HR Tries To Fire Engineer Not Knowing He Controls Entire Building



Walking out of HR’s office, Alex was disgusted by what had just happened. The woman inside had heavily insinuated that he was on his way out.

But the aimless accusations would only end badly for the company. He would be picked up by a different place in a week if he wanted. They would never recover from the hole he left.

Hatching A Plan


Alex started to hatch a malicious plan. He knew things in the company that nobody else was capable of learning. That meant that when he left, he could make sure that things were difficult.

Two weeks later, after his plans were put into motion, he wrote a letter to the head of HR and made sure to put it on her desk first thing the next morning. After that, he walked straight out of the office, that’s when his phone started buzzing.

Scrambling To Pick Up The Pieces


The company was scrambling to pick up the pieces, but Alex didn’t care. He knew that they didn’t care about him even after he had dedicated 25 years to the company.

Now he had the opportunity to break their hearts. The HR representative called him frantically, asking him to see her in her office immediately, but he just smiled and said the unexpected.

Don’t Work Here


“Sorry, that’s not my job; I put my resignation letter on your desk, but you didn’t bother to look, did you?” He said with a wolfish grin. He knew he had won, and the company would sink now.

They needed him now more than ever, and without his valuable skill set, they were doomed. The truth of the matter was that he put in extra hours over the last two weeks, but it wasn’t for anyone but himself.

Malicious Intent


Alex didn’t want to put in the extra hours for a company that clearly didn’t care; he was putting them in to ensure that the company would never be the same after he left them.

He didn’t intend on staying there for much longer, but once he was gone, they would beg him to come back and fix the mess that they were in. Without Alex, they were locked out of everything.

Alex Vladonoy


Alex Vladanoy poured his blood, sweat, and tears into everything that he did. The man had an eye for detail and always made sure that everything he was involved in was immaculate.

He learned about technology when he took apart his dad’s record player at the age of 10. It opened the door for a profession that made sure he was always in high demand.



After graduating in the 80s, Alex was ready to find work as a qualified engineer, but having close roots in Eastern Europe meant that many people wouldn’t hire him based solely on that fact.

During the Cold War, he had to find meager jobs repairing radios because no one in America would hire an engineer that even had a whiff of a Slavic accent. The Polish engineer had to endure a decade of difficulties, but they would look up.

Dream Job


Finally, after a decade of working jobs below him, he was finally offered his dream job. The Cold War was finally over, and in 1996, he was given the job as head engineer at a tech company.

He finally got to flourish in his field, making sure security systems worked properly and contracting work in big buildings being built. But things wouldn’t always be so great.

Showing His Age


Fast forward to the present day, and Alex is starting to show his age. He was now a 63-year-old man. But with 27 years to hone his craft, he felt like he was in his prime, even if his body disagreed.

He traded in his inexperienced and fit body for an old one that got back ache every morning. But this one had an experience that few could ever achieve.



But that’s when the wise and perceptive man started to see things differently. The company that he once loved started to go downhill.

Ever since the original CEO sold the company to a new one, things weren’t the same. The new CEO didn’t pay the veteran workers at the company the respect they deserved.



One day, while going about his business, Alex got an email that he could never have expected. It was from HR, and they wanted him to go into the office for a “chat.”

His eyes went wide; there couldn’t have been any reason for him to go into HR’s office. Maybe there was an electrical problem? But he was about to learn the horrible truth.



He dragged his feet to the office, knowing that no outcome could have been good. He sat down in the chair opposite the woman – her name was Vivian, but that was pretty much all he knew.

She was a recent hire after the previous HR lady was let go. He had no idea why she was fired, but he had a bad feeling about this new one.

A Warning


The young lady smacked her lips together as she chewed gum. “Hello, Mr… Vlad.” Her shortening of his surname already made him grumpy, but what she said next would have his blood boiling.

“I called you here because I need to issue you a warning.” She said bluntly. Alex clenched his fists. Why was she giving him a warning? But the reasoning wouldn’t make him any calmer.

Letting People In


She told him that he was letting unauthorized people into the building. Alex remembered what she was talking about. He’d held the door for a fellow engineer the previous week.

