I Can’t Buy You a Drink: the Top 5 Most Expensive Cocktails

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There’s nothing like a fine drink at the end of a long day. And we’ve all had those long nights when one drink turns into many and the bar tab adds up to more than what you make in a day’s work. If you had ordered one of the cocktails featured on today’s list, though, you would have been looking at a bill greater than what you make in the entire week ““ or even longer! Thanks to some exceptionally rare liquor and some fabulously fancy twists, these are five of the most expensive concoctions your money can buy.

5 The Poor Man’s Rich Man’s Drink

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A bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon will cost you around forty bucks, depending on where you get it. So how is it that the company offered a Mint Julep priced at one thousand dollars? It’s not the whiskey, and it’s not the mint or the sugars “¦ it’s the ice! This fanciest take on a cocktail that’s usually well within the price-range of all drinkers was made for a special benefit dinner using ten thousand year old ice cubes, sourced from an Alaskan glacier.

4 Well, it is The Ritz “¦

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The very name, The Ritz, has come to be associated with glamour and finery “¦ and price. So it should come as little surprise that the bar at the Ritz-Carlton in Paris has come up with a take on the classic sidecar that will run you more than fifteen hundred bucks. The secret? Champagne from the mid-19th century.

3 Viva Las Vegas “¦ Big Time

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If you just won ten grand at a roulette wheel in the Wynn Casino and you need a way to spend it as fast as possible, why not head over to the aptly named XS Nightclub there at the Wynn and buy yourself one Ono Champagne Cocktail? Thanks to Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac being the main ingredient, you’ll spend every penny of your winnings to quaff one of these down. See, a bottle of that cognac sells for around ninety grand. The fine champagne and fresh-squeezed juice are really just afterthoughts here.

2 A Runner-Up, in Our Opinion

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Technically, this drink is more expensive than our #1 entry, but we feel like The Jewel of Pangea (the drink’s humble name) is kind of cheating. You see, it is mixed using fine champagne and cognac, and then garnished with gold and diamonds. The nearly thirty grand this drink will cost you is spent not on the beverage part of the concoction at all, but on precious metals and stones. The fact that your cocktail will be accompanied by body guards is pretty cool, though.

1 Fancier than Fosters

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An Australian establishment claims to offer the most expensive cocktail in the world, which they are calling the Winston. At Melbourne’s Club 23, a Winston will run you more than $12,000 USD. The cocktail has just four ingredients, three of them common in any fine establishment. The main ingredient of the Winston, however, is a generous pour of a cognac from the year 1858. There’s your twelve grand right there.

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