Would You Try These 20 Kinds of Interesting Food from Around The World?

I’ve always considered the best thing about traveling to be the opportunity to try interesting food worldwide. The challenge is always to let go of what I consider “normal” when it comes to food and accept that every country and culture has different delicacies and eats a variety of different things. But where, exactly, do we draw the line when it comes to being adventurous with food?

Sit back as we take you through 20 kinds of interesting food around the world – are you game enough to try them?

20.) Interesting Food: Cobra Heart – Vietnam

the most interesting food in the world

Eat your heart out. The cobra is slit open in front of you and its beating heart is placed into a shot glass of its own blood. You’re expected to eat the heart and chase it with rice wine.


While this is indeed a very interesting and crazy experience, it’s also quite cruel, and many people end up being regretful afterwards.