reach blinds that are high up. It has a cleaning head that is flexible and bendable to reach all of the dust that a normal duster can’t reach.

10.) Clean All Curtains

If you have curtains up over your windows, we recommend that you clean them every spring. Dust loves curtains and likes to absorb odors. You can get them professional cleaned or clean them yourselves.

If you would like to clean them yourselves, this tool is amazing! It is a UV Vacuum cleaner. It has powerful suction and UV light for ridding all dust and allergens from your curtains.

11.) Shampoo Carpets

Vacuuming your carpets is obviously not enough. You should be shampooing them as well to get rid of all of the dirt that you don’t see.

If you don’t want to get your carpets professional cleaned, they make great carpet cleaners that you can do by yourself. This carpet cleaner will deep clean even your dirtiest carpets.

12.) Clean Your Refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator should be done often. If you haven’d done it for awhile, spring is a good time to start. We suggest doing it before a big grocery trip so it’s not too full.

Take everything out of the refrigerator and start scrubbing. If you have a stainless steel refrigerator we highly recommend these products to clean the stainless steel.

13.) Clean Out Your Freezer

The freezer can use a good cleaning this spring. Most people dread it because of the goop and crumbs frozen inside.

To help you clean the freezer, a heavy duty cleaner is what you need. This cleaner is designed to be used in the freezer specifically.

14.) Clean Out Pantry

This spring organize your pantry. Throw out anything that has expired first. Take everything out and wipe down the counters. If needed, repaint the shelves or replace the shelf liner.

For better organization, buy some shelves that fit inside your pantry. Some smaller storage bins are also a good idea for the pantry. These will help you keep everything organized and allows for easier access to items.

15.) Buy New Towels

If you heaven’t replaced your old towels, the spring buy some new ones. If you let your towels get too old, they won’t work effectively in drying you. If they are older than 2 years they most likely have some unseen germs and bacteria hidden in them.

Don’t forget in addition to new bath towels, you should also replace your hand towels and kitchen towels. Not only is it good for your hygiene, but new towels look so nice hanging on a towel rack.

16.) Chore Sticks for the Kids

It’s a good idea to have your children help you clean. Buying some chore sticks will help make cleaning fun.  These will help get your kids excited picking their next chore.

There are 60 chores sticks, 50 that are printed and 10 left blank for you to write any other chore they didn’t include.

17.) Magic Eraser any Spots on the Doors or Walls

Now is a good time to clean the walls. Scuffs on the wall, fingerprints, or any other marks are unavoidable. It is easy to clean them if you have a Magic Eraser.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will make all marks disappear. The scrubber is not only good for the walls, but you can use it to clean your tubs, oven door and so much more.

18.) Touch up any Marks on the Walls

There are some marks on the wall that may need more than a Magic Eraser. Springtime is a great time to give your walls a little touch up with paint.

To make your life easier, you can buy a touch up painter. You just add the paint of the wall color you painted and it’s ready to go, mess free. The touch up painter covers marks and scuffs for quick touch ups.

19.) Clean Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fan has been sitting and collecting dust. Now that spring is coming, your house will be warming up and you will be using it more.

Keeping your ceiling fan clean will keep the air in your home cleaner and safer for your family. A good microfiber duster with extension pole will help you clean the fan’s blades.

20.) Change Air Filter

This spring, don’t forget to change your air filter. Your air filter catches the natural particulate pollution of your home. As it collects all of the dust, mold, fibers, etc, the filter becomes denser. If you don’t change the filter, the clean air can’t pass through.

This air filter helps reduce allergens in your air. They capture allergens as well as large particles like lint and household dust. This filter will also help keep your air conditioner and heater running smoothly.

21.) Buy New Throw Pillows

Any easy way to brighten up a room for spring is with throw pillows. They are aesthetic and functional. You can find them in any color that will go with your house. They even come in seasonal patterns.

This set of pillow covers is just the right touch of color. They are great for decoration and are easy to wash.

22.) Rake all of the Leaves

Springtime is when everything outside needs to be tidied up from fall and winter. From months of cold and wind there are leaves everywhere that need to be gathered.

After raking up the leaves from the ground and under bushes, gather them into a pile. Use some leaf scoops to help pick them up and rather them into a bin for disposal.

23.) Pull the Weeds

After it rain of winter, it’s time to pull out the weeds that have come in the yard. It’s easiest to pull them when the soil is still moist. Remember to must get the whole root out or they will come back.

For smaller weeds, you can use a weed killer. A stand up weeder will help remove the larger weeds that need to be removed as well.

24.) Plant Pots

After the cold gloomy days of winter, your yard will be ready for some new plants and flowers. Remove any dead or annuals from the root.

After the weeds and dead plants have been removed, loosen up the dirt in the ground or pots with a garden trowel. Next, add soil and new flowers into new pots.

