Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs That Were Caught On Camera


Only A Mom Does This

This time, a mother took a chance to embarrass her son rather than the other way around. She was excited to have him home, and she wanted everyone to know.

As such, she divided her message into two signs. The one she held in front of her read her son’s name in large letters and asked if he remembered her. Then, when she turned around, it read “He’s my baby” in large letters. It looks like she accomplished her goal! The little girl next on the list will stop at nothing to see her daddy.

Daddy’s Girl

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This girl is ready to see her dad again, and she doesn’t have the patience for anyone who will stop her. She even warns strangers to stay out of her path with her sign.

We’re certain that her time with her mom was fun, but she’s excited to spend days with dad again as well. Judging from the American flags on her sign, we can guess that Dad might be a soldier returning home from deployment, which means she’s been waiting a while. The next woman found a way to embarrass a soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

It’s Over

Public Domain

The last thing anyone wants is to be dumped in an airport after a long flight home. Luckily, we’re pretty sure that this sign is meant to be a joke.

Britney banned one thing from her house: the use of the dreaded selfie stick. So it’s unfortunate that while Simon was away, she discovered his dirty secret. What can we say? While widely made fun of, they do help you achieve a better angle for pictures. The woman in the next picture has some questionable interests.

Arty Farty

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What would you do if you saw the person who sat in the seat next to you run towards the woman holding this sign? You might think twice about the conversations you had on the plane.

The plural in her sign is also concerning. Does the use of the word “Fetishists” rather than “Fetishist” imply that there was a gaggle of flatulence lovers sharing the plane with you? Hopefully, this was a joke and not as concerning as it sounds. The mother and daughter next on the list are indeed very close.

The Apple And The Tree

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There’s an old saying about children and their parents being similar that says, “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.” This mother and daughter were ready to capitalize on the joke.

It’s well-planned too! We have to wonder, was this planned ahead of time? Did the daughter already have the apple, or was it given to her upon her arrival? Either way, it made for a cute photo that’s sure to find its way into the family album. The next woman thought she was getting a warm welcome.

She Survived?

Public Domain

When this woman left on her latest trip, she probably didn’t expect to return to a sign like this. It’s fairly bare minimum as far as a sign goes.

This person welcomed their sister home with a less-than-enthused sign reading, “Oh Great, You Somehow Survived.” Thankfully, it looks like she took the joke well in this photo, as she’s smiling even if the sign he made wasn’t the warm welcome that she expected. The pranksters next on the list took the welcoming to a whole new level or universe.

The Lord

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Without Darth Vader, the stormtroopers have been a little lost. Luckily, they don’t have to wait much longer for their commander to come home.

This group went above and beyond for their friend when they all dressed up in matching attire to welcome this Sith Lord home. This well-planned prank is made picture-perfect with the returning traveler in Vader garb. It does beg an interesting question, though: did he go the whole plane ride in the costume? Were the kids in the next one happy for their dad or?

Mail Order

Public Domain

Whether these children were out to embarrass their father after a long trip away or they were disapproving of a real-life choice, regardless, they made a funny set of signs.

Their joke is broken up across two signs. The first sign “congratulates” their father on his new mail-order bride. Hopefully, this dad saw the humor in this situation. The dude next on the list was going to let his parents know exactly what they missed.

Outta Cereal

Public Domain

Sometimes, “welcome home” doesn’t get all of the most important messages across right away. Despite being a fully-grown adult, this man had a crucial secondary message for his parents.

Just like a little kid, he didn’t hesitate to tell his parents that they were out of his favorite snack. For an extra touch, he even showed up in a costume-appropriate onesie. We’re sure that the joke put a smile on his parent’s faces when they got off the tarmac. The next lady was going to welcome her friend back home and embarrass them all the way.

Hugs Not Drugs

Public Domain

Whether this sign is true or a joke to embarrass their friend, this woman was ready to lay it all out on the table whether her friend liked the joke or not.

Advertising what most people find to be a private matter, she created a large sign welcoming a returning traveler back from rehab. She even went as far as to include an inspiring message: “Hugs not drugs.” While it’s funny, we’re sure it caused a blush or two. The next guy was not holding back on his welcome message.

Brotherly Love

Public Domain

Sometimes the funniest signs are the most straightforward ones. While this guy didn’t decorate his sign too much, he did get his point across.

