22 Hilarious Snapchat Fails to Send to Your Friends Now

These hilarious Snapchat fails show that unfortunate events happen all the time. Laugh along at the misfortunes these people experienced.

Hilarious Snapchat fails might be one of the reasons why this app has stayed relevant for such a long time. Well, this and the celebrity fleeting snaps, but we’ll get to that another day.

We all have that one born-comedian friend who has the gift of finding the perfect spot-on and witty caption to a random pic. It is a delight whenever they update their stories or send us messages.

These people exist all over the world. We hunted them down to find the most hilarious Snapchat fails that will have you and your friends in stitches. 

22.) Gone With the Wind

hilarious snapchat fails trampoline windy day

When a trampoline has an identity crisis and thinks it is a kite, this is what happens. On the plus side, maybe the baby birds in the nests will have a good time jumping around and practicing their first flight.

In all cases, we don’t know how they’re going to retrieve that trampoline. We just wish them good luck.

21.) Berry Pretty

hilarious snapchat fails strawberry

Everybody remembers the Snapchat dog filter epidemic that hit us a couple of years ago. Wherever we looked, dog filter pics followed.

Now that we have more variety in our filters, we can see how we can look like in many other styles. Unfortunately, these styles sometimes turn into hilarious Snapchat fails.

20.) Double Curse

hilarious snapchat fails sandwich and beverage

We know a bad day when we see one.

Ordering lunch from a vending machine is already bad as it is, but when even that doesn’t go well, the day is off a bad start.

19.) False Advertisement

hilarious snapchat fails psychic car

Only a few things are more infuriating than psychics and their fraudulent schemes.

Well, we guess a scammer will only get what’s coming to them. We hope no one was in the car, though.

18.) You Can’t Make Up This Kind of Stuff

If this one didn’t make you snicker, we don’t know what could.

This has brought back so many memories from college. All-nighters pulled to finish a group project and caffeine-fueled weekends to prepare for finals. Good memories, friends.

17.) The Kid in the Pit

hilarious snapchat fails pit with kid

When playing with kids, caution is always advised – especially when getting close to these seemingly-bottomless pits!

This picture is so iconic that if we were them, we would treasure this photo for years to come.

16.) The Minion Explosion

One picture paints a thousand words. In this case, we know that a lot (A LOT) of swear words were shouted.

On a scale of one to buckets-of-paint-staining-my-car, how bad is your day?

15.) A Case of the Mondays

No one wants that kind of bad luck early on a Monday morning.

However, we don’t see any stop signs ahead of the road work. So can we really blame the driver?

14.) The School Chameleon

match school bathroom

Is it a fashion faux-pas to match the bathroom tiles at your school?

We would personally suggest wearing whatever makes you happy. If a coincidence like this one happens, make sure to snap it and send it to your friends!

13.) Adulting 101

laundry fail

We don’t know anyone who enjoys laundry day. But we also don’t know anyone who could hate laundry day more than the person who took this picture!

The first thing a parent says when their kids do laundry for the first time is: “Don’t mix white and colors.” The parents of this person must have added a dozen other instructions to make sure that they, y’know, don’t burn the house down.


hilarious snapchat fails lasagna

What a tragedy. Sad but hilarious Snapchat fails come in all sizes and shapes.

The food-related ones get to us the most. All our thoughts go to the victim of this unfortunate incident.

11.) I Scream, You Scream We All Scream for Fallen Ice Cream

ice cream fail

Imagine waiting in line for a mega cone of ice cream only to drop it on the sidewalk a couple of minutes later.

RIP, giant ice-cream cone. We will miss you.

10.) The Chaotic Neutral Cat

This could have won the global “Best Examples of Cats’ Harmless Yet Weird Shenanigans” awards.

The contest had half a million entries. Cats all around the world are the same.

9.) Say Cheese!

group photo

Being in the center is great if your picture is hung on the wall of your room.

It’s not so great when it is printed in a double-page spread.

8.) Don’t Know How to Feel About This One

father day mufasa

Being a dad isn’t easy, but you need to be up for the mission. Even if you’re the ruler of everything the light touches and have a mischievous brother plotting your death.

We guess that this was the message of courage this poster wanted to convey. Or maybe they just didn’t watch The Lion King.

7.) When Your Friend Is Two-Faced: Literally

face swap

Exhibit A on why face swaps are generally guaranteed to be hilarious Snapchat fails.

Frankenstein would have been proud.

6.) Why Do They Make Them Look So Yummy?

eating soap

Ok, let’s get this out there: if you find something on the side of the bathroom’s sink, DO NOT eat it.

Even if it really is edible food. Don’t. Just don’t.

5.) “Nevermind”

drink dunkin doughnut

And to think that friends laugh whenever you strap a Starbucks cup or a pizza box in with a seat-belt.

It’s called thinking ahead, people! Watch what can happen when you don’t take precautions!

4.) The Face of Defeat

defeat sauce

So much damage in one picture. We feel sorry for this lady, and we hope whatever dish she made next was an utter success.

However, that cat in the corner trying to get the most out of the situation by licking the ground has us in stitches.

3.) “Life in Plastic, It’s (Not So) Fantastic!”

cooking oven

Everybody makes mistakes and forgets some details.

Not everybody melts a plastic plate in the oven, but still, no one is immune from making mistakes.

2.) The Real Cookie Monster

cookie fail

This image is coming straight out of our worst nightmares.

We get the feeling that this young lady got this result on purpose, though. Can you see the two chocolate chips she strategically added to make it look like a face? It doesn’t make this sight any less scary, though.

1.) When the Barista Missed the “Cark”

cark fail

Was it intentional or was it an honest and innocent mistake? We shall never know.

All we can guess is that from now on, whenever Marc orders a drink, he will make sure to tell the barista *exactly* where the “C” is.

These hilarious Snapchat fails add a little bit of laughter to our day. Here is a little bonus: pets can be just as funny as humans — and sometimes even more! — when it comes to funny snaps. Need proof? Head to our next article to discover the sweetest dog Snapchats that will leave you in stitches!