100 Messages Sent by Hilarious Kids with The Best Intentions

With their bathroom humor and accidentally inappropriate drawings, these hilarious kids will leave you dying of laughter.

Whether it’s their ignorance of social norms or they just don’t care about being offensive, but we love how honest and hilarious kids are (most of the time). Inspired by BoredPanda, we compiled our favorite kids’ notes.

100.) I Love You Forever


Hormones can be crazy.


99.) Revenge 


Ew, that is a disturbing image.

98.) Video Games Is Better Than School


I think this is legit!


97.) Same With My Mom


Moms are the best.

96.) Psychic Kids


Excuse me, I am?


95.) Demanding Kid


Is that a threat or a promise?

94) He Was A Jerk


Was he a bully?


93.) 0 To 100 Real Quick


We think there is a typo.

92.) My Life Goals


Dragons are awesome!


91.) School Stinks



90.) Ew


Thanks for the heads up, kid!


89.) Honest Letter


We will miss you, too!

88.) Just FYI


I wonder what her parents thought.


87.) Please

Yeah, don’t be mad!

86.) Thanks For The Heads Up


We understand.

85.) Payback


Don’t mess with this kid

84.) Watch What You Say Around Your Kids


Jack was just repeating what his dad said! It’s okay!

83.) Just Kidding!


Jokes on you, dad!

82.) Please, Santa


They were polite!

81.) Normal Humanly Functions 


Don’t we all?

80.) Oh No! Take My Money


Give the kid the money! He’s being honest.


79.) Did You Mean That?


We don’t think this kid meant that.

78.) Women’s Bodies 101


Well, she isn’t wrong.


77.) Is That Even a Food?


Read between the lines.

76.) Welp


Well, this kid is brutally honest


75.) Girls Rule, Boys Drool


I wonder if God will tell this kid the real answer.

74.) We Are Besties…Kinda


We feel the same way about you.


73.) Oreos Are Life 


Who knew anyone felt this passionately?

72.) Dolla Dolla Bills


At least this kid knows how to count money!

71.) Happy Merry Christmas 


It went from sweet to awful real quick.

70.) Not Many Kids Think To Give Thanks for Their Food!

hilarious kids

Most kids complain about their food – not this one! What a sweetheart.


69.) #farmlife

hilarious kids

This kid seriously loves his cows!

68.) Is Your Mom Special?

hilarious kids

Unfortunately, this hilarious kid doesn’t think his mom is special.


67.) A Letter to a Soldier

hilarious kids

He meant well!

66.) This Is a Bit Inappropriate

hilarious kids

Maybe she meant peonies?

65.) From His Grateful Grandchild

hilarious kids

She has a point; he is old.

64.) Sink or Swim

hilarious kids

At least the kid isn’t scared if he’s thanking his swimming coach!

63.) A Novel Get Well Card

hilarious kids

Those art skills are pretty on-point, too!

62.) Just Poop

hilarious kids

What is it with kids and pooping?

61.) Such a Sweetheart

hilarious kids

Maybe they should lay off on the karate lessons.

60.) Single?

hilarious kids

No worries if you’re single – you can just reach for the pills yourself!

59.) The Day The Kids Learned About Metaphors

hilarious kids

A+ for creativity on this one!

58.) Entrepreneur in Training

hilarious kids

Hilarious kids like this have some high ambitions.

57.) In Case You Forgot, You’re Bald

hilarious kids

Clearly, this kid hasn’t heard of hair transplants.

56.) Awww

hilarious kids

This is pretty adorable.

55.) A Poet in The Making

hilarious kids

If she loves him, why did she kill him? We’re confused by this one.

54.) She Has a Point

hilarious kids

Siblings can be so sweet…

53.) ‘I Love You Even Though You’re Ugly’

hilarious kids

This kid is brutally (but sweetly) honest.

52.) Another Letter To a Soldier

hilarious kids

What a little pessimistic!

51.) Children of Divorce

hilarious kids

This pulls at the heartstrings.

50.) Pay Up

hilarious kids

The kid has a point! Why so slow, Tooth Fairy?

49.) When You’re Forced To Apologize

hilarious kids

The moment the teacher forced the kid to write an apology note.

48.) Backhanded Compliment?

hilarious kids

At least this hilarious kid admits his teacher hasskills, even if she’s not tops on his list.

47.) Polite Voilence

hilarious kids

At least this kid’s polite!

46.) Gotta Love a Mom Who Can Cook

hilarious kids

We also love the “mostly organized.”

45.) Sounds Like Something Went Down This Morning

hilarious kids

This kid sure can hold a grudge!

44.) Farts

hilarious kids

The kid has a point here.

43.) Inspired By Shark Week

hilarious kids

It’s sweet, in its own way.

42.) More Poop Jokes

hilarious kids

Seriously, what is it about poop and farts that kids find so funny?

41.) Should Have Rethought That Birthday Gift

hilarious kids

When you give ‘the perfect gift’ and it backfires.

40.) Die The Most Painful Death

hilarious kids

That’s not a V-Day card we’d ever want to receive!