25.) Plant Seeds

Planting new seeds should be done when the freeze of the nights are over. Depending on where you live and what you are planting, will determine when your seeds should be planted.

Keeping a small garden is easy and fun. You can plant your seeds in the ground or in an above ground garden bed.

26.) Fertilize the Lawn

It’s time to fertilize your lawns! With the sun shining, your grass needs a good wake up call. As you begin to see the green grass beginning to grow, that is when you get out the fertilizer.

Scott’s Brand is a good lawn fertilizer that you can find anywhere. Make sure to use a fertilizer spreader to get a good even spreading.

27.) Clean the BBQ

Getting your grill ready for cook outs is essential in spring. Give it a good wiping down on the outside. After the outside is all cleaned up, it’s time for the inside.

Cleaning the grates of the grill will require a wire grill brush. Remove all of the cooked on food and rust that was left behind.

28.) Fill Up Your Propane

If you have a propane bbq,  you should fill up the propane tank. In addition, it is a good idea to have a second propane tank filled up as well for back up.

If you don’t have a propane bbq, you can buy one here. You will love the easiness that your knew cooking grill will provide.

29.) Buy New BBQ Tools

All grill masters need good tools to work with. Good grilling tools will maximize your grilling skills. You can get a grill kit that will provide for you everything that you need.

Cuisinart’s 20-piece Deluxe Stainless Steel Grill Set is perfect for your grilling needs. These tools will make grilling easier and more fun.

30.) Buy New Pool Toys

Spring means the weather is getting warmer and that means so is the pool. Get rid of those nasty pool toys that were collecting dirt and dust during the fall and winter.

Kids love diving toys. This pack has everything they will need for fun. A big pool float is always fun to play on in the pool as well.

31.) Run Everything on Your Pool and Clean the Filters

It is very important to check all of the pool equipment at the beginning of spring. Make sure that the pump and circulation and filtration systems are all working well. Check it for leaks and unusual noises

In addition, you should test the pool water. Make sure the pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine levels are all where they should be. Use a chemical test kit or test strips to check the levels.

32.) Check Your Hose for any Leaks

You haven’t used your garden hose for many months. Make sure that there are no leaks or damage to the hose.

If there are leaks, go ahead and replace the garden hose. There are also expandable hoses that you may want to get instead of a regular garden hose. A hose wand with adjustable sprays is also a good investment for spring.

33.) Check your Sprinklers

If you have an automatic sprinkler system, it’s time to make sure that it is ready for another warm season. This will help you save money and water making sure that they are working efficiently.

If you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system, look into a new garden hose sprinkler. You can water the whole lawn or just a small section of the lawn with a hose sprinkler.

34.) Take all of Your Jackets to the Dry Cleaners

Since spring is here and you won’t be wearing your large, heavy jackets and coats, it’s time to bring them to the cleaners.

If you have a steam cleaner you can clean them all that way. A hand held steam cleaner will help you get your garments freshened up.

35.) Pack Away Your Winter Clothing

To keep your closet and drawers organized, you will want to put your winter clothing in bins out of site. This includes large heavy sweaters, hats scarves and gloves. Wash them and fold them nicely and put them away for next winter.

Regular storage bins work great for this. If storage is limited, you can use under the bed organizers or air sealed bags.

36.) Donate any Clothing That you Didn’t Wear This Winter

Spring is the perfect time to go through your house and donate anything you don’t use or love anymore. If you didn’t use it or wear it in a year, get rid of it.

If you need some help or motivation to get to organizing, read this book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.”

37.) Unpack Your Spring and Summer Clothing

Now that your winter clothes put away it’s time to bring out your spring and summer clothing. Before you unpack all of the clothing, make sure that your drawers and closets are all cleaned and ready to go.

Wipe down the clothing rods and vacuum the bottom of the closet. If needed, purchase a new closet organizer. This will help you keep everything in its place and organized.

38.) Replace Winter Tires

It’s time to change your winter tires now that spring is here. Once the snow has melted and the days have warmed up no lower than 40 degrees it is time to put your all-season tires on.
Keep those tires clean with some tire cleaner so that they always look new in spring.  It safely removes dirt and any other grime that gets on your tires.

39.) Detail Your Car

Winter is hard on your cars. Giving it a good cleaning inside and out will get it ready for springtime.

Armor All offers many products for you to get the inside and out of your car cleaned. Give your car a good vacuuming and wipe down as much of it as you can. Don’t forget to clean the windows.

40.) Oil Change

Lastly, we recommend that you change your oil and all other fluids in your car. Make sure to refill the windshield washer reservoir as well.

Now, your house, yard, car and you are ready for spring! We hope this list has helped you get all of your spring cleaning completed!