He couldn’t believe he wasn’t allowed to hold the door for an employee. But what she insinuated next had him in a blind rage.



“This will be the last time you do something like this, okay? We don’t want to have to lose you.” She told him with a sarcastic grin.

This put Alex into a rage; he couldn’t believe she spoke to him like this after pouring the last quarter century of his life into the company. He knew what to do next, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

A Devious Plan


On his way out of the office, something had changed in Alex. From that moment, the company was dead to him. He would make sure that they regret treating him like trash.

He was a clever man that had clever resources at his fingertips. He hatched a devious plan that would put an end to the company once and for all.

Putting It Into Motion


The genius put in a request to work overtime. The company greedily approved it without hesitation. But Alex had ulterior motives. He wasn’t working overtime from the kindness in his heart.

Over the next two weeks, he worked long into the night, putting his plan to work. Most of it he already had access to, but he would take things overboard.

Making Sure He Was The Only One


Alex made sure that he was the only person that would be able to fix what he had caused. It was, after all, his right as the head engineer.

He knew no one else would be competent enough to pick up the pieces once he had done the dirty deed. Passwords that were only known to him would be lost forever once he decided to do the unthinkable.

Getting Everything Done


He managed to get everything he could done in the two weeks of overtime.

It was laborious but was well worth it for the message it would bring.

Finishing Touches


Now came the finishing touches. He knew that the software would cause problems for the company in the following days.

But there was another system that would be affected because of the way the software was in the building. It wasn’t just going to be the building, and even Alex didn’t see it coming.

Resignation Day


The day had finally come to enact his vengeance. He got to work right on time and walked straight to HR.

Vivian was working at her desk when Alex got there. He put down an envelope and walked back out without saying a word. She didn’t even look up at him. He smiled on his way out of the office.

A Call


Alex walked outside of the building and started walking towards a cafe. That’s when it happened, but it was sooner than he expected. His phone started buzzing.

Now he had the opportunity to break their hearts. The HR representative called him frantically, asking him to see her in her office immediately, but he just smiled and said the unexpected.

Not My Job


“Sorry, that’s not my job; I put my resignation letter on your desk, but you didn’t bother to look, did you?” He said with a wolfish grin. He knew he had won, and the company would sink now.

They needed him now more than ever, and without his valuable skill set, they were doomed. The truth of the matter was that he put in extra hours over the last two weeks sabotaging the whole company.

What He Had Done


What Alex had done was update the system software on the company’s servers. The hitch was that he was the only one that knew how to do that.

Even if anyone else knew the password, they wouldn’t have a clue what they were doing. Alex was the only competent senior engineer the company had.

They’d Have To Start Over


The company had fired all of the other engineers that were getting old; that’s why he knew what was coming to him. But he’d have the last laugh.

They’d have to scrap the whole system once they found out that they could never get into it again without the help of their former engineer, who they took for granted.

It Wasn’t Over


Vivan begged him to help her sign into the system, but he told her that he was no longer able to do that. But she wasn’t talking about the building; she was talking about the company car.

Apparently, her morning had been a nightmare, answering dozens of calls related to all of their company cars. Employees were all complaining about the same thing.

Control Of The Car


Even Alex didn’t expect the software in the cars to be changed due to the update he had made the previous day.

He was over the moon with the development that he had just learned. The software installed into the cars meant that no employee could use the sensitive diagnostic data they needed on the job.

Moving To Nicer Pastures


After speaking to Vivian for a few minutes on the phone, he understood the gravity of what he had done.

The company was in a panic, and they hadn’t even learned about the servers in the building. Once they would, all hell would break loose. But for now, Alex could breathe easy and move on to nicer pastures.

Finding A Better Place


Within a week, Alex was set up with a few interviews with companies looking for senior engineers. None of them cared about his age at all.

This reassured him that he had made the right decision. His previous company suffered, and he was now going to be in a place where he was respected.

Never Looking Back


He never looked back. In a matter of months, he was at a new company that had a much bigger base salary than his previous job.

Even though he got calls from his old boss every week, he never returned his calls. Whatever he was going to offer wasn’t going to be worth his integrity.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.