39.) Poop. Again. Why?!

hilarious kids

“You are not wanted in our clubhouse.”

38.) Once Again: Awww!

hilarious kids

This is so sweet, in such a macabre way.

37.) Sibling Love?

hilarious kids

Another example of a forced card.

36.) Mail Order Bride For Gramps?

hilarious kids

We love this kid’s sense of humor.

35.) Burn in Hell?

hilarious kids

That’s no way to sign a birthday card!

34.) From Poop to Penises

hilarious kids

We love penis? Let’s hope that’s a messed-up flower bouquet.

33.) More Penis Drawings

hilarious kids

Perhaps these kids need some art classes.

32.) More Bathroom Humor

hilarious kids

At least the word “poop” wasn’t included this time (just insinuated).

31.) When Cupid’s Arrow Misses

hilarious kids

This Valentine’s Day card is a bit gruesome! At least there’s no dripping blood.

30.) What Is Santa Doing?

hilarious kids

Another kid in need of art classes.

29.) She’s Just Trying to Help!

hilarious kids

Sometimes you just need a little extra encouragement when you’re dieting. This loving daughter is providing just that!

28.) More Flatulence Jokes

hilarious kids

Hallmark realizes how hilarious kids find fart jokes, so they’ve created a line of cards around it!

27.) Oh, No!

hilarious kids

This poor child. We hope he’s wrong and quickly gets a phone call or a card back!

26.) Art Classes Needed!

hilarious kids

We love that the teacher or parents had to write “mushrooms” on this child’s drawing. Someone, please send Danielle to art school!

25.) You’re Mean

hilarious kids

Likely true, but at least the child still loves Mom!

24.) The All-Encompassing Card

hilarious kids

“Thank you for the shit.” We can’t think of a better way to sum up a thank-you notewhen you receive multiple gifts!

23.) Baby Like Back

hilarious kids

Way to be blunt, kid.

22.) Flying Penises?

hilarious kids

Seriously, though, what are those supposed to be?

21.) Spellcheck Needed

hilarious kids

There are so many things we could say about this card, but we’ll resist. Someone please get this kid a dictionary and teach her how to spell!

20.) The ‘Inpotent’ Family 

hilarious kids

Maybe this kid meant “impotent,” but clearly, that’s fake news with this many kids running around!

19.) P.S. I Love You

hilarious kids

We wouldn’t want to cross Riley – she has some serious ideas about revenge!

18.) Someone Woke Up on The Wrong Side of The Bed!

Hilarious Kids

Sounds like mom did something to piss Julian off this morning.

17.) We Hope This Is a Thermometer

hilarious kids

If that’s the case, then get well soon, kid! And while you’re at it, practice your drawing skills. They’re lacking a bit.

16.) ‘So Special’

hilarious kids

We hope she meant to say ‘Kurt.’

15.) Dear Soldier …

hilarious kids

More from the archives of notes to soldiers.

14.) Dictionary Time!

hilarious kids

LOL, spelling mistakes are some of our favorites with these hilarious kids.

13.) We Present Exhibit A, YourHonor

hilarious kids

Yikes! Valerie better give this letter to a lawyer for safe keeping should she ever disappear.

12.) That Little Ingrate

hilarious kids

What a rude little kid!

11.) When Your Mom’s a Wino

hilarious kids

This mama knows wine really is a girl’s best friend (and apparently her child knows it, too).

10.) Beware The Gas Leak

At least he said “gas” rather than “fart.” Evan seems a bit classier than some of the other bathroom humor-loving hilarious kids!

9.) Good Intentions

hilarious kids

These notes to soldiers are so inappropriately sweet. We hope they put a smile on these soldier’s faces, despite being unintentionally morbid!

8.) Ho?

hilarious kids

This kid has us outsmarted – we don’t even know what an atomic number is.

7.) Spelling + Hat Hilarity

hilarious kids

We love hilarious kids with hilarious art projects. This one needs both art classes and a dictionary!

6.) At Least She’s in The Top 5!

hilarious kids

There’s always room for growth; maybe next week she’ll be at the top of the list?

5.) Congrats on Living Meat-Free!

hilarious kids

These hilarious kids of a vegan gave their mama this sweet card for achieving her major milestone.

(If you’re vegan, congrats on your life change as well. Here are a few of our fave vegan desserts for you – make your kids go whip one up for you!)

4.) Puppy or Baby?

hilarious kids

We understand, Joyce. We’d have wanted a puppy too! Check out a few of our favorite puppy pics – they’ll put a big smile on your face and make you feel better! Although, they’ll likely make you want a puppy even more than you already do.

3.) Sorry Not Sorry!

hilarious kids

When will teachers learn: If you’re going to force a kid to write a note, you better check that note before it’s given away!

2.) ‘Sometimes’ is Better Than Never

hilarious kids

Here’s to brutal honesty …

1.) A Flair For The Dramatic

hilarious kids

Someone’s had a rough day.

Do you have hilarious kids who have left you some brutally honest notes? Tell us in the comments!

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