With a sign with as simple a message as “guy who knocked up my sister,” it’s hard to miss the point, after all. We’re sure that once the man this sign was directed at saw this, he started to second guess getting off the plane. Hopefully, it was all in good fun. The little girl in the next picture tried her best and meant well.

Trying Her Very Best

Public Domain

When it comes to airport signs, the fun isn’t just reserved for the adults. As this little girl proves, anyone can make a sign to welcome home their loved ones.

While we’re sure she put her best effort into it, the sign she made for her mom ended up being barely legible. However, it’s the thought that counts, and her sign is one of the most endearing efforts on this list. Plus, she got the word “welcome” down pretty impressively! The guy in the next picture was showing some support for his mom or dad.


Public Domain

When it comes to topics such as gender, the tone is fairly sensitive. That means only those closest to you tend to be the only ones allowed to find humor in serious situations.

This person was welcoming their father home after a successful sex change. Yet, old habits die hard, and this person wanted to make their dad feel welcome with a sense of humor. In the end, it seems that this son is here to help their father through a truly touching and momentous occasion. The guy in the next picture was just welcoming home some family members for Christmas.

Go Back Where You Came From

Public Domain

As we’ve said, welcoming home loved ones from a trip away can be an emotional experience. So, some people choose to deal with that in a joking manner.

This person decided to try out a little reverse psychology when they welcomed their loved one home. Instead of a traditional welcome home sign, they opted to create one urging their returning traveler to go back, even going so far as to add a “we hate you” message for good measure. Some guys just know how to embarrass their friends. Like the guy in the next picture.

A Special Proposal

Public Domain

If you don’t know the story behind this sign, you might think that you’re in for a tear-jerking proposal. Unfortunately, this is another sign designed to embarrass instead.

This man wasn’t waiting for Tom to get off the plane and accept a wedding ring. Instead, he was just creating a sign to embarrass his friend as he landed. Don’t worry, we’re sure that Tom will get him back the next time he’s the one returning home from a trip. Was the guy in the next picture hoping to pick up a lady like this?

Looking For A Date?

Public Domain

This person wasn’t one to mince words when he created his sign. He put down a straightforward message: “Smokin’ hot Italian Chick.” He even completed the look with shades and a full suit.

There’s a little bit of mystery behind this man. Was he hoping to land a date by hanging out in an airport? The more likely answer is that he was waiting for his wife or girlfriend to land and watch them turn red when they saw his sign. The three siblings in the next picture made a desperate sign to get their parents.

Seeking Parents

Public Domain

After a long trip, it can seem like you haven’t seen your loved ones forever. That’s exactly what these kids were thinking when they made this sign for their parents.

They wrote it almost like a bizarre Craigslist ad: “3 Sassy Orphanz Seek Loving Parents.” With a sign like this, we’re sure that practical joking is a common theme in this family. We’re also pretty sure that their parents probably cracked a smile as they returned from their trip. The guy coming home would get a huge welcome from his family in the next picture.

Can’t Miss It

Public Domain

Sometimes, a welcome home sign is just the thing you need to greet someone fresh off a flight. Other times, though, it isn’t quite enough to get your point across.

That’s obviously what this zany pair was thinking. The sign alone doesn’t raise too much suspicion. However, when you add the blown-up picture of their loved one’s face in the hands of one of the greeters, you have a result that you won’t forget anytime soon. Sarah is not going to be happy about what was displayed on this sign in the next picture.

Upset Stomach?

Public Domain

Poor Sarah. In case you aren’t aware, Imodium is a medication to help your stomach. Specifically, it’s often used to help reduce symptoms like diarrhea.

When Sarah asked her loved one to bring some for her at the airport, she probably hoped they’d discreetly slip it into her hand. She probably wasn’t expecting a sign this big to advertise her business to the entire airport. Hopefully, this was all in good fun, and Sarah laughed as she got home. The person receiving the sign in the next picture will think it is very cute.

Sweet Message

Public Domain

Some of the most entertaining signs aren’t necessarily pun-filled or a practical joke at all. Sometimes, the results are just wholesome and cute.

This person was ready to greet their significant other with a sign that expressed their feelings for them. They admit that they wanted to create a cute sign, but instead, they could only think of the cute face that would be waiting for them at the airport. All in all, they succeeded in their goal. Aw! The guy in the next picture is ready to show his true commitment to Anna.

