Hit Snooze: 5 Great Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

We've all seen the statistics about the huge percentage of time in our lives most of us spend sleeping. Unless you are super human and can thrive off three
We’ve all seen the statistics about the huge percentage of time in our lives most of us spend sleeping. Unless you are super human and can thrive off three hours of sleep a night, you probably need at least six to eight hours of sleep in order to be a functioning human being the next day. Otherwise you wind up rolling out of bed looking like a hobo coming off a week-long bender.
Since we spend all this time snoozing (and hitting the snooze button on our alarms—you know you do it, too), bedrooms are an important room in your house or apartment (or, if you live in a studio, they are your apartment). Thus, it makes sense that you should create a cozy, comfortable environment in your bedroom. Of course, you could also create a sexy, wild vibe too, depending on your taste. But even Hank Moody, the sex maniac main character in Californication, has a subtle, masculine bedroom. There is nothing wrong with subtle.
So if you need a little help or inspiration when it comes to decorating or redoing your boudoir, then take heed of these five tips.

5. Sneaky Storage

Like mirrors, picking furniture that doubles as storage space is a great way to decorate a smaller room. Make sure your nightstand has drawers or your bench doubles as a storage space. No one needs to know, and you will avoid unnecessary clutter.

4.  Mirrors

Bedroom Mirrors
Bedroom Mirrors

Like the Glamorous look, mirrors are a great addition for the bedroom as long as you keep it simple. You don’t need to line the ceiling with disco-era mirrors. Especially if your room is a little smaller, some strategically placed mirrors can add space and dimension and make your room appear a larger than it is. You can collect unique mirrors in different colors and designs as long as they form a cohesive look as a whole.

3. Glamour

Elegant Bedroom

Elegant Bedroom

If white bedding with quirky colored accents isn’t your thing, darker shades are a great way to create a soothing, glamorous and more elegant bedroom. Look at dark grays, deep blues, and dark greens. You can have accents that bring in a metallic shimmer (remember keep it subtle, this is your room, not a Vegas hotel). Keep the furniture and patterns simple, yet elegant. A darker color scheme is actually warm, inviting and refined.

2.  Quirky Color

Quirky Color Bedroom

Quirky Color Bedroom

This is a big trend—your bedroom does not have to be stark white and brown, unless that color combo really excites you to no end. “Quirky color” does not mean that you need to paint your walls violet and have a green and pink bedspread and blue carpet. Earthy colors can be accented by blues and greens. Think a pop of bright blue, yellow, or green (this doesn’t have to look like Willy Wonka’s Master suite). Bursts of color in the bedroom can lighten the mood and add style to a small space. You can also try painting just one wall of the room to break things up. If you paint one wall a darker color (dark grey for example), don’t leave it bare. You can break it up with wall art, furniture and accessories to add some color.

1. Antiques

OK, don’t fear the word “antiques.” Some people run screaming when they think of antiques because they are picturing their Great Aunt Ida’s gigantic, ornate wood desk or their grandmother’s collection of ceramic chickens. Some antiques feel outdated, of course, but there are a lot of vintage pieces that can give your bedroom a unique look, and keep it from feeling like it was plucked right out of the Ikea catalog. Antiques can be retro pieces you find at a garage sale or flea market. They come in all styles—maybe you want a vintage 1960s film poster on the wall. It’s 2013, so that could be considered an antique piece. Finding older pieces for your bedroom can be a project you take a little time with. Keep an eye out for things the work for your space and your personality. A bedroom should not feel like a bland room at a Motel 6—it should feel like you. Simply put, older pieces are a great way to bring in some personality.