Top 5 Reasons Why Wine Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Have a bad day? A glass (or, a bottle) of wine (whether red wine, white wine, or champagne) can solve that. Celebrating a promotion? Break out the champagne! Sunday-Funday? It’s not a Funday without a few mimosas… or 3, or 4…

Whether it’s a celebration, a need for comfort, or even just a Tuesday, wine is and always will be a girl’s best friend. Make sure to follow @womenwholovewine for daily
wine-spiration (and shop their amazing collection of wine-inspired goodies)!

Here are just a few reasons why women just can’t get enough wine:

5.) Wine Helps Us Set #RelationshipGoals

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We are strong, confident, independent women and we should never settle for anything less than we deserve. We’ll never settle for cheap red wine or white wine (unless it’s that timespan when we’ve already paid rent and are waiting for the next paycheck to come in. Then, okay.) and we’ll never settle for a man who doesn’t truly deserve us. Wine helps us weed out the good from the bad, and helps us find our husband material.

Want to find a man whose taste in wine is just as good as yours? Challenge him to a game of Read Between The Wines