Top Tips On How To Start A Fashion Blog

You've been wondering how to start a fashion blog, show off your DIY side and launch that website, right? We've got you covered on the how-to's of starting a fashion blog.

If you’re interested in fashion, are creative and feel you’ve got something to share with the world, then maybe it’s time to start your own fashion blog. Create your own following, hone in on that unique style all your own and influence others with a strong sense of self and fashion. We’ve got the down low on how to start a fashion blog.

A blog is a great way to show off your passion, but starting one can seem a bit daunting. The good news is starting a fashion blog doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to be a computer whiz. Here is how to start a fashion blog:

8. Pick a Good Name for Your Fashion Bloghow to start a fashion blog: choose name

The title of your fashion blog is very important, it should reflect your style and fashion sense. t’s best to avoid a name that is overly trendy, referencing something that may be popular now but will be out of style tomorrow.

Even though the answer to the question of how to start a fashion blog isn’t a simple one, a name is a good way to start. Pick a name that is timeless and will not make you cringe a few years down the road. Your blog’s name should be easy to remember and easy to spell, so that people do not have a hard time recalling it, or finding it via search engine.

Think about the platforms you’ll be using to promote and link to your blog, and then choose a name that works on all those platforms. And of course, make sure your choice is not already taken, or similar to other sites. You could have people searching for your blog and ending up on sites with a similar name.

7. Be Original

how to start a fashion blog: be original

There are plenty of fashion blogs already in existence, so find a way to make yours original. Before you start writing blog posts, do some research and see what is already out there. Legit there’s millions of other blogs out there — will you be your authentic self or sell out?

Always be your authentic self. You are your own competition in this world, so stop comparing yourself to other bloggers. As folks had previously gravitated towards focusing on paid posts, and sponsored posts, there’s now a large trend to move back towards authenticity.

Think of some ways you can make your fashion blog unique, or even an improvement on those blogs. “Come up with an angle that gives people a reason to stop by yours, rather than the others. Being creative and unique is a great way to establish yourself when you are a newcomer,” recommends Diane Moses, writer at Assignment Help.

6. Get a Domain Name & Lock in Social Mediahow to start a fashion blog domain name

Your domain name is your web address, your URL and it’s important to choose a good one. Make it short, witty and memorable. The longer your domain name, the more a person has to remember and type into a search bar. Your domain should also be specific to your blog, assuming you’re an up-and-comer.

As soon as you lock in that domain name, hit the social media forums and lock in all the accounts on every social media you can think of, whether or not you will use them religiously. Although it varies across the industry, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are definitely the best social media services to get into.

If you have already established yourself as a brand, then you could make your domain your catch phrase or product name or something. But since that’s probably not you, just make your domain something fashion related and as close to your blog name as possible.

5. What’s Your Theme?how to start a fashion blog theme

Once you’ve got your fashion blog started up and running, it’s time to select a theme. Picking a theme can be one of the most fun and creative aspects of making your blog. You’re not limited to the default theme that WordPress assigns a new blog page.

There are thousands of themes to choose from. Just remember that not all themes will work well technically with your kind of blog. Find one that is compatible with the sorts of features you’d like to include and that also appeals to your sense of aesthetics.

4. What Should You Write About?how to start a fashion blog theme write

We talked earlier about making your fashion blog unique, but if you are still wondering how to start a fashion blog, you should know that it should reflect you. Your personality and unique voice, combined with your tastes, can make your blog stand out.

Think about the sorts of posts you like and share on Facebook. Share through words and photos some quirky fashion trends you’ve discovered lately. Take inspiration from other blogs you enjoy, and consider reaching out to them for advice or even collaboration.

3. Post Frequent Updateshow to start a fashion blog updates

If you want to keep people coming back, you should post content regularly. “Trends change very quickly in the fashion world, so it’s necessary to keep your posts fresh. But beware of posting just for the sake of posting.

There’s a magic number for posting & audience cultivation: 3 posts per day. It’s a hard number to reach, but keep dedicated, and slowly build a routine to get there. If you really don’t have anything to say, it’s better to just take the day off than to post some forced and low quality content,” advises Raymond Conway, blogger at Academized.

2. Use Online Tools to Help Write Blog Contenthow to start a fashion blog tools

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone, so don’t hesitate to get some help from the experts. But if you are wondering on how to start a fashion blog, good quality of the articles is the answer and here are some good resources to get you started.

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1. How to Start a Fashion Blog: Technical sidehow to start a fashion blog tech

WordPress is a great platform to create your fashion blog. It’s free, but unlike Tumblr, you will need to host it yourself on a service such as BlueHost. You can purchase and host your domain name on Bluehost. Once you’ve signed up, you can install WordPress by navigating to the BlueHost cPanel. You’ll be asked to select domain name for installation, just choose the domain you created earlier in the process. Now you can begin customizing your blog, there are lots of free themes to choose from.

Creating and maintaining your fashion blog should be fun. You’ll have a chance to use your creativity by taking and sharing photos, and writing about your favorite unique trends. We hope that our answers to your questions about how to start a fashion blog prove to be useful and helpful.

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