A Bit Weird? Hilarious Photos of People Posing With Statues

Have you ever been walking through a park or in the city and have come across a statue and wanted your photo taken with it? You may have just stood beside it, smiled then took the photograph. Well, maybe it’s time for you to get more creative with your photography.


There are people out there that grab the opportunity to pose with statues in create ways producing some hilarious photos. Statues are free-standing sculptures that may be unable to move but these clever individuals have brought these normally frozen in time statues to life by posing with them in funny and creative ways.


Bonus if you can guess where the locations of these statues are!

Check out these hilarious photos of people and statues that will not only make you laugh but make you want to get out there, find a statue and give it a go yourself.


25.) Bear With Me

hilarious photos - captured by bear



Quick go and get some help there is a damsel in distress being kidnapped by a grizzly bear.


Someone has been eating my porridge!


24.) All The Single Ladies

hilarious photos - all the single ladies

London Media


Beyonce would be proud of these two ladies styling it out in style in the museum.


“If you liked it, you should have put a ring on it.”


23.) High Five!

hilarious photos - high five

London Media


The excitable jump in the air, the high five as he passes by a complete stranger, this guy must have realized that his dad jokes are totally on point today.


This guy walks into a bar and…


22.) How Rude!

hilarious photos - how rude



That awkward moment when you get introduced to someone for the first time and you don’t go for the same hand to shake…


Er, excuse me at least take me out to dinner first!


21.) No She Likes Me More…

hilarious photos - fighting over child



After a very heated argument, these parents are deep into a very dramatic custody battle over their little girl.


No, she likes me more!


20.) You’ve Been a Very Naughty Boy

hilarious photos - naughty boy



If I’ve told you once I’ve told you twice, squeeze the toothpaste from the bottomof the tube, Terry!


Now sit on the naughty step, take some time out and think about what you’ve done.


19.) Not The Hair

hilarious photos - not the hair



Don’t touch my hair, I’ve just been to the hairdressers for a very expensive blow dry.


Not the hair, NOT THE HAIR!


18.) Cheeky

hilarious photos - cheeky



When you innocently walk along the street and this happens.


What a cheeky so and so.


17.) Spider-Man Battle

hilarious photos - spider-man

London Media


Spider-man Spider-man does whatever a spider can.


Except for beating this rather strong enemy in a close combat fight.


16.) Give Me Some Screen Time

hilarious photos - screen time

The Chive


Our obsession with social media and screen time has become so vast that even statues can’t resist the lure of the tablet.


What’s my Instagram password again?


15.) Giving a Helping Hand

hilarious photos - giving a helping hand



How unbelievably adorable is this? Words can’t even describe the overload of cuteness going on in this photo.


Hold on little bunny I’ll give you a helping hand to get you up there.


14.) Ouch!

hilarious photos - bat to the face



When you Mom says stop playing so rough, someone is going to get hurt…


Ouch, he’s going to have a bump on his head tomorrow.


13.) I’m Sorry

hilarious photos - sorry for what i said when i was hungry



I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry I didn’t mean it. I’ve had some pizza now and I’m in a better mood.


We can go to your parents this year for Thanksgiving. I’ll do anything. Please forgive me?


12.) May I Have This Dance?

hilarious photos - may i have this dance



The music starts playing, their eyes meet from across the room. She starts moving towards him.


Please, Sir may I have this dance?


11.) You’re Coming Whether You Like It or Not

hilarious photos - youre coming whether you like it or not



It’s a work day Geoff I’m afraid you have to go to work. It’s Sandra’s birthday today so there’ll be cake.


Come on Geoff don’t be a baby about it we all have to do it.

10.) Attack of The Giant Pigeon

hilarious photos - attack of the giant pigeon



When you head down to the park to do your bit and feed the local birds and then greets you…


Help I’m being attacked by a GIANT PIGEON!


9.) Riding Antelope

hilarious photos - riding antelope



Antelopes are the only way to travel these days. Forget about your bog standard automobile or buses, Antelopes are the way forward.


Save the planet and use fewer emissions by traveling by Antelope today!


8.) Dodgy Dealings

hilarious photos - dodgy deal



While everybody’s attention is elsewhere you quickly and secretly take part in a dodgy transaction.


Do you think anyone noticed?


7.) Shh It’s a Secret

hilarious photos - shh its a secret



I heard that the statue of David in the main hall is having an affair with the statue of the maiden on the veranda.


Shh, promise me you won’t tell anyone it’s a secret.


6.) My leg!

hilarious photos - my leg



You fall over and the next thing you know is a massive head with no body is eating your leg.


I hate it when that happens.


5.) Where’s His Head?

hilarious photos - wheres his head



You bend over for a closer look and get sucked in!


He’s going to need a very hot and long shower to get cleaned up after that.


4.) Young Love

hilarious photos - young love



They can’t hold it in any longer, they’ve been friends all their lives but things have changed they just need to be together.


Young love it so cute it melts your heart.


3.) Passionate Embrace

hilarious photos - passionate embrace



Summer loving happened so fast. A holiday romance that was so passionate, exciting and memorable. The holiday ends, they part their ways never to see each other again.


Will a love this strong ever be recaptured again?


2.) While They Look The Other Way

hilarious photos - while they are looking the other way



Never take your eyes off your belongings, not for one second, even for a warm embrace from a loved one. This pesky tourist took the opportunity to grab their suitcase and run.


Well until he realized it was attached to the floor.


1.) Tell Me About Your Childhood

hilarious photos - tell me about your childhood



Lay down, relax and let’s start from the beginning. Where do you think these feeling have come from? What is your relationship like with your father?




Which is your favorite of these hilarious photos with statues? Let us know on social media or even better send us photos of you posing creatively with statues, just tag @topfivecom, and #topfivestatues. 


25 hilarious photos of people posing with statues

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