A Bit Weird? Hilarious Photos of People Posing With Statues

Have you ever been walking through a park or in the city and have come across a statue and wanted your photo taken with it? You may have just stood beside it, smiled then took the photograph. Well, maybe it’s time for you to get more creative with your photography.


There are people out there that grab the opportunity to pose with statues in create ways producing some hilarious photos. Statues are free-standing sculptures that may be unable to move but these clever individuals have brought these normally frozen in time statues to life by posing with them in funny and creative ways.


Bonus if you can guess where the locations of these statues are!

Check out these hilarious photos of people and statues that will not only make you laugh but make you want to get out there, find a statue and give it a go yourself.


25.) Bear With Me

hilarious photos - captured by bear



Quick go and get some help there is a damsel in distress being kidnapped by a grizzly bear.


Someone has been eating my porridge!