Committed No Matter What

Public Domain

When Anna left for her trip, this man was on the fence about a major decision. By the time she got back, he made up his mind, and he wasn’t afraid to let everyone know.

While it might bring some private matters into the public eye, it’s still sweet to see his decision. He confidently declares that he knows her baby isn’t his but that he’ll raise them just as if they were. This probably led to a pretty emotional moment. The woman in the next picture was ready for her baby to meet his dad.

Not The Same But

Public Domain

One of the most emotional reunions you can find in an airport is army families welcoming their loved ones home from overseas. After all, their job is among the most dangerous.

When this man left, his wife was pregnant. So, she warned him on her sign that she might not look the same as she did. However, she also heartwarmingly invited him to come and meet his “mini-me.” This was sure to be quite a tearful reunion that moved hearts all around it. The guy in the next picture made sure that the person he was welcoming knew where he belonged.

The Clan

Public Domain

This person was ready to make a genealogy joke when Douglas landed at the airport. His simple but straightforward sign makes that message loud and clear.

Not only did he welcome Douglas home, but he also reminded him of who his family is in a unique way. Rather than putting a simple first name and last name, he opted for a more formal “Douglas of the clan McGregor.” For good measure, he even included the family crest – just in case Douglas forgot. The woman in the next picture made sure to let the person she’s welcoming know exactly who she is.

What’s In The A Name

Public Domain

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” Well, we aren’t so sure that he had a nickname like this in mind when he wrote Romeo and Juliet.

This woman decided to be straight to the point when she made her sign instead of beating around the bush. Her sign states that she’s looking for a “noisy pale-faced lady” who will be getting off the plane any moment now. Was the lady in the next picture welcoming someone or something else entirely?

Meeting Who?

Public Domain

When this woman went to the airport to pick up a new client, she needed to make a sign quickly. After all, they didn’t know her, and she didn’t know them.

The bad news is that autocorrect might have gotten the best of her here. That’s because the sign reads “Hot Gravy” rather than an actual name. Hopefully, she found who she was looking for, and there wasn’t too much fallout from the mistake. Better luck next time! The woman in the next picture went as far as to make a countdown for the person she was waiting for.

The Final Countdown

Public Domain

Deployed loved ones can be hard to wait for. After all, you want them home safe and sound as soon as possible, but you understand that they have a job to do.

While this woman waited for her husband to come home from Afghanistan, she was counting the moments until they could be together again. She even tore a page from a calendar every day to count down the days. After 113, she rushed to the airport to welcome him home with this touching sign. The guy in the next picture was very excited to see Taylor and Steven.

Someone’s Happy

Public Domain

We’ve all heard the old joke before. Who has two thumbs and was excited to greet Taylor and Steven home? This guy!

In case you weren’t sure of the answer to his rhetorical question, he has you covered on this front as well. He cut out a spot to put his face so the answer was on display. For an added touch, he even drew a pair of hands, thumbs pointed towards him. His knowing smirk says he’s pretty proud of his joke, too. The woman in the next picture made sure the guys she was welcoming knew what they were.


Public Domain

As this woman’s two best friends landed at the airport, she was waiting to show them her clever sign. Hopefully, she only got the attention she wanted from them and got to skip out on strangers’ jokes.

She decided to be more descriptive than literal as she invited “The 2 Hottest Guys at This Airport” for a ride home. While we’re sure her friends were flattered, it’s impressive to think anyone would make it off a long flight looking anything but tired. The girl in the next picture wasn’t holding back the word she had written to welcome back her friend.

Welcome, I Guess?

Public Domain

While ditzy behavior isn’t always smiled upon, it’s obvious that this girl was joking around on purpose. The way she held her sign is what makes this joke land.

Instead of writing her friend’s name or “welcome home” on her poster, she invited her friend home with a simple label: “Idiot.” However, not one to let the joke land to the sound of crickets, she made sure to hold the sign upside down to poke fun at them both. The guy in the next picture was speaking a whole other language to welcome his friend.


Public Domain

If you aren’t a fan of the game World of Warcraft, you probably are scratching your head as to what this sign could mean. To people who do play it, this guy is pretty clever.

This guy was probably picking up a friend that he often played the online multiplayer game with. It’s a clever sign and a great way to capitalize on a shared interest. Plus, he likely won’t be mistaken for anyone else there!

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.