How Much Do You Know Aretha Franklin? Here Are 20 Amazing Life Facts About The Queen Of Soul

By Youmn October 20, 2018 View all posts (72)

No matter what you’re doing, once you hear the Aretha Franklin singing, your body is commanded to stop and listen carefully.

When the Queen of Soul dropped her hit song “Respect,” the world of R&B knew a new era has begun, and Aretha Franklin was its leader. But aside from her famous songs, how much do we really know about this modern-day icon?

Here are 20 facts that will put you up to date on the life of the majestic Aretha Franklin.

20.) Her Father Was a Baptist Preacher And Her Mom a Vocalist

Portrait of American singer Aretha Franklin (center), her father, Baptist preacher CL (born Clarence LaVaughn) (1915 – 1984), and her sister her sister, fellow singer Carolyn (1944 – 1988), New York, 1971. (Photo by Anthony Barboza/Getty Images)

It comes as no surprise that such a powerful singer had inherited her musical gift and heavenly vocal chords from her parents. Indeed, Aretha’s father, Clarence LaVaughn “C.L” Franklin was a Baptist minister and gospel singer and her mother, Barbara Vernice Franklin, a singer and piano player.

But it wasn’t all easy. Her parents separated when she was still young and her mother passed away from a heart attack a few years later. Later on, C.L Franklin moved the family to Detroit for his new preaching position.